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The Breast is Best, Put Your Mother To The Test
By: Cartoon Goddess  |  August 6, 2006

The following rant is based on the news story reprinted below.

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Offended by a baby breastfeeding?!?!?! You know what people, get over it. It's the healthiest way to feed an infant, and increases the bond between mother and child. I'm tired of people thinking that a breast is nothing but a sexual object and realize that in some cases is does have more of a function than "titillation" of teenage boys. Breastfeeding passes along immunities from the mother and provides the perfect food whose nutritional benefits cannot be 100% duplicated in man-made formulas. Also, breastfeeding can be convenient because the supply is always with you and breasts don't have to be refridgerated. The creators knew what they were doing when they made up this little part of life and it should not be undone by some small-minded idiots who can't stand the sight of a breast they can't have, or that they are jealous of because it's bigger than theirs.

I especially love how the "moral majority" types will speak up against it, not realizing that by believing that God made us the way we are, than God made breastfeeding and if he made it, there should be nothing fucking wrong with it, shouldn't there? Thank God he did happen to make it a sexual organ too, but don't let that override it's primary purpose.

Ancient peoples did not have refridgerators and powdered formula, nor did they have immunization shots. They counted on the breast as a form of readily available food source for the young vulnerable child that also gave it a chance to survive the diseases of infancy and develop a chance to survive. We are now using science to try and take care of these functions, when nature had already perfectly provided them.

Mammals of all species still breastfeed their young - are we to be offended now at the sight of a mother cat suckling her kittens? Do you avert your eyes when a mother cow nurses her calf?Then why be offended by a human mother does the same perfectly natural act for her child?

People need to stop being so fixated on sex and realize that the human body is more than just a tool of pleasure, it is a wonderful and diverse mechanism capable of many many precious things. Pleasure is just one, albeit it's a damn good one.

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