Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers.
-George Carlin
Lord Galen
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Playing The Race Card
October 2, 2006

A few nights ago, I was watching the news (which I rarely do) and they had a story on about some big drug bust. The cops all went in and arrested the people who ran like 20 or 30 different crack houses. Well, they showed this one guy who was supposedly the main dude who ran all the drug traffic in the area. His only comment to the media: "They just wanna lock me up cuz I'm a black man. Just wanna get the black man." Uh, no, they're locking you up because you BROKE THE FUCKING LAW, asshole!

I'm sick of this shit, so listen up you fucking Malcolm X wannabe's! You know what would be nice? If you'd step up to the plate like a self-respecting man and take some fucking responsibility for your actions! The white man didn't make you go out and sell drugs. The white man didn't make you climb the ladder all the way up to being a fucking local drug lord. The white man didn't choose your life for you; YOU CHOSE your own path in life! It would be nice, just once, to hear one of you fucking losers say "Yeah, I did it and they caught me, now I just gotta live with it." That's the way it is, bitch! You wanna break the law? Fine, break the fucking law, but be prepared to pay for it when they catch you.

I like to call this the "Malcolm X Syndrome" because that's where it came from. While Martin Luther King Jr. (a truly great man) was standing up preaching peace, love, and brotherhood for all mankind, that fucking asshole X was off to the side screaming about how the white man keeps the black man down and how evil the white man is. Yeah, way to go genius, I'm sure that MORE racism is exactly what was needed to fix the problem of racism in America. Stuping Fucker! You and that asshole Farakahn (or however you spell it). The "Nation of Islam" in America is nothing but a nation of pathetic racist little shits!

So, I think it's about time that the black men and women of this country come off that shit. You don't get peace with hatred, period! Oh yeah, I know it feels good. Sure, the white race DID keep your people oppressed for a very long time; nobody's saying they didn't. And there are still racist white assholes running around too; no doubt. So, I'm sure it feels good to hate the people who hate you. But, here's the thing: MOST white folks don't hate you anymore! For all the bad things that can be said about "Generation X" one of the good things is that we grew up knowing that racism was wrong and that if our parents and grandparents were racists that they were wrong for it. This hatred that black people have toward whites is based on the automatic assumption that we hate you to begin with. It simply isn't true anymore; not for the vast majority of white people. And, hell, even most of the white people who are still racists realize that it's wrong and keep it to themselves.

So, how about we call an end to the "race card" being every minority's ace in the hole? If you get busted for selling drugs, it's not because you're black. Shit, even if the cops DID bust you because you're black, YOU are still the one who gave them an excuse to bust your dumb ass in the first place, idiot! Way to prove the "white devil" wrong about you, ya fuckin' moron! Why don't you just go throw a fuckin' noose around your neck and pick some cotton, if all the fuck you're gonna do for your people is to help ENFORCE racist stereotypes?! See, dickhead, the race card really can't be pulled out when you ARE a racist stereotype yourself!

Let's be real here. The REAL fucking purpose of the race card is to avoid taking responsibility for yourself. Some white woman doesn't want to fuck you, it's "because I'm a black man." Yeah, there ya go, pull out that fuckin' race card so that YOU don't have to DEAL with the fact that maybe you're just fucking ugly and she doesn't wanna fuck you! Some white guy doesn't hire you for a job, it's "because I'm black." That's right, it has absolutely nothing to do with you not being qualified for the job! Some white-devil-pig cops arrest you, it's GOT to be "because I'm a black man, they just wanna get the black man." It surely has nothing to do with the fucking crack house you've been running for the last 6 years.

The Race Card is just a fucking excuse used by lazy stupid motherfuckers to avoid taking responsibility for anything. No-count punk-ass black folks AND ignorant ass rednecks who can't accept that they're just not great people. Fuck them.

Oh yeah, it's not just black people, not by a fucking longshot! I've heard so many goddamn hicks bitch about how they can't get a job "because I'm white... damn niggers run everything." FUCK YOU! You can't get a job because you're trailer trash, you stupid fuck!

Nobody has any right to use the race card. It shouldn't even exist. Use it and you're automatically qualified as a fucking loser. Period.

The Race Card

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