The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
-Bertrand Russell
Lord Galen
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Seven Year Old Thrown In Jail For Throwing A Tantrum
April 27, 2006

This rant is based on the following news story (Source):

Now, if that doesn't make you sick to your fucking stomach then I don't know what will. How fucking STUPID do you have to be to throw a 7yo in the slammer because he threw a goddamn tantrum?!

I'm talking about the school and the cops and the MORON judge who issued the detention order! Let's take them one at a time, shall we?

To the school

I've worked in an elementary school for long enough now that I've seen every damn thing. I've seen kids throw chairs, kick teachers, slap teachers, threaten to beat up teachers, even saw one little bastard who shit in his pants, then smeared it all over the walls of his classroom because he was pissed at the teacher! None of those kids went to jail and, frankly, it might've done them a little good to at least be threatened with it. Currently, my school has 3 of a deputy sheriff's children attending, so we have convenient access to a cop anytime we want it. We've often had him intimidate kids who were getting out of hand. He goes and threatens to take them to jail and blah blah blah. That's bad enough and, frankly, that's the line right there. Actually INCARERATING a 7yo is WAY over that fucking like, you idiots!

"Oh no no, we didn't do it, we just called--" SHUT THE FUCK UP! You are guilty of sucking at your fucking job! Part of your job is discipline and handling disciplinary problems. I just took a look at the classes required for a degree in Early Childhood Education and I didn't notice any classes about passing the buck to the cops when you don't feel like dealing with misbehaving kids.

To the cops:

What're you, stupid? You get to school and see that the kid is just throwing a tantrum and you waste you time (and everyone's fucking tax dollars) on THIS? Don't you guys have something else you could be doing? Like, I dunno, maybe, STOPPING CRIMES!

BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS, WHATCHA GONNA DO...... I'mma laugh my fucking ass off at these PATHETIC cops, that's what I'm gonna do. No, it's not funny, but I can't help laughing, because any cop who would waste his time booking a 7yo for throwing a tantrum is a really big fucking JOKE!

You stupid cops in this case were guilty of trying to do someone else's job instead of telling them to fuck off and stop calling you for shit that's NOT YOUR BUSINESS!

To the judge:

And finally, I arrive at you, Judge Mark Bebee. For you, I'm awarding a very special prize. See, at least once a year it seems that I find myself giving someone this prize and this year, it goes to you. For outstanding service in the field of idiocy, I present you with the DUMBASS OF THE YEAR award! What the fuck kinda degree do you have that makes you a judge? Lemme guess, you've memorized every single episode of Judging Amy and now feel qualified to "make a difference" by scaring kids straight. Well, congratulations on scarring a kid for life, you sick fuck!

Here's a case for you: Some moron rips a kid out of his mother's arms and then locks him in a cage for days. What's your ruling, dickhead? Yeah, that's right... If ANYBODY ELSE had done EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID it would've been labelled KIDNAPPING and CHILD ABUSE! You are a sick sick fuck who deserves nothing less than death! Yeah, that's right, Mr. Big Bad Judge, I said you deserve to fucking die! Am I threatening you? Nope, not at all. You can put down the phone and not bother trying to have me charged, cuz no, I'm NOT threatening a public official. I'm just saying that while I wouldn't personally waste a perfectly good bullet on you, I wouldn't be saddened to hear that someone else -- God, for example -- got the urge to end your life. Do you smoke, Mark? Do you mind if I call you Mark? Well, I don't fucking care. Anyway, Mark, I sure hope you smoke cuz I'd like nothing better than to have sweet dreams of you hooked up to a breathing machine....

WAIT! I take it back. No, you don't deserve to die. That's too fucking easy. No, instead, I think YOU should be forcefully removed from your family and locked in a cage the next time you lose your temper!

"You're blowing this out of proportion, Galen." Fuck you! Come blow my dick out of proportion, bitch. You locked up a little kid for losing control of his emotions. You just better be thankful it wasn't my child. I'd move out of the state and call you up to tell you to go fuck yourself.

By the way, for anyone who's interested, I did try to find his e-mail address. He is not listed on the page where his contact information should be (been getting nasty e-mails, have we?) The best I can off is the address of the county clerk, Chris Steinlicht. Here ya go: Now, from that, I could *guess* that his address might be OR it could be or something like that. Maybe you guys should inundate his office with e-mails and calls, eh? Oh, calls! Here ya go, Phone: (208)226-7611 - Fax: (208)226-7612. Again, that's for the county clerk. Maybe just call up and ask for the number to Judge Bebee's chambers..... If anyone finds his direct contact info, lemme know.

Now, this is not an isolated story, I'm sorry to say. More and more, kids are being handled by the cops instead of by school administrators. And I'm talking, for stupid reasons. Teachers, do your fucking jobs and leave the cops out of it! Cops, do your fucking jobs and stay OUT of the school buildings! Judges... well, how 'bout you just fucking LEARN to DO your job, ok?

Yeah, I know. I don't know shit about being a cop or a judge or a school administrator. I do, however, know a great deal about kids and temper tantrums. This was a stupid fucking move by a WHOLE LOT of stupid fucking people!

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