If I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong. Don't talk to me about protocol.
-Dr. Gregory House
Lord Galen
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Resurfacing Heartbreak
May 8, 2006

Dear Galen

In June, I met a guy through a friend he was dating. We spent the night talking and flirting. He wasn't from where I live so I thought no harm of it. However; when he left, he left with my email and number. Him and his girlfriend broke up soon afterwards and we started dating. Everything was great for the couple of months we were together. Then he stopped calling and got really busy. I could understand at first because he moving and trying to get things in order but after a month I realized that things were over and he obviously had a new girlfriend. It hurt at first but I soon got over it. Now eight months since we last talked we sent me an email about how sorry he was and how he wished he could make it better. He told me that I was too good of a person to get messed up with someone like him. He told me that he misses me and wants me to come visit him and see where things may go.

Is he just playing mind games or is he actually sorry and want another chance?

Resurfacing heartbreak

Dear Heartbreak

Are you fucking kidding me? This guy moved on to greener pastures and now he's been dumped by the greener pasture and is on the rebound, looking for someone to "love" him (read: "fuck him"). To hell with this guy. He's not worth your fucking time; unless, of couse, you actually ARE a gullible stupid slut, in which case he's perfect for you.

Don't even bother responding to him, unless it's to send him a link to this page! If you do that and he's reading this: Sorry to be a game killer, dude, but you're a fucking half-assed loser who gives a bad name to men everywhere. Go jack off and forget about this one. She's not as "easy" or "forgiving" as you seem to think.

Do what you want, but shit, you'd be a dumbass to take him back after he's treated you like shit once already.


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