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Ageist Hypocrisy is a Bitch!
By: Matt Lucifer  |  July 14, 2006

This pisses me off. In Illinois an 80 something old man crashed his car into a teen's car and KILLED HER! Not only that, HE GOT OFF! Apparently, he has dementia I want to hear why he was driving in the first place.

I have ADHD but if I crashed my car into somebody and killed them I wouldn't get off. Hell I'd probably get a sentence 3 times longer than he SHOULD have gotten thanks to the Juvenile Injustice System.

At the same time, in that state there is a bill to raise the minimum driving age. Apparently some "studies" (paid for by the income tax dollars of the "lazy, mollycoddled" teen working at McDonalds to pay off their student loan and interest rates that were raised by our "Great Generation") say that we are reckless behind the wheel. The old lady who's barely tall enough to see through the windsheild, half blind, and has so many medical conditions she can't be held accountable for anything that might happen is NOT a danger, but the teen is dangerous JUST because they're a teen, do I have that right you ageist bastards?

We can't ask the elderly drivers to take a physical once in a while to make sure they're well enough to drive! Oh no! Its too damn inconvinent! They'd have to miss the Price is Right! These fools don't give a rats ass about the teens who have to take 3 buses to work instead of driving a car. They call US self-centered?

Another note about the above story. If that situation were reversed and it was the girl who killed the old man, she'd have been shoved into the nearest boot camp or reform school.

"The Great Generation" my rear.

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