A tax-supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state
-Isabel Paterson
Lord Galen
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Mel Gibson: Jew Hating Fucktard
August 3, 2006

Just on the off chance that you've been living in a fucking cave and haven't heard about this shit, here's a quick rundown. Mel Gibson got pulled over for speeding at like 2 in the morning. Turns out he was speeding cuz he was drunk off his ass. He gets out of his car and starts ranting at the cops about all the "fucking Jews" and how "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

Good, now that that's out of the way, let's go ahead and establish a few things right from the start.

( 1 ) No matter what he says or how many fucking PR apologies he makes, he's STILL a fucking anti-semitic bastard!

( 2 ) This shouldn't surprise anyone. Gibson's dad is a somewhat public figure as an adamant Holocaust denier. I've heard clips of the man talking about this shit and, frankly, to a kid growing up under that influence, the shit would sound damn convincing.

( 3 ) I hereby retract my previous statements about the Passion of the Christ. After Gibson has now revealed his true colors, there's just no fucking way that movie wasn't his own subtle anti-Jew tirade. I admit to being mistaken in my original appraisal of this movie. Proof positive that I am only a god, not the God.

So fuck him. His career is done. It's over, there's no tomorrow. Sounds like the end of the rant, doesn't it? Oh, you fucking wish! I have two major fucking gripes with this bullshit that I don't really hear anybody else bringing up.

First of all, what is the big excuse for him saying all these things? That's right, he was drunk. Drunk and driving a fucking car. I think I've made my feelings about drunk drivers pretty fucking clear in the past and, really, I figured that most people agreed with me on at least this one thing. Apparently not. Everybody's all "OH NOES, Braveheart pwn3d teh j00z!" like it's the worst fucking thing he did that night! IT WASN'T! Sure, being a racist fucking scumbag is a shitty thing, but everyone is focusing on that and virtually IGNORING the fact that this fucking asshole was operating a vehicle drunk as fucking hell! Seriously, fuck his retarded little comments; they mean jack fucking shit when compared to how he endangered who-the-fuck-knows how many innocent lives! He insulted the Jewish community? WAAAAH! How 'bout giving a flying fuck about all the innocent lives he put into mortal danger? Hmm?! Why don't you stop being a fucking offended little pussy long enough to give a goddamn about all the people he almost FUCKING KILLED that night?! Oh, but I forgot, we can't be running around worried about human lives when someone's just been offended!

As an addendum to this, please allow me to point out the fact that there's video floating around the Web of Mel Gibson just a few hours before all this shit went down. He was drunk off his ass with skanky bitches hanging all over him. Way to be a pious Catholic family man, you fucking hypocrite! What a sleaze!

My last bitch about this is going to just piss everyone off, but so fucking what. I've been called a racist for telling black people to go fuck themselves and stop whining. I've been called a traitor to "my own people" - whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean - for telling whites to shut the fuck up and stop their bitching. I've been called a fundie for having Christian beliefs. I've been told I'm not a real Christian by the "real Christians." I've even been called an evil spirit who lurks on the Internet preying on the souls of teenagers. Oh, and let's not forget being called a pedophile for supporting sex education and not hating homosexuals. Wait, one more, can't forget that Fred Phelps himself once told me that I'm going straight to Hell and nothing will save me (admittedly, this was after I e-mailed him to tell him that he's bat-shit insane and should seek professional help). Now, to add to my repertoire, I'll be called an anti-Semite right along with old Mel, cuz I'm about to tell the Jews to stop their fucking blubbering.

What Gibson said and did was wrong, no doubt about it. He's a fucking racist piece of trash that doesn't deserve the shit from a retarded kid's underwear. HOWEVER... He doesn't owe anyone a fucking apology for anything. What he did is called Freedom of Speech and this wonderful principal allows even racist fucks like him to say whatever the fuck they want. The man is entitled to his opinion. If he wants to hate Jews then, hey, that's his fucking business! In this country, Mel Gibson has as much right to be a Jew-hating enema bag as you have to praise the name of Moses!

That's right, I fucking said it! Mel Gibson is entitled to be a Jew-hating prick! It's freedom of belief and if he believes that the Jews all suck and that they're responsible for every war, he has a fundamental RIGHT to that belief! This dude's putting out apology's and trying to kiss the Jewish community's ass from coast to coast - and for what?! He doesn't owe any of you a fucking apology.

Oh, but the Jews were oh so offended! Y'know what, fuck the Jews! Nobody ever told them or anyone else that they're entitled to go through life without being offended.

"Oh snap, Galen said fuck the Jews! He's an anti-Semite!" Whatever, douchebag. I've given a big hardy "fuck you!" to everybody else, why not Jews too? I'm not insulting their religion or their people, I'm insulting their fucking egotistical attitude that says "Mel offended us, he owes us something." Fuck you, he doesn't owe you a goddamn thing for believing what he believes, even though what he believes happens to be fucking stupid. This isn't just the Jews or the blacks or the whites or anybody in particular, it's ALL OF YOU. Just because someone's personal beliefs happen to be dickheaded and pisses you off, does NOT mean you're owed a fucking apology or anything else!


Personally, I'd like to kick him in the fucking balls for saying that stupid racist shit. He should've kept it to himself, but he didn't, and really he's not required to. He has free speech and just because I don't like what's being said and the Jews don't like what's being said doesn't mean he can't be allowed to say it or that he should be reprimanded for saying it. Freedom of Speech is an ABSOLUTE, not something you pick and choose.

So what would be nice is if all the Jewish people reading this would fucking stop their cry-baby whining and just deal with the fact that some people fucking hate them! Shit, if I got this worked up about people hating me, I'd have dropped dead years ago!

So, let's recap this rant for the retarded people who always skip to the end for me to sum it up briefly:

A - Mel Gibson is a fucking racist dirtbag and his career is now over. Good, fuck him!

B - Mel driving drunk is vastly worse than Mel insulting someone!

C - Despite him being a retarded dickhole, the dude still has Freedom of Speech and the freedom to believe (and say) stupid shit about the Jews all day long whether we like it or not.

We clear on this? Before sending me hate mail, do try reading the rest of the site and educate yourself to the fact that I'm the single most anti-racist person you'll ever meet. Being so anti-racist, I'm not about to spare the Jewish community or any damn body else the tongue lashing they're due just because it might make me look bad. NOT saying shit to a particular group just because they *are* a particular group IS racism, you cunt! Lord Galen is, if nothing else, an equal opportunity asshole. Everybody gets a bucket full of rage here at SnipeMe; no fucking exceptions!

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