Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
-Elbert Hubbard
Lord Galen
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Ageism and Love
By: FightforRight  |  February 5, 2007

Okay, I've seen assloads of ageism throughout my life. However, one particular type of ageism hits close to home. Ageism when it comes to love. Yep, apparently nothing is sacred in the eyes of an ageist. Ageists say that teenagers cannot feel true love. They feel "puppy love." Now, as someone who has been in a happy relationship for the past three years of my life I feel it is my duty to call BULLSHIT! Let me tell you a bit about myself, so then maybe you can understand exactly why I am so goddamn pissed.

My girlfriend is simply the driving force in my life. She's really the only person I care about. The rest of humanity can go fuck themselves with a rusty pitchfork for all I care. She's the #1 thing in my life. Everything else is secondary. Now, when somebody tells me that I don't care about her, they piss me off, a lot. I love her more than anything in this godforsaken universe. She has shaped my beliefs a lot in all the years I've known her. In fact, the only sacred thing to me now is love. If you think I'm a pussy...

Now that you understand that maybe we can move on. You see, I while ago I read something in my school's newspaper that said something to the affect of, "young people can't feel love and I refuse to acknowledge their relationships." Now, that pissed me off. Not that I give a damn about other people acknowledging my relationships (I'd rather they stay the fuck out of them), but, goddamnit, I can feel love! Now that I've established that, let's move on to what really pisses me off.

What right does a parent or other legal guardian have to interfere with or monitor young people's relationships? I mean, it's ridiculous what say parents have in my relationship. I can't take her anywhere on dates, I'm never allowed to be alone with her, and I'm watched whenever I'm with her. Just the sheer stupidity of that makes me want to go fucking insane. Err...insaner. I hate how being young means that I can't just be with the one person in this world I actually give a fuck about. It just makes me so goddamn ANGRY!!! I can't see the one person I love, the person who I'd like to spend the rest of my life with, without being monitored like a Death Row prisoner on suicide watch.

I've seen so many good relationships ruined by nosy parents because they didn't like the person their son/daughter was dating. You have to hide every aspect of who you really are away from your girlfriend/boyfriend's parents or else you don't have a chance. That's why my girlfriend's parents don't know about the shit I can do with some gasoline and some styrofoam. (For the idiots who might actually try to find out what this is by trial and error, it's napalm, dipshit. And you're a dumbass if you fuck around with it.)

The point of this is, people can love, regardless of age. You're a dumbass and probably a bitter fucktard if you deny this. I fucking hate this world where I'm not allowed to be with the one I love because of everyone else's stupidity. I just wish that I could be allowed to be with that one person who makes my life worthwhile. Is that really too much to ask?

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