Thou shalt hold nothing above reason and logic.
-The 1st Commandment of Lord Galen
Lord Galen
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By: Max Motter  |  March 17, 2006

I'm sick and tired of hearing crap about Satanism, even though I don't usually hear shit about it. Anyways, here's my idea on Satanism.

The thing I like about Satanism is that technically, its not worshipping Satan. it's merely following in his footsteps.

Allow me to explain: According to the Bible, Satan said "Fuck you!" to God and went off and did his own things. Therefore, according to the Bible, Satanism is merely not doing what it says. I don't consider myself a Satanist, though, and here's why:

Those dumbasses that wear oversized Slipknot shirts, Dickies, and enough leather to supply an S&M warehouse that call themselves "Satanists" because they do, in fact, "worship" Satan. In essence, there would be nothing wrong with this, but with this particular group, they do it because they say they don't like what organized religion stands for. Either that or it pisses their parents off... total anarchy, I know.

My question is this: "Why worship a god if you claim to hate organized religion?"

I mean, believe what you want to believe, but have good reason to believe it. It doesn't make sense to worship someone who, according to the Bible, said "Fuck you!" to organized religion. To be a Satanist, you don't need to slaughter goats and wear more leather than a biker gang. You need to form your own ideas and not conform to what other people say.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to abandon thier religion and become a "Satanist" (This term is according to Christian scripture, not what I'd actually call myself.). I'm also not "dogging on," for lack of better words, any organized religion. I'm setting something straight about Satanism for the otherwise ignorant. Don't get insulted cause I called you ignorant, you simply didn't know this. If you did know all of this, congratulations, you get a cookie.

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