Thou shalt hold nothing above reason and logic.
-The 1st Commandment of Lord Galen
Lord Galen
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Stereotyping: The Official Disclaimer
July 21, 2006

This is my official disclaimer to link to so that I don't have to repeat myself 500 million times to idiots whose favorite debating tactic is "you're stereotyping, you're stereotyping!"

Let it be known that, YES I AM!!!

When I say "Rednecks are ignorant" or "Ageists are stupid" or "vegetarians are retarded" or anything along those lines, I certainly know that there are rednecks who aren't ignorant, ageists who aren't stupid, and vegetarians who aren't retarded. I fucking REFUSE to qualify every single generalized statement I make with an assload of fine print just to satisfy your politically correct idiocy!


More to the point, I'm generalizing because when I'm busy making a point and owning your stupid ass, I'm not going to break my stride to write "Of course, this doesn't apply to all insert group. We all know that there are insert group who don't insert stereotype."

I fucking know that! We ALL know that! And, yes, YOU know it too and you fucking KNOW that I know it! You're just trying to be a smartass little prick when you know good and goddamn well that the fine print is IMPLIED when not stated!

Now, to anyone who has said "Galen, you're stereotyping" well a big fucking DUH to you, asshole! OF COURSE I AM!

Just as an experiment and visual aid to show you how I truly feel, let's put a few things in my life in proper perspective on the good 'ol scale of 1 to 10.

Wife: 10
Children: 10
Meg: 10
Family: 10
Friends: 7
Your Opinion: 1
Your Feelings: 1
Your Crybaby Whining About Stereotyping: –2,539,260,524

That's negative two billion, five hundred thirty-nine million, two hundred sixty thousand, five hundred and twenty four, you fucking moldy cock biter!

Get the fucking picture, jackass? Now go cry on your mommy's shoulder, shut the fucking hell up, and leave me alone, you uber PC fucking moron!

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