The foolish man think with narrow mind and speak with wide mouth.
-Charlie Chin
Lord Galen
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Hate Crimes?
Since When Do We Punish Hate?
February 8, 2006

Every fucking day I hear more bullshit about "Hate Crimes." Oh these 5 white guys beat up this black guy and called him a nigger, "IT'S A HATE CRIME" blah blah blah fucking blah. Yeah, it most likely was a crime motivated by racism and hate. But why do we have a special class of crime for this shit? Just when did it become acceptable to punish people WORSE for hating the people they fuck up?

Thought Crime, anyone?

Yes, that's right, I said it's a fucking thought crime. If a white guy goes out and beats up a Mexican just because he's Mexican, he'll get crucified by the courts. But if he just beat up the Mexican for some other reason (like fucking his girlfriend or something), it'll be called a "crime of passion" and he'll get some community service or some other slap-on-the-wrist bullshit.

The trouble with calling it what it actually is - a thought crime - is that it makes me look like a fucking racist. Well, if you think I'm a racist you can just go fuck yourself right now, cuz I'm not and I won't bother repeating that when you send me your bitchy little e-mail so just save it. Anyway, the problem comes in when we see that racism is a very unpopular and non socially acceptable pattern of thought. This is as it should be, no doubt, however when the law of the land starts punishing people more harshly because their crime was motivated by unpopular thoughts, THAT is a fucking problem! Aristotle said that the law is "reason free from passion." Maybe I'm just a big fat fucking retard, but to me that kinda implies that emotions should *never* be a factor where the law is concerned. Is it bad that white guys beat up black guys just because they're black? Of course it is, but isn't it enough to simply say that it's bad that a person beat up another person? Isn't the violence alone reason enough for it to be wrong? Why do we have to hype it up by calling it a "Hate Crime?"

In reality, most violent crimes are hate crimes. When you catch your girlfriend cheating on you and beat the holy fuck out of her, you fucking hate the bitch! There, it's a fucking hate crime! When the smart ass pimply little bastard at McDonald's gives you the 3 piece chicken McNuggets instead of the 12 piece like you ordered, but charges you for the 12 piece and then you leap over the counter, yell "super size this, you cunt!" and ram all 3 of your McNuggets up one of his nostrils... yeah, you fucking hate that bastard and it's a hate crime! When the Principal where I work gives me this accusatory look for playing "7 UP" with the kids instead of doing actual work and then I smash his head into the steel door frame, THAT'S a fucking hate crime! So, in reality, what we mean by "Hate Crime" is that it's a crime of passion, but of a passion that is socially condemned.

So what would I like to see done? I'd like to see it be just as much of a crime to beat up a black guy because he pissed me off as it would be to beat him up because he's black. Now, I could totally do the former, so is it fair that I get off easier just because I'm not a racist? Hell, isn't an ass-stomping just an ass-stomping when you think about it? I mean, if a racist kicks your ass, does his racism like double the pain of his heel on your throat or something? What the fuck?!

My whole thing is that race should NEVER be a factor in ANYTHING! The trouble with a lot of media types and NAACP guys is that they think it's ok for race to be a factor as long as it's a BENEFIT. Guess what, asshole: It's NOT ok, EVER!

And I'd just like to ask how it is that we have "Hate Crimes" anyway? I mean, what kinda dumbfuck says "Uh, yeah, I totally beat him up just cuz he's mexican or something... or well, he looks mexican anyway... so, uh, yeah..." What're you, a fucking crack baby? How stupid do you have to be to actually ADMIT to it. I mean, really, everytime I go out and beat up old people just because they're old, I never fucking ADMIT to it! Shit, I say the stupid old lady tried to hit me with her purse or something and THAT'S why I broke her legs and left her on the side of the road!

This has been another educational production from Lord Galen. If you stop referring to shit as "Hate Crimes" you get an A and you can take Rosie Jean to the Prom and she'll give you a hummer in the bathroom. Otherwise, you get an F and only Ulga Feselfrus is gonna want you then. She'd probably give you a hummer too, but with the giant retainer and all, it's just not really worth it.

The moral of the story is DON'T DO DRUGS (or beat up minorities just because they're minorities cuz then you're gonna be on the news for a "Hate Crime" and I'm gonna throw something through my fucking TV and I just can't afford another TV right now, so CUT IT OUT, dickwad!)

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