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-Hypatia of Alexandria
Lord Galen
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Offense: Full of Shit
By: Cartoon Goddess  |  July 8, 2007

This rant is based on the follow news article
Sony: Sorry about cathedral appearance
Fri Jul 6, 1:08 PM ET

LONDON - Sony issued a public apology Friday for a violent video game that features a bloody shootout inside an Anglican cathedral, but it did not address the Church of England's demands that the company withdraw the game.

The church has demanded that Sony Corp. stop selling the game "Resistance: Fall of Man," which includes a gunbattle between an American soldier and aliens inside a building that resembles Manchester Cathedral in northwest England.

The entertainment giant said in an apology, published Friday in The Manchester Evening News, that company officials had met with church community leaders and Sony acknowledged the game had caused offense. The company said it now considered the matter closed.

"It was never our intention to offend anyone in the making of this game, and we would like to apologize unreservedly to them for causing that offense, and to all parts of the wider community who we might also have offended," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President David A. Reeves said in the apology.

Manchester Cathedral's dean, the Very Rev. Rogers Govender said the apology fell short of what the church had requested.

"We asked Sony to withdraw the game," he said in a statement. "They have refused to do this."

"We asked Sony to make a substantial donation to community groups nominated by the Cathedral. They have refused to do this," he said, referring the church's education department, which works to fight gun violence in Manchester.

Govender also urged Sony and others in the computer industry to agree not to set violent game in places of prayer and worship.

Sony declined to comment on the church's outstanding demands, but Reeves did promise that Manchester Cathedral would not be used in future Sony video games.

Reeves last month apologized in a letter sent to Manchester Cathedral to anyone who was offended by the game. The letter was then posted on the Church of England's Web site.

"We now consider the matter closed, and will not be making any further comment," the company said in a separate statement.

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You may or may not have heard that the Church of England is demanding that Sony pull one of it's violent video games. This sounded like nothing new, but when the headline said that Sony apologized, I decided it was odd enough for me to actually bother reading the article and checking what's up.

The game in question is "Resistance: Fall of Man". In this game the USA and Great Britain are fighting together against an alien species who has overrun Russia and Europe. What is causing them such great offense is that one of the areas they battle in an area that resembles Manchester Cathedral. The Church of England has made several demands of Sony and the video game industry, to not set violent games in places of prayer and worship, to stop selling this game because it was set in their Cathedral, and to make a substantial donation to "community groups nominated by the Cathedral", which involves an anti-gun program.

What rights does anyone have to a video game location? I personally have played "violent video games" in all sorts of national treasures of many countries. Shall France say we can no longer play Twisted Metal 2 because you can blow up the Eiffel Tower? Am I gonna sue "Resident Evil" because it looks like my house? Public places especially have been fair game for video game settings, and a church is no different. Personally, the fact that Sony apologized for this is more than they deserve.

As to the content of the game, you are a soldier - a U.S. Army Ranger - who is fighting against the aliens. It is actually a positive game, where you are defending the earth against alien invasion. It's not like you are the alien, killing and raping refugees who have sequestered themselves in the church praying for salvation. If anyone does make THAT game let me know, fuck you Church of England.

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