As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.
-Adolf Hitler
Lord Galen
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By: CivilSilence  |  July 19, 2006

The Internet is T00bs!

So, basically, Senator Stevens claimed that the internet was a series of tubes.

Now, I have no problem with this. As long as there are idiots controlling the internet, I know I'll remain smart enough that I can basically get away with anything I Want, and they'll leave me alone. Because of this, I'm nice to the government, and I don't do anything like steal music, programs, or anything of the like. If RIAA will respect my privacy, and keep out of my PC, I'll gladly respect their wishes, and not download music illegally. I also won't download movies, because I understand those take hard work to make, and I won't steal programs because someone put their heart and soul into it, and I'll respect it.

What I don't respect is when RIAA, MPAA, and the like, infringe on my right as the consumer. When I go to the local record store, I expect to be able to buy my CD, pop it into the PC, and use it. RIAA is getting a bit to overzealous, with their DRM, DMCA stuff. They prevent me, as the consumer, from getting the CD that I paid for, and using it to my choice. It's the same with a DVD. It's become so hard now, to rip a DVD, and put it on my PC, without having the CD either cut out half-way through, or blurr and fuzz up.

The RIAA said that Pirates were ruining CDs, and making it impossible for the consumer/downloader, to get a good deal, because they would encode it poorly, etc. Now, here's my question, RIAA/MPAA, how can I, as the consumer, be able to enjoy the movie that PAID for, or listen to the music that I BOUGHT, when you put so many advanced anti-piracy schemes, that unless you have the qualified CD player, you can't listen to it. I can understand wanting to protect your merchandise, but for Pete's sake, let me use my own music and movies!

Now, luckily, this only happend with two CDs, and one DVD, and they were things that I didn't like. So I just threw them away, and went to my other collection, which mostly compremises of indie labels, or labels that have not joined RIAA. I'm not switching over to records, such as Nuclear Blast, because they do not use RIAA, or atleast not members of RIAA (Kudos to Nuclear Blast, keep the great music coming), but you guys need to realize, that pirates are not sapping your income. You are destroying your own income, because you make it impossible for consumers to get what they paid for in the first place! Did you ever consider that people are turning to piracy, because they can't get what they want anywhere else, thanks to your alienation of the customer?

Take one of your members for instance. Sony Electronics used to be a respectable brand. I got ahold of a playstation once, and I loved every minute of it. I had a sony walkman as my first casset player, and that introduced me into music. I had a sony walkman CD player, and liked it so much that when it broke, I went out and got another one, out of pure brand loyalty. I also used to buy sony CDs. Now that Sony has joined RIAA, and intentionally stuck a rootkit on their cDs. Sony lost my trust, and now they've lost my wallet as well. I'm not anti-consumerism, I'm anti-stupidity, and you've turned a respectable brand into the economic equivalent of a mentally challenged kid in a special ed class.

Also, I am finding it quite difficult to be secure in using a legitimate network, such as BitTorrent, for uses, such as downloading Linux .iso files, or my occasional thirst for some classical reading material, that I just can't seem to find anywhere else. (Who'd a thunk a library wouldn't have Romeo and Juliet.) I now refuse to use BitTorrent, because of the relentlessness of RIAA, in it's campaign against music pirates. Infact, in a recent case, RIAA was asked to produce evidence. It could not, and paid the legal fees of the victim, and dropped the case. Where was the evidence for the 12 year old girl, 83 year old grandmother who had passed away, the 66 year old painter, or the countless number of students you have forced to drop out of college, to pay your settlements.

RIAA, I am not a man who is driven to anger much, or who enjoys cursing, but in light of what you have done, I have one simple thing to say. Fuck you, and leave the consumers alone.

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