War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class young men off to die. It always has been.
-George Carlin
Lord Galen
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Art Is Harmful To Minors
October 26, 2006

Note: I did this as a Sniper Radio entry, but I just goofed around on S/R about it, so I'm putting up the rant I'd already written about it, cuz nobody wants my wisdom going to waste.

This rant is based on the following news story [ Source ]

Now, before I get into bitching about just how much this has fucking pissed me off, let's first get a sense of just what we're dealing with here. I mean, surely for this teacher to've lost her job, we MUST be talking about some real filthy smut here, right? Let's see....

Well, the first picture mentioned was "Figure of a young man from a funerary relief." CLICK HERE to see it. The next one mentioned was "The Shade" by Auguste Rodin. CLICK HERE for that one. Then, we had "Flora" by Aristide Maillol and, of course, you can CLICK HERE to see that. The last one, Jean Arp’s "Star in a Dream," doesn't seem to be anywhere online. Judging by the other 3 sculptures though, I find myself doubting that "Star in a Dream" is a real nasty work of pornography or something.

So, now that we've established what vile works of human sexual depravity we're talking about here, let's get into the rant.

Actually, y'know what? Why fucking bother with the rant at all? Who the FUCK is going to LISTEN?! Nobody that doesn't already agree! The rest of you have terminal fucking body shame and that's just fine. You have every right to sit there and think that the human body is "gross" and "obscene."

But here's where the problem comes in. How fucking DARE YOU spew that ignorant ass viewpoint on others and even go so far as to toss a bitch out of her fucking JOB because of it?! You people have some serious fucking problems.

And this is aside from the fact that the nude human form is NOT "obscene" at all. Let's not overlook that this is fucking ART we're talking about. Nudity has been used in art for thousands of years and continues to be used today! Kids SHOULD be exposed to the artistic and asthetic beauty of the human form, early and often. If they are, then they stand a good chance of not growing up to have issues with their own bodies.

We live in a world where a 110 pound woman will walk around eating a fucking salad, drinking a Diet Coke, complaining that she needs to lose weight. THAT is not fucking HEALTHY and the cause of it is shit like this! Society continues to send kids the message that the human body is something to be ashamed of and hidden away from the world. What the fuck do you EXPECT them to learn from that? How are they supposed to be anything but ashamed of their own body when that's what you cram down their throats every fucking day?

Tell ya what, why don't we all just start dressing our kids in Burkas from now on, eh? That would suit a lot of people just fine! Really, think about how many problems that would solve The debate over school uniforms would be moot. Pedophiles would vanish with no more hot 5yo ass and legs to gawk at. Our kids would FINALLY get the clear and concise message that we've been trying to send them for years: "That thing between your legs is DIRTY and EVIL and if you even look at it for too long, you're GOING TO HELL!!!" I mean, c'mon, that's what all you fucking fundies think anyway, even if none of you have the balls to fucking say it. Well, I take that back, you all HAVE the balls to say it, you just keep them well-hidden like a good little Christian should.

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