Insanity in individuals is something rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.
Lord Galen
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Mohammed, Muhammed, What-the-fuck-EVER!
April 14, 2006

Look, I know I'm months behind on the whole Mohammed cartoon thing. Frankly, I don't really give a flying fuck about it. But, watching the Mohammed episode of South Park, it occurred to me that I shouldn't pass up the chance to piss off radical Muslim extremists, just because the topic bores the fucking hell out of me.

So, better late than never, here are the Mohammed cartoons for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure you've seen them already on half a million "blogs" but frankly, I just wanna make sure I'm a clear target too when the Jihad starts.




And just in case there are any radical nutjob extremist Muslims visiting this site... what the fuck are you doing here? Don't you fucking know that Allah will FUCKING STRIKE YOU DEAD for reading this page?! I promote freedom for women and, y'know, like not beating them to death for having an orgasm and shit like that. You holy law commands that you go pour acid in your eyes RIGHT FUCKING NOW to burn out the sinful words and images of this page. DO IT! Mohammed commands it! I know, because I asked him:

There you have it, absolute proof that is condemned by the Muslim faith...... or at least the part of it that's packed with morons. Hey, there's something Muslims and Christians have in common! Both religions have nutjobs that condemn me! Maybe my new slogan should be " building the bridges of peace and tolerance."

If you're NOT a whackjob Muslim, but just a regular Muslim who believes in peace and all that, good for you, but would you please condemn my site too? I'm going for a perfect batting average here!

So far, my site is condemned by Bess (N2H2), Websense, some chick who lost someone in Iraq, an anti-gay group, radical Christians, and now hopefully, radical Muslims.

"Well we movin' on up! Mooovin' on up!"

Heh, but seriously though. Fuck you guys.

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