With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.
-Steven Weinberg
Lord Galen
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Final Word On Religion
June 10, 2006

I have written several rants dealing with my personal religious beliefs, however they are all bullshit. Really. It's time a come clean and admit that very little of anything I've ever posted on this website truly defines my religious beliefs. It is time that I set the record straight.

My religion of choice is Galenism. That's right, I'm a Galenite; I worship myself, and so should you. No, I don't mean you should worship yourself, I mean you need to be worshipping ME!

Let's get this straight. I AM YOUR GOD! I have said it many times before, but it's time that I dedicated an entire rant to the concept because I don't think some of you are really listening.

You see, I am not a moron like most of you. I am, frankly, superior in almost every way to almost all of you. The vast majority of human beings are pathetic, mindless, robotic little ass-grabbing trolls who don't give a second thought to the "big picture" nor do they care. This is assuming that you have the intelligence needed to even comprehend the "big picture" of things, which is a great over-estimation for most of you.

Most of humanity truly believes that petty insignifcant things like gender, race, sexual orientation, age, etc. actually hold some meaning. Anyone who ascribes any value to any such trait has immediately proven themselves to be MY INFERIOR!

Most of humanity also truly believes that their "feelings" are of some significance. They aren't. The moment you base your decisions, beliefs, life choices, actions, etc. on your menial little emotions, you have proven yourself to be MY INFERIOR!

Your words, your feelings, your beliefs, your pathetic little opinions are nothing to me. You are all insignificant compared to the greatness of Lord Galen!

All this self-fanfare is just paving for the real meat of this rant. People have often call me a Maddox rip-off, and now I have decided that I should've actually been MORE of a Maddox rip-off; at least in one area. Maddox has never written anything about religion and I think he had the right idea. Henceforth, I shall never again write another word about religion - except Galenism. My goal on this site is to try to make people LESS stupid by at least making them THINK a little bit. Sadly, it seems that absolutely anything having to do with religion at all has the opposite effect. Religious people, agnostics, atheists, and everything in between are all fucking idiots who lose all sense of intelligence when religion is brought up as a topic. No matter what your personal beliefs are, you are not capable of discussing them - any of you - without becoming even more stupid than you were to start with.

So, in the interests of not lowering the collective IQ of the human race even further into negative numbers, I'm calling a halt to all religious rants on SnipeMe. I will write no more and I will not publish any Guest Rant on the subject. Naturally, if people still want to discuss religion on the forum, that's fine, but I will have no part of it. Religion (the topic at least) just seems to make people stupid and that is anathema to my goals here.

So, what ARE my *true* religious beliefs? You will never know. Suffice to say, they change almost daily. I have no part of organized religion (dogmatic mind control that it is). I do *have* spiritual and/or religious beliefs, yes, but they are my own concern, not yours. For now, all you need to know is that I am your one true god and you will worship ME - at least on the Internet. Who or what you devote yourself to in the real world is of no concern to me. Reach Nirvana or burn in fucking Hell for all I care!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from Lord Galen. To recap: Your religion sucks (whatever it is), unless it's Galenism!

PS - My wife says I'm going to Hell for writing this. HAHAHA!

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