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Picking Apart Ageist Bullshit
By: Ian  |  May 24, 2007

What has this world come to? Ageism is a widely supported fascist idea, and it pisses me off. I will never be as ageist as this world. Of course, I'm going to set a FEW limits like 10 year olds shouldn't be having sex, or be in porn. Or maybe that a toddler shouldn't be driving a car, but thats not ageist, thats common sense!

Now, I'm 14 years old, 15 in September, and I'm a Freshman in Kearsley High School. And the subject of ageism is really a touchy one with me. My mother thinks that she has all of the power in the world. Let me give you an example. She says "Ian, you don't need to have a lock on your door, you're too young, and you don't need any privacy." Uhm. Yah. She ACTUALLY said this. She took my doorknob off and wont let me have it back. Now for the past 2 fucking months I cant change, or watch any uhmmm, "adult materials" Without fear that somebody is going to walk into my room.

I really dont get her point in this, I know it's hard NOT to (yah right), but I don't. The only excuse is that I'm not 18 yet! That isn't a valid excuse for deriving a human being of his/her right to privacy! I don't realize why 18 is the "Magic Age". Studies have shown that the part of the brain that controls common sense or how mature you are doesn't usually stop developing until your early 20's.

I like to relate ageism in our society to racism in the early(and later) years of America. it is almost the exact same thing. If you were Black, you weren't as good as a white person. You didn't get any rights. Now, as a teenager, I don't have the right to privacy, free speech, the press.... The list goes on and on. I'm not aloud to say what I want, or do what I want, solely because I haven't turned 18. Is there anything different about you when you're 17 years, 364 days, and 23 hours old from when you turn 18? NO. Nothing at ALL.

Also, swearing. Fuck shit pussy cock cunt bitch whore slut ass dick bastard. Those are just some of the words (FUCKING WORDS, mind you) that I cant say, until I turn 18 that is, then it's fine to use them. Why? Why cant I swear? Vibrate my vocal cords a certain way and OH! It's bad! Being offended with swearing is the penacle of human pettiness, and stupidity. Thats all I really have to say on this matter..

Now that I'm 14, and I need money, so I need a job. And guess what? I cant find anyone that will actually hire a 14 year old. Apparently I cant stock shelves or bus table until I'm 15 or 16, something must be wrong with me! Do my arms not work? Or is it my legs? NO! I'M PERFECTLY FUCKING FINE, NOW HIRE ME YOU RETARDED FUCKING BASTARD! My mom says, "Once you get your own job and pay your own damn rent, then you can do what you want!" HOW CAN I? I cant get a fucking job because I'm too young!

Now, on to a touchy subject. Drinking and smoking. I don't drink, and I don't smoke, but hear me out for a second. You're walking down the road and you see a teenager(s) smoking out in front of a gas station. What do you do? You scowl and think "Look at that/those kids, smoking! How dare they. I should stay away, they might steal something!"

Now stop, replay the situation, except this time, instead of teenagers, it's some full grown adults, or maybe someone in their 50's-60's. Do you think the same thing? NO, you pay NO ATTENTION AT ALL.

Or maybe you're driving down the road, you look off at a particularly loud house, and see some teens with some red plastic cups in their hands, empty beer cans strewn across the yard. I bet you ageist bastards think "Oh, damned drunken kids! Someone should stop them!" But what if it were adults? NO! You would think, again, NOTHING OF IT! Just because they are under your magical age barrier they shouldn't be having fun or partying like you adults so love to do.

Curfews. I don't think government should regulate how late a young person can stay out. They say it reduces crime, and it keeps us safe, but what's the difference between a young person to be out past 10 or so, or an older person? Nothing really! I think that if you want to keep your teenager safe, set your own curfew and enforce it! IT ISNT THE GOVERNMENTS RESPONSIBILITY!

Voting age, credit cards, home loans/ownership, etc etc etc.. I believe that things like these should be available to any person who has a job, and i think that jobs should be available to anyone who is able to work. If you're under 18, and you have a job, you should be able to vote, smoke, drink, buy a home, get a credit card, have a car in your name, and do anything a 21+ year old can do. If an older person can be responsible for them self, why couldn't someone a few years younger do it? I mean, you see a difference between an 17 and an 18 year old, but you don't see one between an 18 or 19 year old! between a 50 and 55 year old there is nothing but a 15 year old cant do anything and a 20 year old can do everything! IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF TO NO FUCKING END!

I will conclude this rant with my opinion that SOME young people are stupid and do need to be protected, and shouldn't do certain things, and some young people should have all the rights as an adult. But the same goes for adults. Some 18-100 year olds are LESS responsible and trustworthy than anyone under that "Magic Age" This is the truth, and if you don't believe it then you are a fucking douchebag, go die.

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