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-Turkish proverb
Lord Galen
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Holding Your Wee For A Wii:
A Rant On Personal Responsibility
By: WadeMotherFuckingKarl  |  February 5, 2007

Okay, as I understand it, a couple of weeks ago, a contest occured. Not any "normal" contest, but a conforming shock jock radio bit called "Hold Your Wee For a Wii." What happened is that these "brilliant" motherfuckers created a bit in which they would get a bunch of people to drink a glass of water after couple of minutes and they wouldn't be allowed to go the bathroom without getting disqualified. The last one standing, or should I say "holding," wins a goddamn Nintendo WIi, who would've thunk it? Now this shit was on a lot of radio stations, but a particular radio station in Sacramento got their nuts squeezed when somebody, a mother of three, by the way, did this contest, stayed in as long as she could, even started getting headaches, but still stuck it out, didn't win, went home and died of "water intoxication." Because of this incident, 10 people from the radio station, including the jocks of the radio show were fired.

Okay, now if you don't already know, this is fucking ridiculous. Now this this woman knew what the fuck she was getting into. This was just an asshole, that thought she could handle any goddamn thing. She must've thought that since she was able to give birth to 3 children, that she was immortal (No, doesn't work that way, assclown!) Now, don't yell at the screen, yelling about me calling her an asshole, but she was being an asshole. She put her fucking health on the line, and loss, to get her children a fucking video game. What type of fucking mom is she? Willing to risk losing her life and her children for a fucking game? ASSHOLE! This asshole felt her fucking headaches coming in, that's when it was time to quit the motherfucking contest and go home and say "Sorry, kiddos. Didn't win the Wii because I didn't feel good and thought I was about to faint. Y'all don't have the Wii, but at least you have me and if you can't appreciate me that much, y'all don't deserve presents." THERE THE FUCK YOU GO! I'm only a 16 yo, not a teenage father, and has never even had a girlfriend, and I know how to handle that shit!

Now onto hthe jocks got fired. Now if anybody should've taken the fall for that stupid shit, it should've been management. The motherfucking jocks were just doing there fucking jobs. Now yeah, I heard that there was a nurse that called the radio station and told the DJ's that somebody could die and let me tell you something. Jumping off bridges. That's retarded, obviously. If somebody told you to jump off of a bridge, would you do it? Hell fucking no. Unless you were a thrill-seeker. That's where I'm coming from. Just because somebody tells you to do something or somewhat even suggests you do something, doesn't mean your dumbass actually has to go on and do the stupid shit. I don't know what the fuck it is with our goddamn society. But I won't go off on a tangent, even though I damn well should.

Look, my fucking point is that there is a new invention out, not that new, probably came out during... I don't know... maybe THE BEGINNING OF FUCKING HUMANKIND CALLED PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES. For those of y'all who don't have it, you can purchase it at your local Wal-Mart. Shit I'll tell you what. I take back what I said about how the management and only the management should have been fired. Fuck that! Hey, stupid ass, you drink shit, your body takes it in and it comes out. That's it always was and how it probably damn near always will be. Shit, she was a mother of 3 and was 28, you mean to tell me that you didn't know that shit? Tell you what, if somebody should be getting sued, it should be that bitch's health teacher. So thanks, JENNIFER FUCKING STRANGE and JENNIFER FUCKING STRANGE'S HEALTH TEACHER! Jennifer, because you didn't know your limits, and couldn't do the responsible thing, which was to quit the fucking contest or for that matter, just stay home and listen to the dumbfucks on the radio who were actually dipshitted enough to do the goddamn thing, you fucked up and got a whole bunch of people who actually cared about their lives (you can tell because you didn't see their asses holding in water to get shit, they actually earned their money so they can go and get what the fuck they wanted the responsible way), FIRED! Nice going dipshit!

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