Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.
-Anne Frank
Lord Galen
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Leave MySpace Alone
May 13, 2006

All over the media, the word is out. Teenagers have "social networking sites" like MySpace, LiveJournal, etc. Of course, the word that's out from the media isn't good (is it ever?). What we're hearing is that MySpace allows kids to talk about things that adults don't want them talking about. They're saying, thinking, and doing things that adults find "inappropriate" for them. That's all well and good, but then like all things that interfere with a parent's absolute and total dominance over their children's lives, this one got slapped with the classic label: DANGER TO KIDS!

Yup, that's right. Didn't you know? is a very dangerous place for kids. There's all kinds of "sexual talk" there (unlike, say, the halls of every single high school in America). They're posting risque pics of themselves (as opposed to playing strip poker at the all-girls (*cough*bullshit) slumber party at Jenny's house). Why, my God in Heaven, they're even.... make sure you're sitting for this one.... they're even.... using foul language (gasp, scream, run for the hills at the horror of it).

And my sarcastic little point is? Right. It's that they're not doing a goddamn thing on MySpace that they haven't been doing already for the last 50 fucking years. The only difference is that now it's out in the open on the Internet for all the world to see. Well, it's about fucking time. Personally, I'd much rather read my daughter's MySpace page and know who she's talking dirty to and promising handjobs to, than to just have to sit there like a dumbfuck going "My girl's a sweet little angel, she'd never do anything like that" the way the vast majority of parents do, as they sit there every second of every fucking day somehow managing to defy all logic by convincing themselves that the "teenage stuff" they remember isn't "teenage stuff" in THEIR teen's life. Riiiiight. Get a fucking clue.

Oh, but if only this were the end of it. Oh no, I'm afraid not. Now, like any other "bad for kids" thing that doesn't get enough attention by its own merits, it's now be slapped with yet another label: PREDATOR CENTRAL!

Yes, that's right. Now, after about 15 of MySpace's 70,000+ users have run off with grown men (usually voluntarily), this has somehow qualified MySpace as a hotbed of sexual predators just lying in wait for some innocent 14yo to post her tits online and say "OMG, I totally want some hot 45yo to come whip out his dick for me right now!!!!111!!!" Cuz we know THAT happens all the time....

Seriously though. Why is it that every social outlet kids have that parents don't like suddenly becomes the new favorite place for pedophiles to hang out? I mean, does one of them go running into alt.kidfuckers to make an announcement?

<pedo_news101> OMG, GUYS! There's a new place that parents totally fucking hate! Let's go hang out there instead!
<reshdad5320> Killer! I'm there.
<uncle_popup> What's it called?
<pedo_news101> MySpace!
<freshdad5320> What? That lame ass site....
<b4the1stperiod> No way dude, I think he's right. I've totally heard that parents hate the place now cuz kids are like posting cuss words and bikini pics.
<pedo_news101> Absolutely! They'll never see us coming!
<uncle_popup> They don't see me cum anyway, they're too OLD. har har har.
<freshdad5320> LOL OMG. OWNED!
<freshdad5320> But really, let's get over there quick!
<pedo_news101> Yeah, quick, before they figure out that we'd never know about these places if it weren't for their big fucking mouths.
<b4the1stperiod> Haha, really.

Really, is that what you morons think goes on? And don't - PLEASE DON'T - miss the not so subtle point in there. If there really ARE frickin' perverts crawling around MySpace, it's because YOU JACKASSES went on the news talking about all the perverted teenagers you saw there! Why don't you just throw up a goddamn billboard saying "PEDOPHILES WANTED - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - PARENTS WILL GIVE ALL INFORMATION ON CONTACT." Stupid fuckers!

Here's the facts, you shit-eating cock blockers. There are tens of thousands of teenagers on MySpace and only a fraction (around 1% actually) have been "abducted" by adult men. In reality, most of those girls ran off to meet these guys *willingly.* The odds of a teenager getting abducted or raped because of is A LOT LESS than the odds of them getting raped in their own home or in the home of someone YOU TRUST. See 2004's Stranger Danger rant for the facts and statistics on this shit.

I'm not surprised though. When 81% of all child abuse is perpetrated by the parents themselves, it's no surprise that parents want to keep the power and control they have over their children and, in fact, tighten that death grip. It's simple fucked-up-child-abuser economics, my friends. As the fear of child abuse increases, the public (mostly parents - the main ones who abuse kids in the first place) increase their demands for more power and control over the lives of their children. As they get more control, child abuse increases. As child abuse increases.... etc, etc, ad infinitum. And YOU, the general fucking public, are TOO STUPID to see it happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING FACE!!!!!

I've read quite a few MySpace Blogs where kids talk about being abused at home. Why doesn't this get national media coverage? HMM?! Why the hell doesn't child abuse by the parents register on anyone's Give-A-Fuck meter?!

So here's the way things look from the viewpoint of someone who actually know the facts and figures concerning child abuse: Eighty-one percent of child abuse is done by parents. Society sees anything that takes away a parent's absolute control over their children as bad. allows kids to express themselves and have a life outside of parental control. MySpace is therefore bad because it undermines the abusers' main method of abuse (dominance). The only logical conclusion I can reach is that society WANTS children to be abused; otherwise, why would they protect the abusers and give them more power with which to abuse their offspring?

Ah, but that's really not the only logical conclusion. I almost wish it was, cuz that would be easier to fight than the real cause. The real cause of all this is that you're just fucking ignorant morons who're too damn lazy and stupid to be bothered with the truth. Hey, why look at the "traditional American family" when some "evil pedophile boogeyman" is SO much easier to hate? Why, you can pass laws to deal with your imaginary enemy all day long and never once have to look YOURSELF in the mirror or lose any sleep, since you never actually bothered to learn that you're only aiding in the abuse of more and more children.

You're all goddamn child abusers. That's right, YOU. If you support pointless feel-good laws that "keep kids in line" to the benefit of their parents' authority, then you're a fucking child abuser. You might as well go drop your pants and stick it to a 3yo, cuz you're the one making it possible for others to do so with impunity. You sick fuck!

And what do I mean by "laws" you ask? The whole thing that set off this fucking rant is this: The War On MySpace

That's right. Assholes are trying to pass a fucking FEDERAL LAW to restrict kids' level of access to MySpace (as well as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, online forums, etc). Oh, of course, it's to "protect" them. From what, might I ask? From imaginary boogeymen? From the adults that 1% may seek out willingly or meet by chance? Or, more likely, it's to protect them from being able to get even a centimeter of their minds out from under the thumb of their parents.

I'll say it again: Support this, and you're a fucking accomplice to every beating, neglectful act, and sexual assault that these parents do to their kids.

In closing, I'd just like to point out that this is not an anti-parent rant. Not all parents are like that, but you still can't ignore it when 81% of all the child abusers in the country are the parents of their victims. HOW can you fucking ignore that? I sure as hell wish someone had an answer....

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