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Get to the Back of the Theater, Kid!
September 18, 2007

This rant is based on the following news article:
Movie palace's feature attraction: adults-only screen

ROSEMONT | Will offer baby-sitting, upscale food -- and no teens

September 7, 2007

A new $50 million movie palace in Rosemont officially opens later this month offering valet parking, wide-body seats, baby-sitting, upscale food and high-tech projectors.

But, for some, the strongest draw may be its NTA policy:

No Teens Allowed -- at least in one of its 18 auditoriums.

The new Muvico 18, which launches its first-run movie schedule Sept. 14, joins another area theater with an adults-only screen, the Yorktown Premium Cinema in Lombard.

Part of the reason for banning moviegoers under 21 at Muvico's $15 per ticket, 300-seat Premier VIP Theater is that it offers alcohol sales. But "the other reason is that it creates a separation,'' said Muvico director of design and construction George Figler.

"You could argue that someone who's 16 will not act as mature as someone who's 21. If I'm sitting next to some 14-year-old or 15-year-old, vs. someone who is more mature, is the experience better? I would think so, yes,'' said Figler. "We're trying to create a special experience for adults."

"Creating this type of theater might bring some people back to the movies,'' said Mike Wilson, a Muvico vice president. Some seats in the other auditoriums also are set aside for adults.

Young people ages 12 to 24 make up more than a third of the 1.3 billion annual movie admissions, according to a 2006 study by the Motion Picture Association of America. That age group was three times more likely to go at least once a month than any other group. They tend to spend more at the concession stand, too.

"Theaters have not shown an increased ability to attract older consumers" -- a situation that "will need to change if the market is to grow and keep pace with an aging U.S. demographic,'' concludes a 2005 examination of the movie theater business by Chicago-based consultant Mintel International.

Wilson said he thinks adults would attend more frequently if they didn't have to deal with what he called "the scene.''

The VIP treatment at Muvico includes free valet parking, an exclusive entrance, free popcorn and menu offerings that include grilled veggie sandwiches called "watching sticks" and filet mignon "sliders."

Florida-based Muvico's adults-only screens in Boca Raton are usually sold out on the weekends, said Wilson. He expects the entire Rosemont operation will draw more than 1 million customers of all ages annually. A free second-run movie preview will be presented this weekend.

AMC's Yorktown Premium has only 60 leather seats -- at $15.50 each -- but it also serves liquor and food, said spokeswoman Sun Dee Larson. It opened five years ago, and "people seem to enjoy it,'' she said.

[ Source ]

Every single day, ageism gets worse in this country and now the resemblance between Adult Chauvanism and "White Power" is becoming more and more blatant. Adults-only movie theaters? Special "reserved for adults" seating in other theaters? The conscious choice by a business to "create a seperation" between youth and adults?

How much more of this bigoted shit are people really going to stand for? I don't mean just the young people, but adults too. These are your fucking kids that're being treated less-than-human! Doesn't anyone care? Jesus Christ, if this was happening in my area, I'd be PISSED! I'd be calling up and asking just where they get the fucking nerve to tell my son or daughter that they're not good enough to sit in "white section."

But let's first examine the business side of this. They want to get more adults into the theaters? What the fuck? The first thing I have to wonder is WHY? Teenagers are and always have been one of the primary patrons of movie theaters. Why the hell would you care about fucking with that? Shit, I can tell you why: Money. They theater can make more money selling booze to over-21s, getting them nice a liquored up so they'll spend more money on other shit while they're drinking. Hey, good game plan for controlling "bad behavior" in your theater. Kick out all the people who can't drink and bring in a bunch of fuckin' lushes, ya dumbshits!

I'd love to say that this will come back to bite them in the ass, but it won't. They'll totally get away with it. Nobody gives a shit about young people and young people have no power to fight back. It's kept that way by adults. Kids won't fight this and not a goddamn thing will change. Kids will STILL keep going to this theater and giving this fuckwads their money; money that is, contrary to popular belief, earned mostly by working long hours at shitty jobs for minimum wage.

"You could argue that someone who's 16 will not act as mature as someone who's 21. If I'm sitting next to some 14-year-old or 15-year-old, vs. someone who is more mature, is the experience better? I would think so, yes,'' said Figler. "We're trying to create a special experience for adults."

