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-Marilyn Manson
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Correcting Sexual Ignorance in Our Society
June 5, 2007

I have, frankly, had enough of this bullshit. I can't even properly explain to you the level of frustration I feel when thinking about how ignorant our society is about sexuality. This is a subject that I've often been hesitant to write about because of the high emotions it evokes from people. The purpose of this site is to make you THINK, and while I do relish in making you angry at the same time, I guess I've always felt that any attempt by me on this site to correct the mind-numbing sexual stupidity so many people have would do nothing but make you angry, without making you think at all.

At this point, I don't care. Sexuality is a subject that simply cannot be discussed rationally with people, because it's so emotional on the face of it. But here we go anyway.

I have said before that people who get offended are fucking pussies and are insecure about their own beliefs. I stand by that and nothing offends me, but if there's on thing that comes very close to offending me, it's sexual ignorance. I'm not offending by differing beliefs, no, but I come very close to being offended by the unbelievable stupidity displayed by so many people (in some cases, the vast majority of people).

I want to start off by throwing out what will not be a part of this rant. Religion. If you base your sexual decision on relgion, stop reading now. I'm not interested in even attempting to break through the wall of crap surrounding your sexual "beliefs" and your bullshit is not welcome on this page. When it comes to sexuality, I reject the religious point of view out-of-hand as hysterical supersititious nonsense. Period. You're nowhere near being ready to hear what I have to say, so fuck off right now. Go pray about it or something.

Another disclaimer I wish to make. There is one and only one tenet that I subscribe to as "sexual morality" and that is the Wiccan Reed: An ye harm none, do what ye will. If you don't harm someone, you have done nothing wrong. That's all there is to it. If a man fucks 2,000 women outside of wedlock and he harmed not a single one of them, he has done nothing wrong. If a homosexual man takes it in the ass 20 times a day, as long as he harmed no one, he has done not a fucking thing wrong. If a zoophile likes jacking off her pitt bull and the pitt bull fuckin' likes it too, she's done nothing wrong. If a pedophile sits at home dropping loads all over the kids' swimwear section of the JC Penny catalogue, and he harms nobody, he has done nothing wrong. If a man likes getting whipped before the dominatrix shits on his chest and rubs his face in it, provided there was mutual consent, then he has done nothing wrong. If a brother and sister are mutually consenting sexual partners, they have done nothing wrong. Harm (either physical, mental, or emotional) is the only creteria for whether or not something is "sexually moral." You're uncomfortable with it? Too bad. It disgusts you? Choke on it.

These two disclaimers I've made are the key elements to all of society's problems regarding sex and it all boils down to just one concept. Many people in this world have the idea that their personal feelings should dictate what is "right." It doesn't matter if those feelings come from the Bible or from having a psychology degree. They're still *your* feelings, therefore *your* life is the only thing they should be dictating.

Personally, I find homosexuality to be disgusting. The idea of two guys having sex? ICK! Yet, in spite of this, I am 10 times as disgusted by the way homosexuals are treated in this country. I support their rights - ALL of their rights - including the right to marry, to adopt, etc. Why do I support them when their sexual behavior grosses me out? Simple. Because my personal tastes should only dictate my own life, not theirs. I find homosexual acts gross and not at all appealing, therefore *I* do not partake in them! That's very simple and it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with anyone else in the world! Likewise, if sucking a cock isn't for you, then DON'T DO IT! But leave people the fuck alone if THEY want to do it!


If Jesus told you not to fucking do it, then DON'T! Nobody's forcing you to do a fucking thing! If mommy and daddy beat it into your head growing up that "queers are bad, m'kay" then DON'T BE QUEER, ya fuckin' asshole! It's none of your concern what other people do and you have NO RIGHT making it your concern! They're all gonna burn in Hell? FUCKING LET THEM! God gave free will and you're a cocksucking douchebag for trying to take it away! Who the fuck are YOU? Hmm?! Just who the fuck are you to tell anyone other than yourself what they should be doing with their lives when their actions harm NOBODY!

And I fucking mean that, right down to my core. If no one is harmed, it's not "bad." There is no "moral" or "immoral" beyond that. Harmfulness is the ONLY standard; there is no other. What YOU think about it, isn't a standard at all. It's just you and you are worthless.

What about "morality?" Fuck morality! Harming people isn't "immoral" it's just plain fucking WRONG. See, I don't need ambigious weasel-words like "immoral." If something's wrong, i call it wrong and that's the motherfucking end of the discussion! It doesn't need to be categorized or discussed. Anyone with a brain in their fucking head knows that it's wrong to hurt people. I don't have to explain that, I don't have to campaign for it, I don't have to spend hours every Sunday trying to convince people it's true. It simply IS! I don't need a ton of quotes from badly (mis)translated ancient texts to back me up. I don't need a mountain of research to justify what I'm saying. I don't need to convince you that God is on my side for you to see this very simple truth: Hurting people is wrong; if you're not hurting people, you're not doing anything wrong. That's all. That's the ENTIRE morality of sex, as it should be. It's clear, concise, simple, and most of all, it's CORRECT.

I'll no doubt get a ton of e-mails since I used beastiality, pedophilia, and incest as examples above. People will comment on them and throw in even more off-the-wall sexual perversions as well. Save yourself the time. Just ask one question: Is [insert sexual act here] harmful? If someone is harmed by the act, then it's wrong. If no harm comes to anybody, then it's not wrong. Period! That's as far as your thoughts need to go. Not "but what if this, or what if that..." NO! It's simple and it doesn't require over-thinking! It's a very clear-cut black and white issue.

