Fear is a place where you just tell the truth.
-Clive Barker
Lord Galen
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The Ten Commandments Of Lord Galen
March 24, 2006

Up until recently, the splash page intro to this site contained 2 columns of my own Ten Commandments in very small print. I decided that my fucking Commandments deserve higher priority than that. So, here they are for your viewing pleasure. A nice summation of my beliefs.

Thou shalt hold nothing above reason and logic.

I realize that's a bit Ayn Rand-ish for some of you, but fuck Ayn Rand. I don't give a flying fuck about her or her stupid "Reasonist" movement. This is simply good fucking sense. Placing your instincts or "gut feelings" or emotions above your intellect is a recipe for disaster. Our ability to reason is the only thing that seperates us from animals. If you're not going to fucking USE that, then you might as well shit where you eat, pal!

Some people have often wondered why I consider myself superior to most other human beings. This is why. It's a matter of course that intelligent sapient beings are superior to unintelligent instinct-driven animals. Given that I'm an intelligent human being while most of humanity is driven by instinct and emotion, the logical conclusion that I am superior seems inescapable. If you don't like it, start using your fucking brain and join me up here with the rest of homo superior!

Thou shalt question everything; nothing is above challenge.

And by that I do mean absolutely NOTHING is beyond reproach or question. God? Question whether he exists. If you decide he exists, then yes you absolutely should question HIM. Being God doesn't neccesarily mean that he's right. I got outwitted by a 7 year old doing a puzzle yesterday, so don't tell me that superior intelligence can't be wrong. It can.

And that's another thing. The very first thing you should always be questioning is YOURSELF and what you believe. If you can't stand up to scrutiny, then you're probably wrong.

Thou shalt do no harm save where harm has been done to you.

Am I saying that you should be a pacifist pussy? Not at all. I'm saying that when push comes to shove, you should fucking shove back, but the person who started the shoving is a dick. Do no harm unless you were harmed first. If everyone would obey that, we'd have world peace.

I should add also that the harm to retaliation ratio should be equal. Someone hurting your feelings is justification for you to hurt their feelings, not for you to bash their fucking skull open. Idiot.

Thou shalt not believe in anything merely because it's what everyone else believes.

This one is redundant, really. If you obey the First Commandment Of Lord Galen, you will certainly not follow the sheepish path. Just because "everyone knows that" DOESN'T MAKE IT TRUE!!! Everyone knows that the grass is green, but if you've never seen grass then you shouldn't fucking believe it. See for YOURSELF, don't rely on what others tell you! Others have their own interests to look out for.

Thou shalt recognize and respect the sovereign rights of every sapient being, regardless of race, religion, creed, nationality, gender, age, sexuality, intelligence, social status, mentality, capability, or any other arbitrary physical, social, or economic trait.

Put simply: We all have the same rights and those rights should never be violated for any superficial reason. Just because I'm superior to you doesn't mean that your rights are less important than my own, for example. You may think yourself to be superior to a 5 year old, but that doesn't mean the five year old's rights are yours to spit upon, bitch.

Note that I said this applies to SAPIENT beings. Sapient is the word most people mean when they say "sentient." It means self-aware, intelligent, having a consciousness. You are sapient (supposedly), your pet fish is not. Don't get me started on animal rights. Animals have no civil rights; however they do have the basic rights that apply to all living things, such as the right to live free from cruelty and harm. However, many human beings aren't being granted that right as of now, so let's concentrate on THAT problem first.

Thou shalt recognize that respect for one's rights does not neccesarily equal respect for or agreement with individual people or groups.

Just because I respect your rights doesn't mean that I respect YOU as a person or that I agree with you or the way you excersize your rights. I respect the right of every neo-nazi and Klan member to hold and express their racist views; that DOESN'T mean that I hold ANY respect for them or their cause. It's kinda like the old addage "Love the sinner, hate the sin." You can respect that a person has rights while hating their use of those rights. Continueing with the racist example, it's like a Klansman saying that he'll hire any black man to work for him even though he hates blacks. By doing this, he recognizes that the black man has a right to work in any field a white man works in, though he may hate that fact. As long as those rights are respected, you don't fucking have to be happy about it.

Another example. If you or your religion espouses that homosexuality is evil and sinful or just plain disgusting, then fine, but that doesn't give you any ground to deny them equal treatment.

Tolerance does not equal acceptance. You don't HAVE to accept or like a damn thing anybody else does, but you DO have to tolerate it.

Thou shalt not defy the laws of man, whether just or unjust, when such defiance would bring harm to others (who are not prepared for such harm to come). Rather, thou shouldst strive to change the unjust laws of man. Where no harm will come to others, ye should always defy the unjust laws of man.

As long as nobody will get hurt by it, you have a DUTY to defy laws that are unjust. By obeying such laws, you are as guilty as those who put those laws in place. However, if people will get hurt but those people are WILLING to accept the consequences (and they fully understand those consequences), you are likewise duty-bound to break an unjust law.

It is better though, to work within the system to CHANGE laws that are unjust, rather than breaking them. In most cases, breaking the law will hurt someone who's not prepared for it.

For example, what if all the Youth Rights supporters did as some have suggested and rioted in the streets demanding that ageist laws be changed? What if we used violence to overthrow the oppression of the young? Many, MANY innocent bystanders would be hurt by this. Therefore, it should not happen.

Thou shalt respect and preserve the life and rights of all sapient beings, save where such life or rights hast violated and/or endangered thy own.

Simply put: Your respect for a person's right to live and be free is relative to THEIR respect for your right to live and be free.

If someone breaks into your house with a weapon, they have just shown that your right to live means nothing to them. They are a threat to your life and you are justified in ending their life. Anyone who pulls a weapon on you has given up any claim to their right to live. Now, please assholes, don't go killing cops when they order you to the ground for beating up old women. Don't be an idiot. You know that's not what I'm talking about.

Thou shalt not deceive, save where honesty would bring harm.

Lying is bad, m'kay. Don't fucking lie, ever, UNLESS telling the truth would bring harm to yourself or others.

Thou shalt not grant undue respect beyond the basic respect for life and liberty that is granted to all sapient beings by virtue of their existance.

People deserve to be given basic dignified respect UNTIL they have done something to earn your disrespect. Likewise, no one should be given more than basic human respect until they have earned it.

Parents and their children are a good example for this one. Kids, you should indeed respect your parents for no better reason than that they are your parents. Parents, YOU should also be respecting your kids for no better reason than that they are your children! Any respect beyond that must be earned. Now, parents earn a good deal of respect by providing food and shelter to their children. No doubt about that. But many parents don't even give their kids the CHANCE to earn more respect. Respect is a two-way street! By disrespecting your kids, you have done something to earn their disrespect in turn. Don't wonder why your teenager doesn't respect you "after all you've done for them" when you show them nothing but disrespect yourself.

Basic human respect is granted by default. Anything more is EARNED, not given freely!

And those are the Ten Commandments Of Lord Galen. All in all, I'd say I did a better job than God did with his. Fuck, every single one of his commandments is encompassed by mine and THEN SOME!

I am Lord Galen. I am your god. My Word is Law. Obey!

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