Yes, you *could* argue that, if you're a moron and an anti-youth bigot! The idea that "age = maturity" is BULLSHIT! Age has little to do with one's maturity. In fact, it is one's environment that tends to determine someone's behavior. A 14yo from an upper-class neighborhood, probably knows how to behave himself in public way better than a 30yo from the fuckin' ghetto. That's not about age or anything else, it's about environment. And just HOW can teenagers be expected to act mature when they're forcibly segregated from those who could (supposedly) act as examples of maturity?

But, of course, that's bullshit. The managers of Muvico don't seem to be very mature themselves. This is typical Kindergarten "You can't be in our club" horse crap! Yeah, real mature guys. Teenagers get on your nerves, so they can't be in your special little fuckin' clubhouse where you get to drink and do God knows what else.

Oh, and let's not overlook the "special experience for adults" that they're trying to create. Y'know what, cocksucker, the Ku Klux Klan is trying to create a special experience for white people, free from the "annoyance" and "immaturity" of blacks. That doesn't excuse bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. Hell, the Nazis just wanted to create a "special experience" for the Arian race! "Hey there, Jew, sorry 'bout your luck guys, but we need to have a special place all our own." Pathetic.

Young people ages 12 to 24 make up more than a third of the 1.3 billion annual movie admissions, according to a 2006 study by the Motion Picture Association of America. That age group was three times more likely to go at least once a month than any other group. They tend to spend more at the concession stand, too.
Wilson said he thinks adults would attend more frequently if they didn't have to deal with what he called "the scene.''

So naturally, we choose to treat a $1.3 Billion cash cow like subhuman shit. GREAT business plan! Don't wanna question your 2 years in tech school to earn that cheap ass degree in Business Management or anything, but here's a small suggestion. Why don't you stop worrying about enticing a small subset of your customer base into spending more money with you and instead concern yourself with treating that $1.3 Billion customer base with some GODDAMN RESPECT, you assholes! Who gives a shit about the "ageing demographic?" Pull your head out of your ass and THINK! Older people don't have TIME, nor the disposable income to engage in as many recreational activities (like going to the movies) as young people! Youth are where it's at for the entertainment industry, you stupid fucks!

Listen, this is nothing but the same old "back of the bus" fucktardery that we've all seen before. It's sickening, disgusting, pathetic, immature, and it shows a lack of any sort of evolved thought process on the part of the owners of this establishment. Muvico have just insured that they will NEVER seen a dime of my money and I encourage all my readers to do the same. If they can't treat everyone with the basic respect and consideration deserving of a paying customer, then they don't deserve anyone's business. You guys work hard for your money. Doesn't matter if you spent 40 hours loading bricks onto the back of a flatbed truck to earn your money, or if you busted your ass for 40 hours a week in school, plus chores, plus a part-time job. However you earned it, it's your money and you should give it to businesses that deserve it. Muvico is NOT such a business. If they can't treat you with decency and respect - or if they can't treat your children with decency and respect - then they deserve nothing short of being boycotted right out of business. I'm asking all of you, all my loyal Snipers, to demand nothing more or less than the respect that your goddamn dollar buys you! This is America, damnit, where we live and die by capitalism; where the Almighty Dollar commands some fucking respect! Any company who takes a shit on that, needs that shit dumped right back on their heads.

Anyone living in the Chicago area (particularly around Rosemont), please get in touch with me. I have a job for you. You'll recieve praise and EPIC WIN for trolling the new Muvico theater.

Everyone else, start sending e-mails from every account you have:

Tony Fields, VP of Marketing: tony.fields@muvico.com
Ed Taylor, Director of Operations: ed.taylor@muvico.com
Chuck DeWitt, VP of Operations: chuck.dewitt@muvico.com
Stephen Buckus, (Managing Director): stephen.buckus@muvico.com
Jodi Pine, (Marketing and Promotions Manager): jodi.pine@muvico.com

Tony Fields has been the one to respond to the complaints sent in thus far (that I'm aware of) and in at least one instance, he CC'd the other 4 people listed here, which is why I've listed them here as well. If it's important enough for them to know about people who're pissed off about this shit, then it's important for us to blow up their inboxes with MORE COMPLAINTS! Oh, and here's some general company info in case you'd like to yell at them in person, or blow up their fax machine:

Muvico Theaters , Inc.
3101 N. Federal Hwy. 6Th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306-1042

Website: muvico.com
Phone: (954) 564-6550
Fax: (954) 564-6553

Ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to stir the shit.

Update: September 20, 2007

I feel compelled to add more to this rant in response to the dumbass responses people have been getting from Muvico. People are sending these responses to me because, I guess, they don't know what to say.

