Moral indignation: jealousy with a halo.
-H. G. Wells
Lord Galen
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Age Limit on Love?
November 19, 2007

Dear Galen

My friend and I have come across a fat ass asian man who has apparently fallen in love with her. Thing is... ITS OVER THE FUCKING INTERNET! She is rude to him constantly and tries to get the message across that she doesn't love/like/wipe her ass with him. Yet he doesn't understand. I am sixteen, and I am nicer to him than she is. I questioned him on why he didn't "love" me instead. He said it was because I was underaged and he did care about me. He also said I was too young to understand his love for her.

I told him that I almost missed a date with my bf, and I cried. I know very well the brink feelings of love. He then asked for my bfs number so he could tell the "old assed man" to stop fucking with teens and being a pedo.

Keep note.

Him= 31 friend=18
My bf= 31 Me= 16

How the fuck do we get it in his head?

[name removed]

Dear person-whose-name-I-removed-because-it-was-the-stupidest-psuedonym-for-a-chick-that-I've-ever-seen,

More important than the fact that he's a fat asian is perhaps the fact that he's a fat fucking moron. At 16, you don't understand love? I fucking HATE it when people say that shit! Amazingly, your friend is only 2 years older than you, but apparently she has no trouble understanding love (and that she doesn't want his).

This is the sad and pathetic extent of age-based laws on our lives. People have the retarded idea that the Age of Consent and Age of Majority actually means something. It doesn't. The AoC and AoM are arbitrary ages assigned by the government. It's a law, meant to err on the side of caution where children are concerned. Certainly a 17 year old is no "child" by any definition other than the law's, however the government would rather be overly cautious about such things, because they're all idiots.

The law, you see, was set with the intention of defining a certain age when people are mature enough to do certain things. It was not set because of any data showing that this is the actual age when people are mature enough to do certain things. In other words, let's say the AoC is 18. In that case, the government is saying "this is the age that we define as being mature enough for sex." The government is NOT saying "we set it at this age because that's when people are mature enough for sex." Your fat retard friend, like most Americans, is looking at the law from completely the wrong angle.

Thus, we see his mistake. He thinks that because the age of adulthood is set at 18 by the government, this means that adulthood doesn't start until age 18 and nobody under that age is capable of any adult action, feeling, or thought. Well, yippee fucking hooray for the United States government, however, mother nature disagrees. The government is erring WAY on the side of caution by setting their ages far above that of biological maturity. And they enforce this further by infantalizing young people to try to keep them immature until they say it's time for them to be mature. The realiy most people see with regards to the AoC and AoM is an artificial reality created by the law. As stated earlier, the law is creating this reality, the law does not exist as a result of this reality.

By nature's own measure, and by biology's measure, human beings reach maturity when they able to reproduce. That's physical maturity, certainly, but detractors of this idea will quickly point out that just because someone is of healthy breeding age does not mean that they are emotionally mature. At present, they are correct, and this is explictly because the laws and power structures that rule over youth are designed to prevent them from reaching emotional maturity at the same time they reach physical maturity!

Before such laws and power structures existed, I'm sure you're aware that girls were married and starting families as soon as they were capable. The Age of Consent used to be as low as 8 (yes, eight) in many American states. Society didn't collapse in on itself and the girls who married so young didn't suffer a life any more horrible than any other female of the time (which isn't saying much, admittedly). We certainly couldn't do such a thing NOW, though. Oh my damn, if we were to drop the AoC to even as low as 12 in this day and age, you'd have a mass spree of 12yo girls needing counseling! But, why? Why is that true today when it wasn't true 200 years ago? Because the laws and society have created a false reality that stunts the emotional development of young people. It is nature's (evolution's) intent and explicit design that human beings reach emotional maturity and physical maturity at the same fucking time. This is NOT the case in today's world.

During the industrial revolution, people got it into their heads that "childhood" should last much longer than mother nature intended it to last. Don't think this was because of any "help the children" selfless attitude on the part of adults. No, it was because no 30yo man could keep up with a 13 or 14yo on the production lines in factories. Young people have greater stamina, vitality, and a much shorter recovery time from exhaustion and injury. Put simply, the old people were jealous. Young men got all the best jobs because they were the best workers. Women were also jealous, as younger girls got all the best men. Remember: stamina, vitality, etc. All that applied in the bedroom too, lol. So, being envious as they were, the adults of the Industrial age suddenly decided, after 5,000 years of human civilization not giving a shit, that these "children" deserved to "just be kids" and "enjoy their childhood" without having to undergo the "burden" of "adult life" so early on. I'd like to point out that no "kid" ever complained that they were missing out on anything. These "kids" wanted to work and be independant. They did NOT WANT to be "carefree" and dependant upon their elders for longer than neccesary (who the fuck does?).

And so it went. The adults got laws passed to "protect" the poor "innocent children" and, by an amazing coincidence, this also made it illegal to hire young people, the best workers, for any jobs. This worked out very well for the old people, so they kept riding the "protect the children" train all the way into what we have today; a society where children take almost twice as long to reach emotional maturity as they should! A society where the adults have intentionally stunted the growth of their youngers.

Nevertheless, you can only thwart mother nature for so long. While many 12 year olds aren't mature enough to consent to sex or understand what love is (200 years ago, they were more than mature enough for these things), most 16 year olds most certainly ARE mature enough. In fact, the AoC in many U.S. states is 16!

Kindly tell your overweight eastern friend that he's a fucking retard and part of the biggest socially engineered brainwashing scheme in history. The idea that people can't be mature when they're young - that it's impossible - is a complete and utter fabrication. For the most part, they're not mature when they're young, but this is as a result of society being completely full of fucking horseshit and because old people are (and always have been) jealous of the young.

Fuck off, you fat asian retard. Love is easily understood by young people. Often more easily than by older people. Oh, and also, being 31 and dating a 16yo doesn't make someone a pedophile. Do me a favor and go look up the meaning of that word. It defines an obsessive and overwhelming attraction to those who are not capable of reproduction (something for which nature would have little use). Being sexually attracted to a female of breeding age who is in her prime child bearing years is the result of millions of years of evolution and is the very definition of "natural." Thinking that such an attraction is "sick" is a result of decades of human social engineering. Learn not to fucking fail at life, you moron.

All my cancerious loathing,
Lord Galen

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