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Illegal Immigrants - Who Fucking Cares?
April 14, 2006

For decades now people have been whining and pissing themselves over what to do about "illegal immigrants" and now we've got idiots marching about immigrant rights and then more idiots in D.C. bitching about immigrant rights and it all keeps going around and around in a circle until we all get dizzy and puke.

So here's my stance on illegal aliens: I don't give a fuck and neither should you.

"They'll fuck up the economy!" No they won't, you douche. They're PART of the economy! That's right, dickhead, they're as much a part of this country's economic food chain as you are. Gt rid of illegal immigrants and you can kiss your cushy little tax bracket GOOD-BYE! Why? Because they're the bottom of the barrel economically speaking. They do shit that nobody else would ever dream of doing, but it's shit that's gotta get done anyway. You ever play Jenga? You know what happens when you grab all 3 of the bottom blocks and just yank them out? That's right, crack whore, the whole fucking thing falls down! Now, what do you think will happen if we start fucking around with the bottom blocks of our economy?

"But, they're trying to take over!" So? You ignorant little bedpan licking morons always shout that like I'm supposed to fucking care! SHUT UP! They're not taking over a damn thing and even if they are, I really really REALLY genuinely don't give a rat's ass! I mean, shit, you act like foreigners taking over is a bad thing. What, you afraid that maybe the circle of life has come back around to kick you in your lily white ass for what your IMMIGRANT ancestors did to the NATIVE Americans? I'd laugh my fucking ass off if the Mexicans took over and put all of you in little "reserves" on land that you used to own. Now THAT is the proper use of the word "ironic" fucker!

"But they're not American!" Oh no, you mean they didn't flee their home country to come to this one looking for a better life and, in so doing, might be willing to piss all over the native people in the process? Fuck, that sounds American to me! No matter how you try to spin it, the fucking FACT is that you're only standing on this great big pile of dirt because your ancestors did EXACTLY the same thing that you think illegal immigrants are now trying to do. Fuck off! Unless you've got Native American blood running through your veins (and *I* do!), you're not American either, dickhead! I'm a real American and I say WELCOME IMMIGRANTS! Seriously, what the fuck ever happened to "Give us your tired, your poor, your hungry?"

Accepting people from other countries is the absolute concrete foundation of this nation! It's more fundamental than the Constitution or apple pie or baseball or any of that other "American" shit! Without immigrants, there would be no America, PERIOD!

"But we're only bitching about illegal immigrants!" That makes not one damn bit of difference to me. That's just your convenient fucking excuse to throw out when you get backed into a corner and shown to be the bigot that you are. Legal, illegal, who fucking cares? They're still coming to this country and they should still be welcomed.

Look, my wife is a legal immigrant. I know how much fucking bullshit you have to go through to become a citizen of this "great nation." She was married to an American citizen and STILL it took over a YEAR and more paper work than I ever care to see again before she was accepted here. Maybe some people just don't have all fucking century to wait on the beaurocratic process to pull its proverbial thumb out of its fat pompous ass!

And then there's the issue of illegal immigrants' rights. What rights, you say? Well, I have to agree that they don't have any Constitutional rights, since the 14th Amendment clearly defines who is entitled to those rights and who isn't. However, what about basic human rights? And among those rights are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If someone in another country cannot fulfill the basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then they should be welcomed here where they CAN (somewhat). Every man, woman, and child on the PLANET is entitled to be free and if they can't do that where they live, then they should fucking go somewhere else. Aren't you the same bastards always saying "if you don't like it here, go somewhere else!" Well, there were bastards saying that in 3rd world South America, Mexico, Cuba, etc. too, so that's what they did; they came here! And now you wanna send them back? Why, because they weren't born inside an area that you designated? Seriously, all the American government did was to put a line on a map and say "if you're born on the other side of this line, fuck you."

DO send us your tired, your poor, your hungry. I doubt they'll be energetic, rich, and well-fed here, but if they wanna give it a shot, then come on!

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