First of all, thank you Mr. Tony Fields for letting so many people know that, all of a sudden, Muvico plans to open a "teens only" room as well. Wow, that sure makes it all better. I mean, really, that brings us so much closer to equality. Just like how in the 60s, the black people didn't just get kicked out onto the street when they went to visit the doctor. Nope, instead, they got their own waiting room. A nice whites room and a room just for "colored folks" too. Nice and equal, yup!

And one has to wonder just why this "teens only" room was never mentioned until yesterday? And even then, why was it only mentioned in some e-mails? Muvico hasn't publicly announced any such plans, and the people interviewed for the article above certainly didn't mention any such thing. It would've been pretty fitting, don't ya think, to at least mention something like "we're even planning a teens only room in the future to compliment the adults only room." But no, not a word was spoken of this until you started getting complaints calling out your pile of bigoted failure!

Next, a common response is for Muvico to "slam dunk" it in our faces that "only 600" of their "4,000" seats are reserved for those over the age of 21. Oh well, why didn't you just say so! I mean, hell, that being the case...


Six hundred seats "only?" THAT is your pathetic ass response. Mr. Fields and company, listen to me very closely: ONE "adults only" seat is TOO MUCH Just 1 seat is discrimination and just ONE seat is still wrong, you assholes!

You have entirely the wrong mindset here. You need to stop thinking about "stupid immature young people" and start thinking in terms of discrimination. If you had "only 600 seats" out of 4,000 that were reserved for "whites only" what kind of response might you expect? And, would you be as condescending and impatient with the blacks who wrote angry letters to you as you have been with my readers (both young and old) who have written to you?

Yes, it's only in one room of the theater. Yes, it's only 600 seats. I GET THAT! What I'm telling you is, it doesn't fucking matter! Six hundred seats or six million or just ONE, it's still discrimination and willful age segregation!

And third, I got a very special e-mail today:

I worked for Muvico in high school and now while I'm in college. You have it all wrong. Please check your facts and rant about how many jobs this company gives to teens, how the teens can get healthcare and dental care, how many friends have been made between muvico crewmembers, and that having a limited amount of "over 21" seats is not anti-teen.

Thanks. I'll be sure to travel back in time and let all the slaves know that as long as their masters treat them well, we won't be freeing them. After all, the blacks certainly didn't deserve equal treatment under the law if their white masters were nice to them, right? Go fuck yourself.

I have a present for you gentlemen at Muvico. For your 600 seats, here are 600 names. The following are the names of the first 600 men and women under the age of 21 who have been killed while serving in Iraq since March of 2003. The following 600 names - one for each seat - would have been too fucking "immature" to sit in your goddamn adults-only theater and watch a fucking movie.

