Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.
-Anne Frank
Lord Galen
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Incest Exemptions
September 9, 2006

Welcome to story time with Lord Galen. Today, I have two different but similiar stories to tell. So, cuddle up in a blanket, stoke the fire and let's get started.

Story #1: Once upon a time, there was a man named Bob. Bob was a fucking pervert. One day, he saw this 10 year old girl walking to school and thought to himself "Holy shit, look at that ass! I gotta hit that shit!" So, Bob came back later that day when school let out. He snatched little Suzie off the side of the road and drove to a dark alley with her. There, Bob raped little Suzie in the ass and then kicked her out of his car. Thankfully, Bob was a moron and didn't cover his tracks very well. The police tracked him down mere hours after Suzie's parents reported the crime. Bob was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Story #2: Once upon a time there was a man named Dave. Dave was a frustrated angry drunk involved in a bad marriage. At night when he came home drunk, his wife didn't want shit to do with him. Even though Dave wasn't a pedophile, he still found that his 10 year old daughty Emily was the next best thing. After all, little girl or not, she was a convenient place to stick his dick and it's not like Dave really fucking cared. So every night for years, Dave stuck it to his daughter while mommy popped pills and tried to pretend it wasn't happening. Eventually, Emily told her teacher and her daddy Dave was arrested. Even though Dave's lawyer was only half-assed, even he knew the trick to this case. He plea bargained Dave down to only a charge of Incest. Dave was sentenced to 10 years probation. The End.

Weren't those wonderful stories? Tune in again next time when Lord Galen might try his hand at some fiction instead.

Oh, what's that? You thought I was just fucking with you? Nope, sadly, I wasn't. Most states in the U.S. have "incest exemptions" on their books, which allows child molesters who are related to their victims by blood or marriage to escape prison time. It's simple really. Child molestation is a damn hard crime to prove and prosecuters don't like losing. It looks bad on their record, you see. So, while they may originally charge a molesting dad with "Child sexual assualt," "Rape of a child," and "Incest" they will eventually allow the douchebag to plead down to a simple misdemeanor charge of "Incest" so that they can put that case into their "win" column. Hey, don't want him walking free right? Daddy rapes and molests his little girl for years and years, but now at least he'll be "severely punished" with some damn intense probation. Hell, maybe even a few thousand hours of community service. If we're lucky, the bastard might even spend a few years in jail. What great prosecuters! Everybody wins!

Except the child.

As I've already demonstrated in my Stranger Danger rant, parents make up 81% of all perpetrators of child abuse (including sexual abuse), while total strangers make up about 2% of all child abuse nationwide (with the other 17% being family friends or someone else the child knows). That being the case, can anyone tell me just why the FUCK family abusers can fucking GET OFF EASY with little more than a slap on the wrist?!

So basically, if you has any aspirations to be a fucking shitbag child molester, make damn sure you rape your own kids cuz that's less prison time, REGARDLESS of the fact that it's the kind of rape that happens THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME!

Parents molest their kids more than strangers molest kids (WAY more), so let's punish parents less severely. Hey, what a brilliant idea! YOU FUCKING SCUMBAG ASSHOLES!

What pieces of fucking shit. How fucking stupid do you have to be? As of this writing, I am only aware of ONE state (California) that is attempting to address this dangerous loophole in the law. And yeah, it's a loophole. I'm not saying that everybody who rapes their own kids is gonna go free, fuck no. But the loophole exists and it HAS gotten lots of people off the fucking hook.

What a goddamn sick world we live in, y'know. Daddy can rape little Emily all night long and if she runs away Daddy can call the cops and they'll deliver poor Emily right back. God forbid that Emily should have any fucking rights - Oh, unless she's raped by a total stranger of course. THEN everybody's all about Emily's "right to say no." Fuck you. Where was her right to say no when it was daddy doin' the pumpin', you sick fucking bitch?!

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear something about some evil pedophile doing who-the-fuck-knows what to a kid and that pervert gets hit in the face with all the law has to throw at him (and rightly fucking so!). But statistics show us the FACT that these sickos make up less than 2% of all total child abuse nationwide. WHY aren't we hearing about the 81% of that damage that's done by parents to their own children and WHY THE FUCK does that 81% get a loophole that allows them to virtually escape punishment?!

Get the fuck over the stranger danger bullshit, NOW! Parents, coast to coast, are molesting their kids and GETTING AWAY WITH IT! Why? Because we're too fucking scared to look in the mirror, that's why! Oh no, it's much more convenient to blame "sicko pervert pedophiles" and other "dirty old men" who lurk around playgrounds than it is to admit that the TRADITIONAL AMERICAN FAMILY IS THE MUCH BIGGER FUCKING PROBLEM! We all have something invested in that, y'see. Oh we all either come from a "family" or we love the ideal of "the great American family." We don't WANT to look that ideal in the face and realize that it's FUCKED UP.

I don't have any answer for this. Really. We can't just dissolve families, but what to do.... Oh wait, I DO have an answer. The Youth Rights movement! Maybe, just maybe, if children weren't the fucking property of their parents, then child abuse BY parents wouldn't be the huge fucking cancer that it is now! Oh yeah, it's a cancer - the silent killer. That's exactly what it is. It's silent because nobody talks about it.

Really, in a country where children are little more than personal possessions (by law), it shouldn't be that surprising that we have "incest exemptions." Hey, they're your kids, fuck 'em if you want, but how DARE anyone else think they can do that! That about right, you sick fucks?

Take a good hard look in the mirror. If you're a parent who's not abusing your kids, good for you, but look in that mirror and realize that you have the power to do so and you might not even be punished too badly for it if you get caught. Now, you would never abuse your kids, sure, but think about some of the other parents you know.... They have that same power. Will they use it or not? Are you getting just a little more nervous now? Think about every parent in the country. They all have that same power to abuse their kids with near impunity. Even though you wouldn't molest your son or daughter, can you say the same for every other parent in America? With that in mine, don't you think that maybe none of you should have ever had that kind of power in the first place? Isn't it about time that power got taken away?

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Child Abuse Reform Enforcement (C.A.R.E.) Act of 1999

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