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Anti Abortion Fanatics
By: PAIN  |  September 17, 2007

I was driving down the street the other day with my friends. I noticed a crowd of people in front of an abortion center, protesting. Our right to protest is very important to me, but still this pisses me off beyond belief. You can have any backwards view you want, but keep it to yourself. The indecency and pompous nature of people is staggering to me. The fact that these people think that their good lord wishes all to be born, thus gives them the right to play god, and tell others what to do with their life.

Why can't these people look at things from the other side? Here are these poor women, going to have a abortion, knowing damn well what they are doing and probably none too happy about it. They get out of the car and here are these old people yelling at them, telling them they are murderers and they shall rot in a fiery hell. I doubt those old people could ever understand how horrible they really are themselves.

Anyway as I drove by I had my friend yell some cruel yet justful things to the church's new crusading army of backwards farts. Their generation is what's wrong with this country, just like they say about mine. At least mine wants to move foward, and can operate a cell phone and open pill containers. Those people need to get the hell outta the past.

Everyone has a right to do what they want in their life, and should not have to answer to anyone else's personal beliefs. I love when it's old guys protesting, thats just about the eye twitcher for me. At least the women who protest know about giving birth to life or whatever, but here's this 72 year old dude standing there like he knows jack shit. Let him pass a baby out of his shriveled up old johnson and then come talk about the miracle of birth. Someone needs to tell these people the 50's are over. Their little standard of proper conduct and procedure on how to live your life is dead.

Maybe we should protest against no driving after 70, see how they like that. Well this was my little rant for the year, hope it pissed a few ancients off.

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