Spc. Brandon S. Tobler
Lance Cpl. Brian Rory Buesing
Pvt. Ruben Estrella-Soto
Pvt. Nolen R. Hutchings
Pvt. Brandon U. Sloan
Cpl. Jorge A. Gonzalez
Spc. Gregory P. Sanders
Cpl. Evan James
Lance Cpl. Patrick T. O'Day
Pfc. Diego Fernando Rincon
Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez Del Solar
Pfc. Michael Russell Creighton Weldon
Spc. Brandon J. Rowe
Pfc. Christian D. Gurtner
Pfc. Chad E. Bales
Spc. Donald S. Oaks Jr
Pfc. Wilfred D. Bellard
Pvt. Devon D. Jones
Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith
Pfc. Anthony S. Miller
Pfc. Gregory P. Huxley, Jr
Lance Cpl. Andrew Julian Aviles
Pfc. Juan Guadalupe Garza Jr.
Marine Lance Cpl. David Edward Owens Jr.
Pfc. Joseph P. Mayek
Cpl. Jason David Mileo
Lance Cpl. Alan Dinh Lam
Pvt. Jason L. Deibler
Lance Cpl. Matthew R. Smith
Pfc. Jose Franci Gonzalez Rodriguez
Lance Cpl. Nicholas Brian Kleiboeker
Pvt. David Evans Jr.
Pvt. Kenneth A. Nalley
Spc. Kyle. A. Griffin
Spc. Zachariah W. Long
Pfc. Branden F. Oberleitner
Pvt. Jesse M. Halling
Pfc. Gavin L. Neighbor
Pfc. Ryan R. Cox
Pvt. Robert L. Frantz
Spc. Corey A. Hubbell
Cpl. Tomas Sotelo Jr.
Pfc. Corey L. Small
Pfc. Edward James Herrgott
Lance Cpl. Jason Andrew Tetrault
Spc. Christian Schultz
Spc. Joshua M. Neusche
Lance Cpl. Cory Ryan Geurin
Spc. Joel L. Bertoldie
Pfc. Jonathan M. Cheatham
Spc. Justin W. Hebert
Spc. Farao K. Letufuga
Spc. Zeferino E. Colunga
Pvt. Kyle C. Gilbert
Pfc. Duane E. Longstreth
Pvt. Matthew D. Bush
Pfc. Daniel R. Parker
Pfc. Michael S. Adams
Pfc. Vorn J. Mack
Pfc. Pablo Manzano
Pfc. Christopher A. Sisson
Spc. Richard Arriaga
Spc. Dustin K. McGaugh
Pfc. Charles M. Sims
Spc. Spencer T. Karol
Pvt. Benjamin L. Freeman
Pfc. Stephen E. Wyatt
Pfc. John D. Hart
Pfc. Paul J. Bueche
Pfc. Steven Acosta
Pfc. Rachel K. Bosveld
Pvt. Joseph R. Guerrera
Pvt. Jonathan I. Falaniko
Pfc. Anthony D. D'Agostino
Pfc. Karina S. Lau
Spc. Frances M. Vega
Pfc. Rayshawn S. Johnson
Spc. Robert T. Benson
Pfc. Joey D. Whitener
Spc. David J. Goldberg
Spc. Arron R. Clark
Pfc. Ray J. Hutchinson
Pfc. Jason G. Wright
Spc. Todd M. Bates
Pfc. Jeffrey F. Braun
Spc. Nathan W. Nakis
Spc. Michael G. Mihalakis
Spc. Larry E. Polley, Jr.
Pfc. James David Parker
Pfc. Luis Moreno
Pfc. Holly J. McGeogh
Pfc. Armando Soriano
Pfc. William C. Ramirez
Pfc. Nichole M. Frye
Spc. Roger G. Ling
Pfc. Matthew G. Milczark
Spc. Edward W. Brabazon
Pfc. Brandon C. Smith
Pfc. Ricky A. Morris Jr.
Spec. Doron Chan
Pvt. Dustin L. Kreider
Lance Cpl. Andrew S. Dang
LCpl. Jeffrey C. Burgess
LCpl. James A. Casper
Lance Cpl. William J. Wiscowiche
Pfc. Cleston C. Raney
Pvt. Brandon L. Davis
Pfc. Dustin M. Sekula
Pfc. William R. Strange
Pfc. Geoffery S. Morris
Lance Cpl. Shane L. Goldman
Pfc. Moises A. Langhorst
Pfc. Christopher R. Cobb
Pfc. Ryan M. Jerabek
Lance Cpl. Travis J. Layfield
Lance Cpl. Anthony P. Roberts
Lance Cpl. Kyle D. Crowley
Lance Cpl. Marcus M. Cherry
Pfc. Benjamin R. Carman
Pfc. Christopher D. Mabry
Spc. Isaac Michael Nieves
Lance Cpl. Levi T Angell
Lance Cpl. Phillip E. Frank
Spc. Allen J. Vandayburg
