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What's The Use?
By: SciVille  |  April 24, 2007

Seriously. It is disgusting.

Here we are, NYRA, trying to make some kind of difference for young people. Youth are treated like shit in our society, and nobody cares. Hell, they want it to happen. They want it to keep happening and to a greater extent.

I know anyone who is reading this already agrees, but screw it, Iím saying it anyway. YOU are the problem! YOU are destroying the world!

Not my pro-youth friends. I mean everyone else. Every one of you who believes behavior modification facilities are great places to rehabilitate bad kids. Every one of you who supports random drug tests in schools. Every one of you who thinks kids need school uniforms and curfews to keep them safe and to keep them out of causing trouble. Every one of you who sneers at an innocent group of teenagers just chilling outside a movie theatre, fearing theyíll steal your wallet. Every one of you believes teenagers should be alienated from their friends and be searched by their parents regularly. Every one of you who believes teenagers are not entitled to privacy or free speech rights. Every one of you trying to penalize good parents who allow their kids a little wine with dinner. Every one of you screaming for the driving age to be raised because you believe the fucking junk science spewing out of shrill public health groups. Every one of you finding ways to deny housing and jobs to young adults. Every one of you supporting parental controls on your electronic devices. Every one of you believing parents have sovereignty over their childrenís bodies and minds. Every one of you who refuse to see any good in a young person and are interested only in the bad, the dangerous, and the expensive.

All of you need to get the hell out of my country. Now! You are fucking up the next generation! Yes, you are. You are not helping anyone. You are merely sacrificing your childrenís futures to feed your fucked up prejudices. You tell them they donít matter and deny them rights because, oh, God forbid someone younger than you might have a fucking brain!

You hit them. You force religions on them they donít want. You force them to eat food they hate. You force them to wear only what you want them to wear. You expect them not to be themselves but to be good representatives of you. You want them to do you bidding. You wanted children not to enjoy and nurture, but to be your fucking obedient slaves.

Iím sick of it! Iím sick of this fucking shit! You are all vile, vile pathetic excuses for even primates, let alone humans! You donít want to nurture! You want to keep them trapped and barely alive until such a time you can legally kick them out the door! You donít care! Youíre fucking selfish pricks, every single one of you!

There I was last Wednesday evening in a DC council hearing thing. My beloved friend and NYRA executive director Alex sat up at that witness table giving a wonderful, sensible spiel on why barring teens from night clubs will NOT stop violence, that the violence is the issue, not whether teens are there or not. The issue in a nutshell, anyway. But no. He might as well have been talking to a wall in his bedroom. Council was more interested in the sobbing parents of the dead girl wishing their daughter had been arrested (for having done nothing wrong!) than dead. Great. She gets shot by some asshole, and youíre blaming her for being in the way of a stray bullet. Oh, nice. While weíre at it, on September 11th, it was not the terroristsí fault. All those 3,000 people shouldnít have legally been allowed in the World Trade Center. Itís their fault they were murdered.

Itís clear the issue isnít violence. Thatís just a cute cover story. They just know the public is too fucking stupid to not equate teens with violence, so theyíll ban the teens from the clubs and act like all the bad stuff is taken care of. Shit, you know the news outlets will cooperate. Iíll have to listen to my brainwashed grandmother downstairs nodding along as they announce the ďreducedĒ crime stats (slanted, of course) since the ban went into effect (okay, it hasnít yet, but Iím not feeling hopeful at the moment). Youíve got a public already ingrained with the idea that everyone under 21 is a fucking criminal, so youíll just roll with it to get more votes from idiot old people. Yes, I know that was ageist, but I know thatís who youíre going after.

And to hear this shit from the young people themselves, too. That so many of them really think they are incompetent. Theyíve been so beaten down over the years that theyíve learned to take it. Adults just shit on them all the time, and they learn to say ďShit on me some more! Itís for my own good!Ē Only to grow up and shit all over their own children in greater numbers. Precious few stray from that to join our side. And we are ridiculed for it. Families think weíre wasting our lives and that itís all a joke. Teachers think youth have too many rights as it is. Youíd think someone who teaches just might know the difference between rights and being property! Gaahhh!!!

Iíve so had it. Youíre all so fucking selfish and stupid. I try to be nice about it. I try to be civil. But I just canít take it. Youíre all so scared of your own goddamn shadows, pretty much. Youíre so afraid of the next generation. You think idiot news casters know more about your own kids than you do. You think teens cause all kinds of violent crimes. You think theyíd all be smoking crack if you didnít lock them in their rooms and bar their windows. You think theyíd do nothing but shoplift if you allowed them into your non-alcohol-serving store.

In the past few years Iíve been active with the youth rights movement, Iíve heard a lot of horror stories. Iíve heard the accounts in the behavior modification camps, where kids are beaten and killed for fun and profit (and Iím not even fucking kidding!). Iíve heard abusive family after abusive family, where parents are shoving their daughters into psych wards against their will, shoving pills down their throats, even beating and molesting them, knowing the girls canít do a damn fucking thing about it because the law is on the parentsí side. After all, parents are always right and teens are always wrong.

Youíre all so disgusting. Just thinking about any of you right now makes me want to shove your goddamn heads through a wall. You donít get it. You refuse to get it. You donít see kids as people. You see them as burdens. You see them as burdens practically since their conception. You donít enjoy them. You put up with them and make sure they know youíre not happy with them.

Well, shut the fucking hell up, you goddamn hateful pieces of shit! I hate all of you. I hate dealing with you. I hate talking to you. I just know some disgusting slur will come out of your mouth eventually, at which point I walk away. Youíre not worth the dried up dog shit out in my backyard. Youíre destroying the world your children and grandchildren are to inherit, and you donít care. Youíll merely try to blame them. You take no fucking responsibility for it, unless you were wishing you were harder on them. You refuse to see it any other way. For that, you deserve nothing less than to be sodomized by a burning rusty spike and skinned alive with dull scalpels. Go to hell, fuckwads.

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