A person's a person, no matter how small.
-Dr. Suess
Lord Galen
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Pissed at Teacher
January 1, 2007

Dear Galen

I've read some of the other letters that people have written you and I think it may be fair to say that this one isn't as serious or certainly not the most serious. Anyway, to the point. I've been going on to this website and I have been printing out material from this site for the past two weeks. The shit you have on this site kicks major fucking ass. The things I read on this site gives me confidence and makes me feel as if I'm not alone. However, somebody has a problem with that: My motherfucking history teacher. I've been reading print-outs from this site in almost all my classes, but he is the only motherfucker that has a problem with it. He's been whispering to me saying "You need to do your work." "Is that US History?" and shit like that. But yesterday, he got fed up. He called me out in front of the whole goddamn class to say "Do your work tomorrow! That stuff will not be permitted in my class tomorrow! I don't even like the stuff that your reading!" This asshole was trying to make me look like a motherfucking jackass. I confronted him after class and told him not to talk to me like that again, but the thing is that this bitch continues to piss me off. I have considered transferring classes, but you know what? That would only give him the victory and I don't want to win.

So Lord Galen, my question is how should I confront this guy if he pisses me off like that again and should I obey his orders and not read your interesting stuff and instead do that boring as history work he wants me to do?

Pissed at Teacher

Dear Pissed,

I sympathize. I hated History with a passion (still do). The problem is that you're on his turf. No, you don't have a choice in being there and that makes a big difference, but the fact is that you are there and this guy is just trying to do his job. His job is to teach you History. If he just ignores kids doing whatever the hell they want instead of doing the work, that would quickly lead him to the unemployment line.

To put it simply, he is doing what he's supposed to be doing; you're not. You wanna be pissed off at him for it? Fine, be pissed off. You wanna defy the rules? Fine, defy them. You don't like the rules, think their unfair, and want to read my shit instead? Fine, do it.

BUT... While you're doing all that shit, understand that you engaged in an act of civil disobedience and, in high school, that isn't likely to get you very far. Your history teacher has the backing of an entire ageist society and he's not likely to back down with that kind of support behind him.

Look, I absolutely know I'm going to catch hell for this. I'll have fellow Youth Rights activists telling me that you're there against your will and they don't have any right to force you to do shit, blah blah blah. That's absolutely correct, but the fact is that the way to change laws/rules that we don't like is to work within the system to get things changed. Breaking the rules is NOT the way to affect change in society. As long as the rules are there, you're free to break them, but you have to be ready and willing to accept the consequences and realize that it IS "fair." You know the rules, you know the consequences for breaking them, thus it is fair.

An example. When blacks marched for their rights in the south, they knew they were breaking the law. It was an unjust law, so they broke it. However, they also knew that since it was the law and they were breaking it, that there would be consequences. Every one of them was prepared to be thrown in jail (and they were). They didn't bitch that it "wasn't fair" when they got their asses locked up. They KNEW it would happen and they did it anyway. The end result was a good one, but the point is that whether the rule is right or wrong is a seperate issue from whether or not you will or will not be punished for breaking it.

Hopefully, I'm not confusing the fuck out of you. I'll put it as simply as I can: Break any rules you wanna break dude, but don't complain when "The Man" hands you your ass for breaking his rules. Keep fucking around with that history teacher, he's gonna fuck you over.

And, lemme be clear that, as a teacher myself, if I caught a student of mine reading something completely non-school related while they were supposed to be working, I'd feed that shit to the paper shredder without a second thought. So, you get no sympathy from me, bro.

Your three choices are:

1. Do your fucking work in class!

2. Be smarter and don't get caught slacking off!

3. Just ignore the fuckhead, do what you wanna do, and take the punishment like a man.

I'd advise number 1, but it's up to you.


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