Cpl. Matthew E. Matula
Pfc. Chance R. Phelps
Spc. Michelle M. Witmer
Airman 1st Class Antoine J. Holt
Spc. Adolfo C. Carballo
Lance Cpl. Torrey L. Gray
Lance Cpl. Robert P. Zurheide Jr.
Spc. Richard K. Trevithick
Pfc. Clayton W. Henson
Lance Cpl. Gary F. VanLeuven
Pfc. Leroy Harris-Kelly
Pfc. Shawn C. Edwards
Pfc. Marquis A. Whitaker
Pfc. Ryan E. Reed
Pfc. Martin W. Kondor
Sgt. Joshua S. Ladd
Spc. James E. Marshall
Pfc. Bradley G. Kritzer
Cpl. Jeffrey G. Green
Cpl. Dustin H. Schrage
Pfc. Brandon C. Sturdy
Pfc. Brian K. Cutter
Pfc. Michael A. Mora
Senior Airman Pedro I. Espaillat Jr.
Spc. Mark J. Kasecky
Pfc. Michael M. Carey
Cpl. Rudy Salas
Pfc. Leslie D. Jackson
Spc. Beau R. Beaulieu
Pfc. Owen D. Witt
Pfc. Daniel P. Unger
Lance Cpl. Kyle W. Codner
Pfc. Cody S. Calavan
Spc. Michael J. Wiesemann
Pvt. Bradli N. Coleman
Pfc. Nicholaus E. Zimmer
Pfc. Thomas D. Caughman
Pfc. Shawn M. Atkins
Pfc. Sean Horn
Spc. Daniel A. Desens
Lance Cpl. Scott E. Dougherty
Spc. William R. Emanuel
Pfc. Christopher J. Reed
Pfc. Jesse J. Martinez
Pfc. Charles C. Persing
Pfc. Ken W. Leisten
Spc. Anthony J. Dixon
Pfc. Harry N. Shondee
Lance Cpl. Joseph L. Nice
Spc. Donald R. McCune
Lance Cpl. Jonathan W. Collins
Lance Cpl. Kane M. Funke
Pfc. Fernando B. Hannon
Spc. Brandon T. Titus
Lance Cpl. Seth Huston
Spc. Charles L. Neeley
Spc. Marco D. Ross
Lance Cpl. Alexander S. Arredondo
Pfc. Nicholas M. Skinner
Pfc. Luis A. Perez
Spc. Omead H. Razani
Lance Cpl. Nicholas Perez
Pfc. Ryan M. McCauley
Pfc. David P. Burridge
Lance Cpl. Derek L. Gardner
Lance Cpl. Lamont N. Wilson
Spc. Tomas Garces
Pfc. Jason L. Sparks
Pfc. Jason T. Poindexter
Lance Cpl. Cesar F. Machado-Olmos
Lance Cpl. Dominic C. Brown
Lance Cpl. Mathew D. Puckett
Lance Cpl. Drew M. Uhles
Pfc. Nathan E. Stahl
Lance Cpl. Ramon Mateo
Pfc. Kenneth L. Sickels
Pfc. Joshua K. Titcomb
Spc. Morgen N. Jacobs
Pfc. Andrew Halverson
Pfc. Anthony W. Monroe
Pfc. Aaron J. Rusin
Pfc. Oscar A. Martinez
Lance Cpl. Victor A. Gonzalez
Pvt. David L. Waters
Lance Cpl. Richard P. Slocum
Lance Cpl. Jeremy D. Bow
Pfc. Andrew G. Riedel
Pfc. John Lukac
Pvt. Justin R. Yoemans
Lance Cpl. Sean M. Langley
Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Zapp
Lance Cpl. Abraham Simpson
Lance Cpl. Nicholas D. Larson
Lance Cpl. Nathan R. Wood
Lance Cpl. Aaron C. Pickering
Lance Cpl. Justin D. Reppuhn
Spc. Thomas K. Doerflinger
Lance Cpl. Kyle W. Burns
Lance Cpl. Brian A. Medina
Lance Cpl. Nicholas H. Anderson
Lance Cpl. Justin M. Ellsworth
Lance Cpl. Justin D. McLeese
Pfc. Cole W. Larsen
Lance Cpl. George J. Payton
Lance Cpl. Travis R. Desiato
Lance Cpl. James E. Swain
Pfc. Isaiah R. Hunt
Lance Cpl. Bradley L. Parker
Lance Cpl. Louis W. Qualls
Lance Cpl. Phillip G. West
Cpl. Bradley T. Arms
Lance Cpl. Joseph T. Welke
Lance Cpl. Jeffery S. Holmes
Pfc. Harrison J. Meyer
Lance Cpl. Bradley M. Faircloth
Lance Cpl. Jordan D. Winkler
Lance Cpl. Joshua E. Lucero
Lance Cpl. Adam R. Brooks
Pfc. Stephen C. Benish
Spc. Daryl A. Davis
Lance Cpl. Blake A. Magaoay
Spc. David P. Mahlenbrock
Cpl. Binh N. Le
