The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
-Bertrand Russell
Lord Galen
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Fuck the FCC and Thank God for the Internet
July 14, 2006

Watching Dave Chappelle earlier, it made me pretty sad and pissed the fuck off. Whether he admits it or not, we all fucking know that Chappelle stopped doing his show because of the constant harrassment from the FCC and their goddamn Decency Police. Then later, I come in here and turn on Sirius to listen to the Howard Stern reply. There, again, I'm confronted with more shit resulting from the Federal Cunt Commission. Stern was forced off of terrestrial radio for being fucking "indecent."

This is all shit that just makes me fucking SICK! Fuck the FCC! The fucking federal government has NO FUCKING BUSINESS dictating what is and is not "decent." The federal government has NO FUCKING BUSINESS trying to "protect" people from things that might offend them. We're all fucking smart enough to know how to change the goddamn channel if we don't like what's on. If Dave Chappelle or Howard Stern bother me, I fucking know how to change the motherfucking channel!

Ah, but then there's the problem. Sadly, not everyone is smart enough to do that simple little thing. So, because they're too fucking stupid to do something that a goddamn 2 year old knows how to do, they instead open their fat fucking mouths to bitch at the Federal government. They keep running their fucking mouths until they find people in the government who are just as damn stupid as they are. And then they ALL bitch together, only now they have some real power behind their bitching.

As if things aren't bad enough with them turning TV and Radio into a fucking electronic queef, they are constantly coming after the Internet and trying to impose their bullshit on the online community. Well too fucking bad, it's NOT FUCKING HAPPENING!

I love the Internet. Really. It's a billion times better than TV or (terrestrial) Radio. The FCC has no jurisdiction here and the only fucking thing you can't say or do online is shit that's illegal. There's no stupid ass decency laws or bullshit like that (otherwise, I couldn't afford to run SnipeMe due to all the million dollar fines I'd be slapped with).

The Internet is free speech incarnate. Dave Chappelle got bitched at for his R. Kelly skit about women pissing on him. Fuck that. Here online, I can scream in all caps R. KELLY LIKES TO GET PISSED ON BY UNDERAGE WHORES and nobody fucking cares. Jeez, that's not even anywhere near as bad as even the weakest shit I've said before. Yet Chappelle got in trouble for it. What the FUCK? So, maybe Dave Chappelle should get his fucking ass on the Internet, eh? Seriously, that fucking dude could charge like $10 a month for access to a site FULL of the most risque shit imaginable. I mean, he could seriously push the envelope on controversy if he did his shit online instead of on fucking stupid lame ass cable TV!

Now, Stern got smart and jumped on Satellite for his radio show, but oddly enough, went to digital cable to do HowardTV, which somehow seems to be working out. I guess OnDemand is outside of the FCC's jurisdiction too. Which, is my point sort of... The only way to have a good program where you can really say whatever the fuck you want is to go where the FCC can't touch you.

Now, that's fucking pathetic. How can you not say that the Federal government is in violation of the 1st Amendment when the fucking FACT of the matter is that in order to have free speech, you have to get AWAY from the federal government's jurisdiction?! Seriously, fucking think about that shit! In order to have free speech, the only place you can get it is to excersize your free speech in a medium where the FCC has no power!

And what will happen if the FCC *does* one day get control over the Internet? Simple. You will see every webhost in America lost significant amounts of customers. Every blogger, every small media outlet, every site like this one where somebody expresses their outspoken and controversial opinions, will vanish from the U.S. What the fucking FCC forgets is that they CAN'T control the Internet because they don't have fucking jurisdiction over it. I could go to Canada or South Africa or a European hosting company or whatever. Doesn't matter that I fucking live here, it matters where my server is located. Right now, it's located in Houston, TX. which makes me giggle a little knowing that all of my rants are sitting in the Conservative Central USA. But seriously, I won't be the only fucking one to move. You can bet your ass that if the FCC gets fucking "decency laws" passed on the Internet, you'll see Maddox moving to another country. The Onion will move. DeviantArt will move. And the list will go on and on.

So, be fucking thankful, all you Internet Geeks. You're on the best and most FREE medium of expression that has ever been created! And may it continue to give the FCC the fucking finger.


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