Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people; otherwise, there would be no religious people.
-Dr. Gregory House
Lord Galen
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Racial Supremacy
October 24, 2005

Thanks to a dateline interview not long ago, there's been a lot of talk recently about the girl band "Prussian Blue." Naturally, not being one to trust the media on anything, I went and did my own research on them. I visited their website, I read their lyrics, I read interviews conducted with them (both interviews from mainstream media and from white supremacists).

In case you haven't heard of them, let me give a little history. Prussian Blue is a band that consists of two little girls; twin sisters Lynx and Lamb, age 11. They've had this band since they were about 9.

As you can see, they look like any other cute kids. They're talented singers and they have a message. Their message is a pretty simple one: Heil Hitler. Yup, those two girls are a couple of white supremacist neo-nazi bitches.

Now, the first point I'd like to make here is that you should all jump the fuck off their backs. Yes, their ignorant racist trash and their parents are ignorant racist trash for raising them to be this way. BUT, this is America, pal! Here, we have freedom of speech and expression. The same laws and protections that allow me to come here and call those little girls and their family ignorant piles of gutter-trash dogshit also allow those girls and their family to express their racist views without fear of censure. So, back off and leave them alone. They have every right to express their stupid fucking opinion that people with their skin color are somehow "superior" for the mere fact of them having a particular skin color. Yes, I know, all of us who have brains find it difficult to accept, but the fact is that they have a *right* to be willfully ignorant. Sometimes we might wish we could squash such views, but that's a dangerous slippery slope and I, for one, will not be going down it ever.

However, all this research on Prussian Blue did get me thinking about racial supremacists in general. They're not like ordinary racists; oh no, they're a special breed of racist shit. They believe that their mere skin color (and heritage) makes them somehow superior to all other people with different skin colors and lineage.

The conclusion that I've reached is that every racial supremacist in the world must be brain damaged. Honestly, that's the only fair conclusion I could reach. In order to believe that blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin is somehow indicative of one's evolutionary status (as being superior), you absolutely must have a malfunction in your brain.

Or maybe I'm just jealous. I mean, sure I'm white, but I've got American Indian mixed in there too and who the fuck knows what else is in my lineage. I have dirty-blond hair (when it's not shaved off, I mean) and hazel eyes. So, clearly, I'm not one of those "pure aryans" right? Obviously I must just be jealous. Wow, I sure wish I could be so great as to have blond hair and blue eyes and some "pure" white blood in me...

Ok, let's cut the crappy sarcasm and state the obvious. If you're a racial supremacist of any kind, you're a fucking retard. I would like for one of these people to *just once* give me an answer to a single fucking question: How does your race make you superior? No, really, I want an answer.

Let's imagine that I put a black man and a white man next to each other. They are both 6ft tall, 200lbs. They both hold the same job at the same company. They both have a wife and 3 kids. They both have 1 dog and 1 cat. Their ancestors both came to this country at the exact same time (one as a slave owner, the other as a slave). They both have identical medical records, come from identical backgrounds (except for skin color, of course) from the same city.

In this scenario, what makes the white man superior to the black man?

I have asked this question to white supremacists before and none of them have EVER been able to give me a satisfactory answer. Oh sure, they give answers like "because the white race is ordained by God yada yada yada yada..." No, you leaky enima bag, that's not an answer! God doesn't get to be your "easy out" for this one. I don't know if you bothered to study any history or anything, but uh..... psssst, there aren't even any white people in the Bible.

Oh damn! There went your whole "ordained by God" thing, huh? Sorry about that. I know those annoying "facts" kinda get in the way of your bigotry and all that. Yeah, the white race is "God's Holy Race" right? And I'm the fuckin' Pope, ya moron.... But, y'know, that brings up an interesting question: Did God actually have a Holy Race all picked out? Hmmm... I wonder... lemme just crack open my Bible here... Well I'll be damn... would ya look at this? Oh my damn, it says the JEWS are God's chosen people! But, wait, don't you aryan fucktards hate the Jews and consider them evil or some shit? Then I guess that'd make you WRONG, ASSHOLE!

Hey, Mr. Black Panther sitting there laughing, don't think you're off the hook. Ever since Malcolm X and his wannabe lacky followers like Farakahn, plenty of blacks have started hitting their heads and getting the "racial superiority disease" too. Don't think you're any fucking better, loser!

But, really, I'm wasting my time here. I'm giving you supremacists facts and reason. The trouble is that prejudice isn't based on reason; it never has been. No matter what excuses you use to justify how you feel, that's really all it ever is: How you FEEL. Hey, like I said, you're entitled to your beliefs. If you wanna be a racist, then go right ahead and be a racist, but DON'T YOU DARE pretend like you actually have a fucking logical reason for it or that it actually makes any sense at all; it doesn't!

So Lynx and Lamb will grow up, get married to some white supremacist assholes and have kids. They're raise little "white power" shitbags to be just like they are. Oh, but how the times are changing.... Already, the girls' mother has to homeschool them to keep them from getting any opinions besides here. What's the matter, bitch? Afraid that if they actually HAD a choice, they'd see right through your bullshit? If they actually had access to all the available information, they would most likely make a reasoned decision that "race" means precisely dick - unless they're brain damaged, I mean. The supremacists in this country already have to keep to themselves in their own little asshole communities. If they didn't, those pesky things like "reason" and "good sense" might creep in.

Martin Luther King Jr. said "A lie cannot live." He was right and the entire existance of a white supremacist is just one great big fucking lie that they cling to. The rest of us can just sit back and watch as the lie dies off. Really, it's not a problem for me to sit here and read your stupid websites or even listen to those girls sing their bullshit songs. It's kinda interesting, like listening to a caveman grunt or reading cave drawings. Frankly, I don't care what you say anymore; your way of life is dying and, for all intents and purposes, you might as well be dead too.

You're useless. Keep screaming "white power" and I'll just keep right on laughing at you.

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