Pfc. Christopher S. Adlesperger
Pfc. Joshua A. Ramsey
Spc. Thomas J. Dostie
Spc. Nicholas C. Mason
Spc. David A. Ruhren
Pfc. Oscar Sanchez
Lance Cpl. Brian P. Parrello
Pfc. Curtis L. Wooten III
Pfc. Kenneth G. Vonronn
Spc. Armand L. Frickey
Spc. Dwayne J. McFarlane Jr.
Pfc. Gunnar D. Becker
Pfc. Jesus Fonseca
Pfc. Jesus A. Leon-Perez
Lance Cpl. Karl R. Linn
Cpl. Christopher L. Weaver
Lance Cpl. Mourad Ragimov
Lance Cpl. Rhonald D. Rairdan
Lance Cpl. Hector Ramos
Lance Cpl. Fred L. Maciel
Spc. Christopher J. Ramsey
Lance Cpl. Nazario Serrano
Lance Cpl. Jason C. Redifer
Lance Cpl. Sean P. Maher
Lance Cpl. Richard C. Clifton
Lance Cpl. Richard A. Perez Jr.
Pfc. David J.Brangman
Pfc. Michael A. Arciola
Spc. Seth R. Trahan
Pfc. Chassan S. Henry
Pvt. Landon S. Giles
Lance Cpl. Joshua L. Torrence
Spc. Francisco G. Martinez
Lance Cpl. Kevin S. Smith
Pfc. Samuel S. Lee
Lance Cpl. Tenzin Dengkhim
Pfc. Casey M. LaWare
Spc. Manuel Lopez III
Cpl. Tyler J. Dickens
Pvt. Aaron M. Hudson
Pfc. Steven F. Sirko
Pfc. Sam W. Huff
Pfc. Kevin S. K. Wessel
Pfc. Gavin J. Colburn
Pfc. Darren A. Deblanc
Pvt. Charles S. Cooper, Jr.
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Pfc. Stephen P. Baldwyn
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Pfc. Christopher R. Kilpatrick
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Spc. Charles A. Kaufman
Sgt. Deyson K. Cariaga
Pvt. Lavena L. Johnson
Pfc. Ramon A. Villatoro Jr.
Pvt. Ernesto R. Guerra
Pfc. Jason D. Scheuerman
Lance Cpl. Nicholas William B. Bloem
Lance Cpl. Adam J. Strain
Pfc. Nils G. Thompson
Pfc. Nathaniel E. Detample
Spc. Joshua P. Dingler
Pfc. Timothy J. Seamans
Pfc. Ramon Romero
Spc. Jeffrey A. Williams
Hospitalman Robert N. Martens
Spc. David H. Ford IV
Spc. Michael J. Wendling
Pvt. Elijah M. Ortega
Spc. Lee A. Wiegand
Pfc. Oliver J. Brown
Pfc. Roberto C. Baez
Pfc. Andrew D. Bedard
Spc. Jeremiah W. Robinson
Lance Cpl. Patrick B. Kenny
Lance Cpl. Shayne M. Cabino
Pfc. Jason L. Frye
Lance Cpl. Daniel M. McVicker
Lance Cpl. Carl L. Raines II
Lance Cpl. Sergio H. Escobar
Spc. Jeremy M. Hodge
Spc. Robert W. Tucker
Spc. Samuel M. Boswell
Lance Cpl. Daniel Scott R. Bubb
Lance Cpl. Christopher M. Poston
Spc. Jose E. Rosario
Lance Cpl. Steven W. Szwydek
Lance Cpl. Kenneth J. Butler
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Pfc. Dillon M. Jutrask
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Pfc. Tyler R. MacKenzie
Pfc. Mario A. Reyes
Lance Cpl. Jeremy P. Tamburello
Lance Cpl. Daniel F. Swaim
Lance Cpl. David A. Mendez Ruiz
Lance Cpl. Scott A. Zubowski
Lance Cpl. Christopher M. McCrackin
Lance Cpl. John A. Lucente
Cpl. Joshua J. Ware
Pvt. Dylan R. Paytas
Pfc. Anthony A. Gaunky
Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas
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Lance Cpl. John M. Holmason
Lance Cpl. Adam W. Kaiser
Lance Cpl. Robert A. Martinez
Cpl. Anthony T. McElveen
Lance Cpl. Andrew G. Patten
Spc. Marcus S. Futrell
Spc. Peter J. Navarro
Lance Cpl. Samuel Tapia
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Spc. Dane O. Carver
