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By: Gorkk  |  September 6, 2007

Ok boys and girls. Now we've all heard of feminists.. BUT if you are unclear, they are the women who are fighting for equality amongst men and women. Now, this is great, I absolutely think that men and women should be considered equal. BUT.. yes you should've known that was coming. I do have some standards.. and yes, I am a woman so I'm not some big ass macho man. If that was your first thought then you can just piss of right now.

Now feminists always argue that men are not stronger than women, and that both sexes are completely equal in strength. Apparently, they are scientists now. Thanks guys, way to prove that we're apparently dumber. There is scientific proof that guys are stronger than girls. Of course, that's not always the case, many girls could completely kick a guys ass in an arm wrestle, or a race or any type of physical activity. But if you took a man and a women and both were at their utmost physical peak, the man would be stronger, sorry ladies. It's just science. The thing that is said is that girls tend to be alot better at the whole emotional thing, which is somewhat true, they are. Once again, however, it is a generalization! Personally, I'm not good with emotional stuff and I tend to use humor and sarcasm to cover my ass when I need too. If someone came to me and told me their grandma died, my response would probably be along the lines of "Oh.. wow.. that sucks" and I know many guys who know exactly what to say.. but its just a generalization!

Next item on the list, this really pisses me off. Seriously. When women get angry at men for holding the door open for them.. I'm sorry I thought that was being kind. I seriously fucking doubt that the first thought a guy thinks when he sees you coming up to the door with a huge ass full of groceries is "Wow, there's a weak women who looks like she needs my help" NO. Because guess what bitch? The whole world doesn't revolve around you. Holding the door open for someone is an act of kindness, and most likely doesn't have anything to do with your gender. I hold the door open for people to, no matter who, even MEN. Yeah that's right. If you were in that situation, hands full of groceries, about to fall over and a guy just let the door slam into you. You'd be pretty pissed off and probably mutter something about how chivlary is dead. And yet, if he had you would have gotten pissed off and muttered something about women's rights. Like fuck, no wonder us ladies have such a bad reputation for being complex.

Honestly though, one thing that made me so angry when I read it, I almost like screamed. I read something that this one feminist principle said that at some point during, all rapes must become consensual since no women can be completely dominated. What the fuck? Isn't that exactly what the hell rape is? Jesus Christ, if you have a 125 pound women and a 300 pound man, guess who's gonna win? This is basically what that principle is saying, a woman is getting raped and the thought going through her mind is "hmmmm I could throw this guy off me and NOT get HIV and be emotionally scarred for life, but hey what's wrong with a little quickie in the dark creepy alley? What the fuck? I'm gonna live my life on the wild side"

I don' t know about you, but I'm pretty sure if I was getting raped, what I was thinking wouldn't be that. Whichever nazi ass bitch thought of that one, I hope she one day knows that is complete bullshit. I mean seriously get your head out of your ass and look around. That's not what any woman wants, and they shouldn't have to listen to you say that she could've prevented her own rape if she had known she couldn't be dominated. That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

All those nazi ass feminists can kiss my ass and go fuck themselves. I don't know who else will be able to since they can't be dominated anyways. Fuck all you stupid whores.

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