School boards these days take it upon themselves to broaden their mission well beyond education.
-John G. Roberts
Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Lord Galen
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White People, You Can SHUT THE FUCK UP too!
September 21, 2005

This rant is the companion to Black People, Shut The Fuck Up

What? Surely, you didn't think I was just gonna leave that scathing rant to the black community without jumping over here to place my other foot in the white community's ass, did you? Oh no, asshats... as the saying goes, I'm not racist, I hate EVERYBODY!

Yeah, black people have their ghettos and their groups of sorry ass fucks who sit around having 10 kids so they can collect welfare. It's really pathetic and I hear white people bitching about it constantly. That really makes me wonder if any of you have bothered to visit a fucking trailer park lately. A trailer park is just the white version of the projects, bitch. And in these trailer parks, what do you suppose all the white people are blaming for their shitty little place in this world? Take a guess....

That's right, they're blaming black people! "Boo hoo, a black man took my job. They just gave him the job cuz he's black." OH GROW UP, asshole! Did it ever occur to you that maybe you lost your job because you're an ignorant hick with a 6th grade education and a drinking problem?

Not that I'm saying it never really happens. Sure, it does. Just like there really are some rare cases of the white man keeping the black man down, there really are some rare cases of a white man losing his job to a minority. My dad worked as a BMW Technician for about 15 years until the company was bought out by a hispanic guy. My dad and all the other white employees were slowly starved for work as it was all given to the new mexican employees. BUT, did my dad sit around bitching about losing his job to a minority while letting his family slip into the can? FUCK NO! No trailer park newcomers were we! He got off his fucking ass and started his own business repairing BMWs and all of his loyal customers came to him instead of the other place (most of his customers, btw, were black). Yeah, of course my dad (being the racist he is) blamed the mexicans for taking his job away, but the point is that he didn't sit around in a fucking trailer park collecting welfare and feeling sorry for himself like so many of you hillbilly cunts do!

I'm sick of it! Sick and damn tired of your "woe is me, white people are becoming the oppressed ones in this country" bullshit! I am SO sick of sitting their listening to a chain-smoking single mom who KEEPS HAVING BABIES whine and complain about how hard life is and how it's "all the niggers' fault." NO IT ISN'T! It's YOUR fault! Unless all them babies came from a black father, then a black man didn't have SHIT to do with your situation! You lost your job and a black person got it after you left? Well just hang on a second while I cry you a fucking river! Did that black person tell you to sit at home bitching and fucking and drinking instead of getting another job? Did that black person who "took your job" tell you that you had to go get on welfare instead of working? Is that black person REALLY keeping you down?

Fuck you, you're pathetic! Get your trashy Jerry-Springer-Guest-Wanna ass out of that "mobile home community" and get a fucking job LOSER!

"You just don't know how hard it is, Galen. If you're white, you're the last pic for any job." Maybe so, but if that's all it takes to stop you then you're fucking worthless to begin with. So sure, just go ahead and raise those 10 kids to be as racist as you are. And when your son or daughter rejects those ideals and tells you that you're wrong, you just go right ahead and yell at them for being a "nigger lover." Yeah, just keep spreading that hate around cuz I'm SURE that'll make everything all better one day! DUMBASS!

Every single thing I said in the rant to blacks applies to you white assholes too. I just can't get over how fucking STUPID you are! I mean, seriously, the IRONY! You sit there on your broke ass front porch that a welfare check paid for, drinking some beer that your food stamps paid for, all the while complaining about how the blacks blame whites for everything! WTF?! Are you really so inbred that you don't get how you're doing the SAME DAMN THING that you bitch and bitch and bitch about blacks doing?!

So yeah, this is where I'm stopping the rant for today. I bitched about racial issues yesterday and I think it's enough to say that everything I said to blacks applies to whites (and vice versa). There are groups in BOTH races who're fucking pathetic and make me happy that I disowned humanity. Why can't we all just get along? Because the white meat and the dark meat can't get their shit together, that's why! Because there's too many stupid ass losers on both sides who wanna blame their problems on everyone except the person who really deserves the blame: YOURSELF!

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