Pvt. Joshua M. Morberg
Lance Cpl. Ryan S. McCurdy
Lance Cpl. Jason T. Little
Lance Cpl. Jeriad P. Jacobs
Spc. Robert T. Johnson
Lance Cpl. Jonathan K. Price
Cpl. Justin J. Watts
Lance Cpl. Brandon Dewey
Pfc. Peter D. Wagler
Pfc. Javier Chavez Jr.
Lance Cpl. Matthew R. Barnes
Pfc. Christopher L. Marion
Pfc. Tina M. Priest
Pfc. Amy A. Duerksen
Lance Cpl. Kristen K. Figueroa
Pfc. Angelo A. Zawaydeh
Hospitalman Geovani Padillaaleman
Lance Cpl. Kun Y. Kim
Cpl. Scott J. Procopio
Pfc. Jeremy W. Ehle
Cpl. David A. Bass
Lance Cpl. Felipe D. Sandoval-Flores
Pfc. Chase A. Edwards
Lance Cpl. Bryan N. Taylor
Pvt. Jody W. Missildine
Cpl. Salem Bachar
Pfc. Ryan G. Winslow
Pvt. Michael E. Bouthot
Pvt. Travis C. Zimmerman
Lance Cpl. Aaron W. Simons
Lance Cpl. Michael L. Ford
Pfc. Christopher M. Eckhardt
Pfc. Benjamin T. Zieske
Cpl. Stephen R. Bixler
Lance Cpl. Leon B. Deraps
Pfc. Stephen P. Snowberger III
Lance Cpl. Jason K. Burnett
Lance Cpl. Richard Z. James
Pfc. Steven W. Freund
Lance Cpl. Kevin A. Lucas
Spc. J. Adan Garcia
Pfc. Brett L. Tribble
Pfc. David N. Crombie
Spc. Luis D. Santos
Lance Cpl. Brent B. Zoucha
Cpl. Michael A. Estrella
Lance Cpl. Brandon J. Webb
Cpl. Christopher D. Leon
Pfc. Devon J. Gibbons
Pfc. Collin T. Mason
Lance Cpl. Geofrey R. Cayer
Pfc. Derek J. Plowman
Lance Cpl. Anthony E. Butterfield
Sgt. Joshua A. Ford
Sgt. Ryan D. Jopek
Pfc. Brian J. Kubik
Lance Cpl. Jeremy Z. Long
Pfc. James J. Arellano
Hospitalman Chadwick T. Kenyon
Spc. Qixing Lee
Pfc. Daniel G. Dolan
Pfc. Colin J. Wolfe
Lance Cpl. Philip A. Johnson
Pfc. Nicholas A. Madaras
Pfc. Jeremy R. Shank
Pfc. Anthony P. Seig
Cpl. Marcus A. Cain
Lance Cpl. Ryan A. Miller
Spc. Jared J. Raymond
Pvt. Eric M. Kavanagh
Spc. Windell J. Simmons
Lance Cpl. Howard S. March Jr.
Lance Cpl. Rene Martinez
Lance Cpl. James Chamroeun
Pfc. Christopher T. Blaney
Spc. Kristofer C. Walker
Spc. George R. Obourn Jr.
Lance Cpl. Edward M. Garvin
Cpl. Benjamin S. Rosales
Lance Cpl. John E. Hale
Spec. Timothy A. Fulkerson
Pfc. Shane R. Austin
Lance Cpl. Jeremy S. Sandvick Monroe
Lance Cpl. Stephen F. Johnson
Pfc. Kenny F. Stanton Jr.
Pfc. Stephen D. Bicknell
Pvt. Edwardo J. Lopez
Lance Cpl. Clifford R. Collinsworth
Lance Cpl. Nathan R. Elrod
Lance Cpl. Eric W. Herzberg
Lance Cpl. Richard A. Buerstetta
Pfc. Daniel B. Chaires
Pfc. Donald S. Brown
Pfc. Kevin J. Ellenburg
Lance Cpl. Minhee Kim
Lance Cpl. James E. Brown
Lance Cpl. Ryan T. McCaughn
Lance Cpl. Kristopher C. Warren
Pfc. Daniel J. Allman II
Lance Cpl. James R. Davenport
Pvt. Heath D. Warner
Pvt. Reece D. Moreno
Lance Cpl. Jeromy D. West
Pvt. Joshua C. Burrows
Lance Cpl. Michael A. Schwarz
Spc. Corey J. Rystad
Lance Cpl. Jesse D. Tillery
Cpl. Billy B. Farris
Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis
Lance Cpl. Thomas P. Echols
Lance Cpl. Luke C. Yepsen
Lance Cpl. Nicklas J. Palmer
Pfc. Seth M. Stanton
Pfc. Joe L. Baines
Cpl. Joshua D. Pickard
Lance Cpl. Fernando S. Tamayo
Pfc. Andrew H. Nelson
Pfc. Eric R. Wilkus
Pvt. Clinton T. McCormick
Lance Cpl. Nicholas A. Miller
