Wizard's Fourth Rule: There is magic in sincere forgiveness; in the forgiveness you give, but more so in the forgiveness you receive.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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Boys Suck
March 29, 2007

Dear Galen

Well. So I really liked this boy right. and he said to a friend of mine he liked me also. of course he doesnt act like it. he actually does dirty things to girls at dances. in front of me. and by dirty i mean dancing wise.

not just like grind i mean like nasty werid stuff


so we went out before but we broke up and he hooked up (and by hooked up i mean made out) with me earlier this month. i thought it was somthing more but he just wanted some.


so wht the hell should i do? i cant get over him for some reason and hes an ass.

P.S. he is really good at saying the right thing at the right time..... it sucks


Dear Stupid,

Look... I realize that I have a lot of young people reading this site, but I am not here to provide advice for your retarded ass middle school drama bullshit! Nobody fucking cares!

Fine, whatever though, here ya go. I'll help ya out.

STOP BEING A RETARD! The dude just wants to cram your shithole. He's obviously too immature to give a shit about anything else. Go date an older guy if you're looking for someone who might want both a relationship AND physical contact. If you're looking for a guy who's *not* interested in sticking his tongue down your throat, grinding up against you, or just plain trying to fuck you, then you're shit out of luck because those kinda guys are called GAY guys and they won't be interested in dating you.


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