Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin
Lord Galen
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Rebuttal to "School Is Not A Prison"
By: FightforRight  |  January 13, 2007

Note: In case the title didn't clue you in already, this Guest Rant is written in response to School is not a Prison, by Badlands.

Okay, I think that I'll just dissect this little rant, piece by piece.

School is oppressive. It has to be that way to get many of them to just pick up a fucking book, and to allow other people to learn.

You think that oppression is OK if you're getting people to learn? I really don't need to say anything, you PWNed yourself well enough there. But, for the sake of humoring you and providing a good rant, here goes. The reason that high schoolers don't want to learn is because they've had every desire to get an education squashed out of them. The problem with schools are that they are one-size-fits-all. After ten goddamn years of studying shit that neither interests nor helps me, I've gotten really bitter. Try to remember your first day of Kindergarten. You were all eager to learn new things and grow up in the world. Now try to remember your Junior year in HS. Yeah, I thought so.

Unschooling can work if you're actually interested in acquiring an education, but your average high schooler is not interested at all, and would just go off track all the time.

The problem is that we are forcing youth to study shit that doesn't interest them. I bet that if I gave you a book on some boring ass subject you wouldn't want to read it. Now, if I gave you a book on something that interests you, you just might read it. I really don't know, dunno how much of your will to learn they killed in the public education system. If I were allowed to unschool, I would pick up the first book I could find on modern military tactics and you wouldn't see my ass off track once.

"You're stereotyping, you're stereotyping!" You might as well fuck off, since you believe anyone who doesn't fit the NYRA mold on every single issue is a "conformist" and an "ageist". Don't give me any of that conformity bullshit, you conform yourself. If you were truly nonconformist, you wouldn't be bragging about how you're so "nonconformist". You know what group does that? Goth kids. And they conform to each other all the while claiming they are nonconformist. Goddamn it, if you are going to be claiming you are nonconformist, don't conform to ANYONE!

Yeah, well get this. Sometimes people join cliques just to survive in the high school environment. Personally, I don't believe in this stupid bullshit. I wear what's comfy and I don't really give a damn what anyone else thinks. My friends aren't in one particular clique. I talk to my goth friends, my emo friends, and my other friends who don't fit a damn description. I don't care what people think. Next part.

"The potential effects of mandatory unschooling would be absolutely devastating to most aspects of our culture, our economy in particular. You know what countries have kids that don't go to school? That's right, bottom of the barrel African countries that are constantly in the shits because of civil war! Our entire economy going to fucking waste because of you idiots complaining would be the primary outcome.

Wow. That was the single stupidest statement I've heard yet in the whole rant. Africa is bottom of the barrel because of civil wars and lack of schools. Unschooling is not the lack of schools, it is teaching yourself. Make some damn sense. I'll just stop there because you just repeat yourself a few times.

In summary, some dumbasses think that unschooling is bad because then people would be free to make their own decisions regarding their life. Also, it's apparently okay to keep my ass locked up in that hellhole for 7 hours a day. That's probably a few years of my life that could have been better used. Also, cliques form because they are defense mechanisms. Power in numbers and all that jazz. Youth have no interest in learning because they have been forced to sit in a classroom all day while reading all of this dry ass material that the government has approved. After having my brain raped for ten years. I don't think it wants to try learning. Christ, I really didn't even need to type this. The idiot PWNed himself so thoroughly that this rant was really unnecessary.

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