Lance Cpl. William D. Spencer
Pfc. William R. Newgard
Cpl. Jonathan E. Schiller
Spc. Richard A. Smith
Pfc. Ryan R. Berg
Pfc. Ming Sun
Spc. Collin R. Schockmel
Lance Cpl. Luis J. Castillo
Pfc. Ryan J. Hill
Pvt. Johnathon M. Millican
Lance Cpl. Emilian D. Sanchez
Lance Cpl. Andrew G. Matus
Lance Cpl. Anthony C. Melia
Pfc. David T. Toomalatai
Spc. Eric R. Sieger
Spc. Alan E. McPeek
Pvt. Matthew T. Zeimer
Sgt. Randy J. Matheny
Lance Cpl. Brandon J. Van Parys
Pfc. Brian A. Browning
Cpl. Jennifer M. Parcell
Pfc. Tarryl B. Hill
Spc. Dennis L. Sellen Jr.
Pfc. Branden C. Cummings
Lance Cpl. Daniel T. Morris
Pfc. Chad E. Marsh
Pvt. Kelly D. Youngblood
Lance Cpl. Blake H. Howey
Pfc. Brett A. Witteveen
Pfc. Matthew C. Bowe
Pfc. Adare W. Cleveland
Spc. Louis G. Kim
Lance Cpl. Anthony Aguirre
Spc. Christopher D. Young
Pfc. Cory C. Kosters
Spc. Ryan D. Russell
Lance Cpl. Dennis J. Veater
Spc. Jonathan K. Smith
Lance Cpl. Steven M. Chavez
Lance Cpl. Harry H. Timberman
Pfc. John F. Landry Jr.
Spc. Wilfred Flores Jr.
Pfc. Miguel A. Marcial III
Lance Cpl. Daniel R. Olsen
Pfc. Gabriel J. Figueroa
Spc. Walter Freeman Jr.
Pfc. Derek A. Gibson
Pfc. Daniel A. Fuentes
Spc. Jay S. Cajimat
Pfc. David N. Simmons
Pfc. Brian L. Holden
Spc. James T. Lindsey
Pfc. John G. Borbonus
Pfc. Steven J. Walberg
Lance Cpl. Daniel R. Scherry
Pfc. Richard P. Langenbrunner
Pfc. Jason M. Morales
Pvt. Michael J. Slater
Pfc. Jeffrey A. Avery
Sgt. Michael L. Vaughan
Spc. Jerry R. King
Spc. Michael J. Rodriguez
Lance Cpl. Dale G. Peterson
Pfc. David A. Kirkpatrick
Pfc. Brian A. Botello
Pfc. Zachary R. Gullett
Spc. Astor A. Sunsin-Pineda
Pfc. Katie M. Soenksen
Cpl. Michael A. Pursel
Spc. Kyle A. Little
Lance Cpl. Walter K. O’Haire
Pfc. Daniel W. Courneya
Spc. Rhys W. Klasno
Pfc. Nicholas S. Hartge
Spc. Coty J. Phelps
Pfc. Aaron D. Gautier
Pfc. Jonathan V. Hamm
Cpl. Ryan D. Collins
Spc. Joshua G. Romero
Spc. David W. Behrle
Pfc. Alexander R. Varela
Pfc. Robert A. Worthington
Pfc. Joseph J. Anzack Jr.
Pfc. Robert H. Dembowski
Lance Cpl. David P. Lindsey
Spc. Michael J. Jaurigue
Spc. Clinton C. Blodgett
Pfc. Junior Cedeno Sanchez
Spc. James E. Lundin
Pfc. Joshua M. Moore
Pfc. Matthew E. Baylis
Pfc. Justin A. Verdeja
Pvt. Scott A. Miller
Pfc. Casey S. Carriker
Pfc. Jacob T. Tracy
Pfc. David J. Bentz III
Pfc. Anthony D. Hebert
Spc. Joseph P. Kenny
Pfc. Henry G. Byrd III
Cpl. Derek C. Dixon
Spc. Dustin L. Workman II
Pfc. Cory F. Hiltz
Pfc. Jonathan M. Rossi

On behalf of all 600 of these brave young souls, I'd like to thank Muvico for whipping out your collective dick and pissing all over their graves with your INSULTING, DEGRADING, horseshit!

Oh, and one more special present, straight from me to you:

Anymore idiot responses from you guys at Muvico? Snipers, KEEP WRITING! Use e-mail aliases, write from different addresses under different names if you have to. Whatever it takes. Be respectful, polite, and mature (everything I'm not), but I want their headquarters flooded with complaints!

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