Moral busybodies are taking the perfectly good word family and using it as a code for censorship the same way 'states' rights' was used to disguise racism in the mid-sixties.
-John Waters
Lord Galen
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Female Circumcision
November 5, 2006

In the news and on feminist websites everywhere, I hear a lot of bitching about female circumcision, so I think that it's naturally time for me to weigh in on this issue with my divine wisdom. There's a wise old addage that applies here and it sums up the whole thing nicely: What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

That's right, you fucking whores! Why the FUCK is it "cruel" and "torture" and "a human rights violation" for a baby girl to get her shit chopped, but it's a perfectly acceptable tradition when a little boy has his shit sliced?!

"OMG! Galen is in favor of female circumcision!!!"

NO! I am opposed to ALL circumcision, you cunt! What I oppose even MORE is the double standard applied here that says it's ok to chop up a little boy, yet it's fucking evil to do the exact same damn thing to a little girl! Feminism? Fuck you! Try some Masculinism and leave little boys' dicks ALONE!

"But Galen, hahaha, that's not the same. It's not as bad for boys!"

OH FUCKING REALLY?! Why don't you just fucking click right HERE and watch a nice little video clip of a baby being circumcised. Tell me, bitches, how would you feel about that being done to your clitoral hood? Yeah, THAT'S WHAT I FUCKING THOUGHT, SKANK!

So here's the deal. Even though I am against any circumcision, I'm going to come out in SUPPORT of female circumcision as long as you femininazi cunts continue to IGNORE and brush aside the issue of male babies having their poor little cocks skinned like a catfish! By your lack of action, you are supporting male circumcision, so fair is fair. As long as you support my dick getting sliced and diced, then I'm 100% in favor of your little pussy getting scalped.

Now go fuck yourself, bitch.

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