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"Nigger, nigger, nigger!" --Michael Richards
November 28, 2006

Well, what the fuck can ya say about Kramer's racist fucking meltdown? Only thing I can think to say is "LOL PWN3D!" Yeah, that's right, little Mikey, you dumbfuck, you fucking owned yourself! That's pretty fucking sad and pathetic.

First of all, I do wanna say that Richards is exactly the kind of person that I would like to see die a horrible Princess Diana type death so that I can laugh at it. No, I don't mean because he's a racist (though that's surely deserving of at least a Chris Farley death). I'm referring to the fact that he is a fucking moron. Yup, the thorns in my side (the idiots of the world) can now proudly proclaim their latest celebrity member. Michael Richards, welcome to The Fucktard Club! You're now part of an elite group of people that extends from the President of the United States, Mr. George W. Bush, right down to the little people like my pal Crimson_Might

Mikey should understand that this isn't just any 'ol elitist club of stupid people. Hell no, you could just go sign up at 4chan or YTMND if that's what you're looking for! Oh no, The Fucktard Club is special (no, REALLY, they're "special"). They are the Anti-MENSA of the world!

You see, being a racist sleaze automatically makes you an idiot. No other special requirements, that's it, hands down. If you're a racist, then you ARE a fucking retard of note. But, oh no, that's not good enough for an ambitious guy like Richards! Shit, that guy had to up the ante. Instead of just being a plain old racist enema bag, he threw common fucking sense out the window and decided to go PUBLIC with his racism. Yes, standing on a stage in a comedy club that sits in well-known gang territory and shouting "nigger, nigger, nigger!" at some black guys in the audience is something that qualifies you as being EXTREMELY fucking stupid to the nth degree!

Now, as a consequence of him being stupid, we're seeing a backlash of other retards demanding an apology. Poor 'ol Kramer having to stand up there with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton and apologize for being an idiot. Like I said, "LOL PWN3D!"

Goddamn right, Mikey! I know you think they're just stupid little ape-people or whatever it is they're teaching at Klan rallies these days, but the truth of the matter is that I doubt there's a black person alive who's fucking stupid enough to buy your lame ass apology. I may be wrong. I've constantly underestimated just how low the average person's IQ really is, but in this case... eh, you're fucked.

But, frankly, there's an aspect to this whole fiasco that seriously pisses me off even more than Kramer being stupid enough to do a public service announcement for the Nazi Party. And that aspect, believe it or not, is everyone's reactions and what's being called for.

First of all, the guy is being strongarmed into running around apologizing to everyone. Here's a good question: What the fuck for?! The man's a bigot and a moron, we've established that. So, what, he's gonna apologize for being HIMSELF? Yeah, I think he should be shot into the sun, but I DON'T think he should have to apologize. Sure, his views are stupid and ignorant, but this is America, asshole! Here, everybody has the fucking RIGHT to be stupid and ignorant! He is what he is and instead of apologizing, he should stand up and say "Yeah, I'm a racist. Don't like it? Fuck you." The bastard should ADMIT to being what he is! Yeah, what he is "offends" people, but you know what, nobody ever fucking told anybody that they have a right to go through life without being offended.

What's that? The mean racist man called you a "nigger" and you're offended?

FUCKING GROW UP! People don't like you? People hate your entire race? That sucks and, I mean it, they're goddamn idiots, but they're a part of life and they have a right to think and feel however the fuck they want. So do you. You wanna hate Michael Richard's fucking guts for saying "the 'n' word" then fine, do it, hate his guts! You wanna throw some racism back at him and call him a cracka-ass honkey trailer park tit-baby yuppie motherfucker, FINE! DO IT! What you DON'T get to do is demand that someone apologize because they hurt your fucking feelings or even because they've insulted an entire race. If he wants to be a bigoted shithead and hate every person of color, that's his fucking business. Admittedly, he kinda made it your business by throwing it right in people's faces like that, which is of course what gained him entry into The Fucktard Club, because he's, well, a fucktard.

Here's my point. In order to be even remotely racist, a person has to be a fucking ignorant jackass to begin with. Why do you CARE that a dumbass cunt hates your race? *I* don't hate your race, and that's all that matters. Well, I mean, I do, but that's just the standard hate that everybody gets. What I mean is that I don't target black people specifically. And, hey, as long as I'm not hating you, you're good! Michael Richards is a dumbass. Got it? He's a fucking retard and therefore his opinion is the opinion of someone who doesn't have brains enough to pick his nose without help. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HE HATES YOU BECAUSE HE'S TOO STUPID TO HAVE A LEGITIMATE OPINION ON ANYTHING!!! That's right, his opinion is illegitimate; it's a bastard. So fuck him, fuck his bastard no-count opinion, fuck every shit-eatin' redneck cunt who thinks you're a "nigger," give 'em all the fucking finger and go on your way knowing that they're completely full of shit and not worth your time! YOU ARE TOO FAR ABOVE A RACIST TO BE BOTHERED WITH THEM! That's the mindset you need to have, damnit! THAT is taking pride in who you are. Doing a double-take and going "that motherfucker should apologize" isn't showing that you have pride, it's showing that you're insecure about who you are.

In closing, I can't leave this rant without mentioning the main 2 fucktards that Kramer's having to apologize to. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Just where in the FLYING FUCKING HELL do those two get off even considering hearing an apology from someone who's nowhere near as racist as they are?! Seriously Jackson and Sharpton are two of the most racist men walking this fucking earth and they have a lot of goddamn nerve talking about how racist Richards is and demanding an "apology." Jesse, 'ol boy, where the fuck is YOUR apology for all the anti-semitic shots you've taken over the years? What, you think you're better than Kramer cuz you only hate Jews and white people? Fuck you, you hypocrite. You're worse than Kramer. Same to you Sharpton, you fuck. How 'bout both of you join hands with Michael Richards, you can all 3 skip merrily down to Baskin Robins, buy yourselves 2 chocolate cones and 1 vanilla cone, ride an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, dance around the roof eating your ice cream singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" then run over to the edge and JUMP THE FUCK OFF, YOU RACIST CUNTS!!!

So, Lord Galen's opinion stands firm. Racists don't deserve the air they breathe, but they ARE entitled to their bullshit opinions. Nobody owes anybody a fucking apology. You should all just be who you are, hate who you want and, hey, if you hate somebody then don't fuck 'em. That's the best advice you could ask for.

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