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School Is Not A Prison
By: Badlands  |  January 13, 2007

Being a former member of NYRA, I saw how widespread the belief that "school is oppressing everyone, it's like prison" is circulated around there. I believe in most of NYRA's ideals, but this one I particularly oppose.

School is oppressive. It has to be that way to get many of them to just pick up a fucking book, and to allow other people to learn. Unschooling can work if you're actually interested in acquiring an education, but your average high schooler is not interested at all, and would just go off track all the time.

"You're stereotyping, you're stereotyping!" You might as well fuck off, since you believe anyone who doesn't fit the NYRA mold on every single issue is a "conformist" and an "ageist". Don't give me any of that conformity bullshit, you conform yourself. If you were truly nonconformist, you wouldn't be bragging about how you're so "nonconformist". You know what group does that? Goth kids. And they conform to eachother all the while claiming they are nonconformist. Goddamn it, if you are going to be claiming you are nonconformist, don't conform to ANYONE!

The potential effects of mandatory unschooling would be absolutely devastating to most aspects of our culture, our economy in particular. You know what countries have kids that don't go to school? That's right, bottom of the barrel African countries that are constantly in the shits because of civil war! Our entire economy going to fucking waste because of you idiots complaining would be the primary outcome.

"But, we don't need money! Poor people get along just fine here!" Do poor people get along "just fine" in Africa? Fuck no! We would BECOME those African countries if compulsory schooling were ridded of. And you know what you'd be doing if you were poor in those bottom of the barrel countries? Asshat, you wouldn't have your oh-so-delicate computer that you can communicate with all your "nonconformist" friends with. You also wouldn't have regular meals (or at least decent ones), electricity, sewage, healthcare, the list could go on and on. And don't tell me how people can get along just fine without healthcare and regular meals! You assholes would be complaining after one week without just electricity!

"People would still be going to school anyway, so that can't happen!" The majority can't learn an efficient level with unschooling. Unschooling is great if you can actually absorb the material independently, but if not, you're in the shits. In other words, bye bye 90% graduation rates! Change that to more like 10%... sounds a lot like those bottom of the barrel African countries I was talking about earlier. It might be a little bit higher if parental influence is added, but you guys oppose that too.

I read the NYRA Freedom a few months ago (yes, I still recieve it to see what NYRA is doing). Yadda yadda... donate to NYRA... another success... wait, hold here... NYRA-Berkeley asked the California Dems to adopt a position against compulsory schooling, and the newsletter said "some even opposed the bill" like it was actually fucking surprising! Well, NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!! A politician obviously isn't looking forward to re-election if he's going to oppose compulsory schooling. It's almost as bad as supporting NAMBLA in the general public's eyes. Seriously.

And the thing is, many of you people just say you're against compulsory schooling simply because most of those at NYRA do it. What did you say about being "nonconformist" again... oh yeah, YOU CAN RAM THAT UP YOUR ASS!

If you're actually a sane member of NYRA who supports compulsory schooling to some degree, I'm sorry for any generalizations I may have made during this rant.

Note: There is a rebuttal to this Guest Rant available here

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