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Support Our Troops
January 1, 2006

I meant to write this rant months ago, but I'm just now getting around to it. Back during the summer, my wife's parents came over to visit from South Africa. While we were waiting in the airport terminal we got to witness a lot of troops coming out and being greeted by their loved ones. Every time a soldier came out, the crowd that was there would erupt into applause and shouts of support. Seeing that made me want to write this rant, but recently a high school friend of mine was killed in Iraq (during the fucking Christmas season too!) and that got me thinking about this subject once again. So, I think it's time to write it.

Yes, I'm the first to rip on our troops. I call them a bunch of peasant raping cowards and camel fuckers. I'm sure some of them are, but like any other group of people on the planet, there are good people mixed in there right along with the assholes. And those good people certainly do deserve your fucking respect.

Do I like the reason they're over there? Nope. Do I think they should be there? Nope. Am I some uber-patriotic zombie screaming "we should support the troops because Heir Bush says so?" Hell fucking NO! But here's the thing: The troops are over their because they have no choice. They enlisted and that's where they've been sent. Even if they don't agree with the war in Iraq, they still have to be there. And so they're there, serving their fucking ungrateful country by obeying the orders of a moron. It's not right and it's not fair, but it's also not *their* fault!

So, absolutely, you should support the troops. That doesn't mean supporting the bullshit war they're fighting or "the cause." It just means that you want them to come home safely and that you appreciate them for risking their fucking lives every damn day. And you should appreciate them even moreso because of the fact that their risking their lives for this pointless war! What the fuck are they supposed to do, just tell the President "Sorry, but this war's bullshit, so I'mma sit this one out." Riiiight, and watch how fast they get court martialed.

You can support the troops without supporting the war. It's that fucking simple, so shut the hell up and do it!

This rant is dedicated to the memory of Billy Taylor

Killed in the line of duty, 11/30/2005

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