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Shoot Terri Shiavo In The Fucking Head
March 26, 2005

[NOTE: I know I spelled "Schiavo" wrong in this rant, but I'm too fucking lazy to fix it, so just deal with it ya damn spelling nazis]

So here's what's going on down there in Florida (aka, the turd hanging off our ass -- and yes, I know that makes GA the ass). We've got this woman who's a vegatable. She's a total fuckin' retard with no mind, no sense of reality, nothing. She's essentially a zombie. Just like "Night of the Living Dead" only without the brain eating and gory death. Really, Terri Shiavo IS the living dead.

Now, Terri's husband says that his wife would not want to live like this and that it was her wish to be allowed to die rather than live this way. Her parents, on the other hand, have stuck their fucking noses in and said that's not true and they want to fight for Terri to live.

Hey, mom and dad, I got a late-breaking bulletin for you. Y'know that fight for Terri's life? Well you ALREADY FUCKING LOST IT! She's not alive and she's not coming back, you cunts! Oh, what, she has a heartbeat? So fucking what? Take a fucking LOOK at her, you assholes! What she's going through is not living, it's merely existing and that is NOT worth salvaging! Her life has already ended and it's time for her meager pathetic existance to follow suit.

Would you want to fucking live like that? What if she really IS conscious and aware? Well, that's all the more reason to hurry up and end it! My God, living like that is pure TORTURE! How can anyone call themselves parents when they want to condemn their daughter to live exist as a prisoner inside her own body?!

Maybe Terri's parents are sci-fi fans? Seems to me they're really big fans of villians like Stargate's Goa'uld or Star Trek's Borg. Why do I say this? Because these villians' M.O. is to take human life and use it for their own selfish purposes, causing the lives they take not to end in death, but to continue on as helpless prisoners inside themselves. This is what they wish for their daughter, to be little more than a mindless Borg drone, existing simply because someone else dictates that she must, but without any free will or thought of her own. Shit, Terri's free will and thoughts have already been expressed to her husband and he has tried his damndest to carry out her will! It is NOT HER PARENTS' PLACE to override the free will of their daughter just because she can no longer defend herself!

Get this planted into your thick fucking heads: As an invalid, her husband speaks for her. That's part of marriage. When you get married, you are also agreeing that your partner shall speak for you when you cannot. At this time, your parents LOSE the right to speak on your behalf.

So, her husband's wishes are the only one's that really fucking count. I don't know why the fuck the government or anyone else is even giving her parents the time of day! Sure, it's their daughter and they love her (or so they say), but their daughter entered a lifelong partnership that gave her husband the right to make this kind of decision. I have made it abundantly clear to my wife that I do not EVER want to live as a helpless invalid under any circumstances whatsoever. If I am rendered helpless, it would be her place to decide whether I live or die. Would I want my parents overriding her? Fuck no! It's not their place; they don't have ANY right to do so!

All you dumbasses hang on to a worthless life way too hard. She needs to be killed. Not just left to die, but killed! This bullshit about taking out her feeding tube is just fucking sick. Starve her to death? Way to go, morons! Her parents leave her alive and suffering so now you want to let her die suffering?

Go buy a 9mm handgun, put it to her head, and pull the fucking trigger! Her life is over, her time is up, stick a fork in her (jugular), she's done!

UPDATE: Terri Schiavo died on March 31, a whole five fucking days after this rant! We had a little betting pool going on the board, so everybody congratulate APOPLEXY CHAOSMAGICK for picking the right day and predicting Terri's death! Damn, I feel cheated....

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