But this truth isn't really what I'm here to rant about, now is it? No, what drives me almost to the brink of insanity with frustration is the stubborn refusal of most people to grasp this truth! It's not that they're incapable; oh no, they "get it." It's that they're stubborn as hell! Far too many people in this world feel so strongly that they're "right" and it's their personal mission in life to force the rest of the world to be "right" along with them. Well, fuck off! Nobody asked for your "help" and nobody fucking wants it!

Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can. Most of the things that are society labels as "perversions" are present in the general population. As Alfred Kinsey said, "Everyone's sin is no one's sin!" If you could suddenly read the minds of everyone in the world, what would you see? You'd be knocked on your ass by the sexual truths you'd find, for one. See, people tell me shit cuz they know I won't reveal their "dirty little secrets." I don't need to. I have the knowledge and here's what I know about human sexuality.

A lot of people have had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex. A lot of people have sexually experimented with an animal, or at least been aroused by one. A lot of people are turned on by children (and most men are attracted to teenage girls). A lot of people have at least fantasized about fucking a dead person. A lot of people do and/or think a lot of things that we as a society consider reprehensible! Sexual perversion is not perversion at all; it is NORMAL. That's right, you fucking read that correctly. There is no such thing as "perversion." As long as no harm is caused, it's not wrong. I'll fucking say it again: As long as nobody gets hurt, then nothing wrong has been done!

Am I saying it's ok to fuck animals? Well, would it cause them harm? So, what's the answer then? Am I saying it's acceptable to molest children? Uh, wouldn't that harm them? Then, what's the fucking answer, idiot?! Am I saying rape is ok? Isn't rape harmful to the victim? Then is it ok? What's the fucking answer?! You tell ME! The formula for answering these questions is simple, yet you all make it so motherfucking complicated! We don't need an assload of laws against beastiality or child sexual assualt or rape or necrophilia or any of that. We need only ONE law to cover all sexual acts: "If your sexual act hurt your partner, you are guilty." If the vet says the dog was harmed by being fucked, then the owner is guilty. If you ask a child "Did this man hurt you?" and she answers "yes" then that man is guilty as hell!

One law. That's it.

Y'know, I've covered sexual topics so far that are considered "out there" in our society. Naturally, I went for the more shocking stuff first, but to be truthful that shit's not even a big concern of mine. The real frustration comes from the large portion of fucking asshats roaming the planet who still feel that mainstream sexuality is wrong! People are against petting, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, and pretty much anything that isn't the missionary position between a husband and wife. They're the genuine idiots. Yeah, I throw in bullshit about incest, necrophilia, pedophilia, rape, etc. for shock value, but it occurs to me that it isn't even neccesary to do that. There are dumbfucks out there who think that getting a blow job from your prom date is "immoral." And to them I ask the same question as I asked for that crazy shit: Does it cause harm?

The answer, of course, is no. Sex is not "bad." It's not "dirty." It's not "nasty." It's not "naughty." Sex is not ANY of the adverbs we use to describe fucking. It's a normal biological function, like walking or breathing. We don't call breathing "evil" although a mass murderer was certainly breathing while committing his crimes. His breathing allowed him to commit those crimes and since he harmed someone, he did wrong. But that's an absurd comparison because breathing had nothing to do with the harm caused; not directly, at least. The same is true of sex. Rapists don't rape because of sex, they rape because of the power and control it allows them to have over another person. The sexual aspect is incidental. The exact same is true of people who force themselves on children or animals. It's not about the sex, it's about the power. Sex was merely a means to an end, not the end itself. By itself, sex is no more "good" or "evil" than breathing.

It's time, people. It's seriously fucking time to throw out the antiquated beliefs that someone's sexual interests define who they are. I am attracted to females, but why should I be labeled "heterosexual?" If a guy is attracted to men, why should he be labeled "homosexual?" WHY do you people feel such a deep need to fit others into some bullshit little category where you define their entire being based on who they're attracted to? A homosexual man isn't a "homosexual man" - he's just a man, period. Where he likes to stick his dick is only a small percentage of the person he is. It means nothing. Sure, we might think it's "gross" but so what? Lots of people have gross fucking habits. If you sit across the table from me and chew with your mouth open, I'm gonna think you're just as fucking gross as some dude sticking his tongue in another dude's ass! But I'm certainly not gong to define your entire being by the one gross thing you do that's so fucking insignifcant by comparison to the rest of you!

Sex is not important. It simply isn't. What makes your dick hard is insignificant. If you get hard thinking about dogs, cats, fish, babies, dead bodies, ant eaters, or fuckin' trees, it doesn't matter. That makes you a "sicko" in my eyes, but so what? As long as you're not CAUSING HARM to dogs, cats, fish, babies, dead bodies, ant eaters, or trees, I don't give a flying fuck in the dark about what turns your crank!

"First, do no harm." That's the number one rule of medicine and it's the only rule of sex. The only one that fucking matters, at least. Think about it.

In closing, I'd like to say to all of the people who will be pissed off by this rant and think all manner of horrible things about me: Go fuck yourself! A member of my forum here said recently that anybody who tries to challenge the profound ignorance surrounding sexuality in our culture gets labelled a "pervert" for their trouble. You can label me whatever the fuck you want, but rest assured that *I* am the one with a healthy sexual mindset. YOU are the ones who are sick. YOU are the perverts. And, shit, considering all of the great men that you morons have labeled "perverts" in the past, I think I'll be in damn good company.

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