Resist much. Obey little.
-Walt Whitman
Lord Galen
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The Human Rights Laws That Do Not Apply To The "Teenager"
By: Elin Edwards  |  September 6, 2007

Approximately seventy years ago, the allied countries fought to defeat Hitler's armies. Had they not been defeated, the Western World would have had to suffer under his totalitarian and fascist government. Civil liberties and Human Rights would certainly have not existed. A great many soldiers in the First and Second World Wars were underage teenagers who were told to lie about their ages so that they could serve and protect their countries. Those young soldiers fought against the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler and the absurd restrictions that would probably have been forced upon their daily lives.

After the defeat of Hitler, post-Holocaust legislations were created, such as Human Rights (EU/UK) Article 3 - "the right not to be tortured or inhumanly or degradingly treated or punished" and Human Rights (UN) Article 20 (1) - "Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association" Surprise! There's a catch! Despite the fact that many of those who fought the Nazis for Civil Liberties were under twenty-five, these two articles do not apply to them. Imagine a young man who has just come back from Hell in Basra whilst serving in the army or a young woman who has just graduated from Oxford University. Now imagine them wanting to have a peaceful stroll around town. People like Harold Stapleton, Nobel Prize winner for Peace (ageism) aren't too keen on the idea.

Howard Stapleton invented the Sonic Youth Deterrent or more commonly known as The Mosquito. Newsflash! Teenagers aren't humans; they're a class of pests like slugs or horseflies that need some sort of repellent to drive them away. The Mosquito emits a high-pitched noise that is inaudible to anyone aged over twenty-five but is intolerable to anyone below that age. Most shopping centres, town centres and train stations use it to get rid of these teenage pests who call themselves humans. These youth deterrents are usually stuck to lampposts and emit such a loud noise that the teenager is forced to move along. This brilliant invention not only forces the youngster to shift it but also causes unbearable pain to them. One shopkeeper in Wales was boasting about how teenagers came into his shop begging him to turn the device off. Suppose that's just a two in one bonus. These teenagers are banned from the bars and clubs where real humans are allowed to go to so the streets become infested with teenage pests. Now they're being sonically tortured for it and soon, there will not be anywhere, other than a cell in a police station to spend their Friday and Saturday nights. Another thing I read was a news headline titled "children abusing new device". Apparently, teenagers have invented a new mobile phone, which uses the ultrasonic device only audible to youngsters so that teachers cannot detect when they receive a new text message. So let me get this straight, creating a harmless new ring tone is abuse but torturing someone isn't?

When I was a child, I remember my mother going to the garden centre to buy slug pellets. Guess what! A version for teenagers has been invented too! They're called Ritalin are available online for parents to drug their kids with so that they shut up and stop exercising Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Laws - "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference". The drug is being used to stop children being so hyperactive, a natural part of being a child. It is regularly administered to children without any concern about the many side effects - reduced appetite, depression, headaches, jittery feelings, gastrointestinal upsets, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, blood glucose changes, increase blood pressure, repetitive movements, psychosis, paranoia, seizures and sudden death. This is all done to make children concentrate better in class and to stop them annoying parents by talking and asking questions. Instead of parenting properly, the modern parents of the West are now resorting to drugs to control their kids. Ironic, considering the fact that drugs such as alcohol are often criticised by the very same parents.

Whilst studying History, I was told about the Berlin Wall and on it a quote stating, "there's a feeling I get when I look to the West and my spirit is crying for freedom". Just imagine being stuck behind The Wall under Communist rule and poverty, looking towards the USA or Britain, two countries full of wealth and freedom without Stalinist gulags. It would just seem so unreal, like a dream. That's exactly what it feels like to me. Being denied voting "rights", tortured by deafening noise every time I wait for my train, being forced to stay in school, banned from driving a car, not allowed to buy a cinema ticket, not allowed to taste the delight of Chardonnay or even enter certain establishments, being followed around shops and being accused of shoplifting if I walk out not having bought anything, being arrested if caught outside between the hours of 2100 and 0600 and being refused a passport all because of my age does not seem like the freedoms one would have dreamt of whilst stuck behind the Berlin Wall. Oh yes, I think someone forgot to mention, the Western way and British citizenship does not belong to its inhabitants until they reach eighteen years of age. Damn, my bad, how could I have been so stupid?

In the 30s, a law was created that "no Jew in Nazi Germany was permitted to operate a car and neither are women in Saudi Arabia. Seems shocking for readers like us in the West to find out, doesn't it? How on Earth can the West ignore the fact that teenagers are being denied these rights but find themselves pitying women in the Middle East? Are they blind? Can't they see that exactly the same discrimination is taking place in their own countries? Don't bother trying to point this out though. We have scholars in the West making up absurd theories about how the brains of under-18s do not function correctly and they cannot think rationally. History has a habit of repeating itself. A letter was written to a woman in the nineteenth century, after she applied to read Physics at university that the brains of females are too simple to absorb Pure Science or Mathematics and she would therefore be rejected on grounds of her sex. I find that very hard to believe as girls surpass boys at almost all academic subjects in modern Britain, where they're actually allowed to display their excellence. Women made sexism a known problem and attained their suffrage by campaigning for it. I think it's time for youth to do the same and make ageism a known problem.

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