Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way; stop participating in it.
-Noam Chomsky
Lord Galen
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Racism In Jersey
By: PAIN  |  January 1, 2006

You know,i read both rants about White and Black people shut up1, and i found them very interesting. At the one point where you talked about being called a cracker a million times a day, applies to me too. I get the same shit all the time, for no reason other than to start shit. I think it's amazing how a state like Georgia, filled with racist hics (no offense Galen, seriously) could put the racist thing behind them at all, where as up here, its bigger and more pathetic then ever!EVERYTHING, and i mean everything, is about race here. Its uncool, unexcepted, and discouraged to be white here, and if you are, out comes the cracker comments. But if you pop the "N" word as we are LAWFULLY made to say, you can be expleded, not to mention beat up....badly. My "African American" principle always goes on about 0 tolerance to racism, yet any "African American" that wants to come up to me in front of any teacher, administrator, or anyone, and call me a "Mother fuckin bitch cracker" they look the other way. As we become the minority in the area, the worse we are treated,the harder it is to live, and the more miserable it becomes. Maybe it's human nature to hate the minorty, no matter who they are, white, black, whatever the fuck. You made a point in saying racism will die if it's given time, dude, I truly wish u were right, but things are very different here. You made fun of white people who bitch "now we're being oppresed" well, its not as stupid as you might think. I'm not allowed to say "black people" in school, it's "AFRICAN AMERICAN" but if i'm called a cracker, or white boy, it's almost expected. Ive never disrecpected a black person and called them a nigger, ever. So why am i treated like this? Many other white people in my school ask the same question, and are becoming racist in the process. Also, you mentioned how jewish people got over what happened, once again, not here i'm afraid. I have to read the "diary of Anne Frank" every year, not to mention many other books of that nature. I'm told that being German should make me ashamed, (more or less) and i owe the jewish people something. Well, guess what? I dont care what my distant twice removed grandfather (which i made up, i dont know what any of the relatives i (MIGHT) have in Europe) did 60 years ago! All the things we read in english are geared towards black people and jewish people, usualy, unless its Shakespeare. Which i hate! I dont think racism will ever go away as long as humanity feels it necessary to oppress minorities, what ever they might be.

* - [Note: he's talking about this and this]

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