A tax-supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state
-Isabel Paterson
Lord Galen
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Defending NYRA
(aka - Shane, you can go fuck yourself)

December 5, 2005

I am writing this rant as a public defense of the National Youth Rights Association and its members. This is written in response to a bullshit review of the organization written by an asshole named Shane who spent about 3 weeks on our informal discussion board and, as far as I know, was involved in no way whatsoever with the organization itself. I intend to take the bullshit he wrote piece by piece and show him as the lying sack of shit he is.

The NYRA is the National Youth Rights Association. Like other organizations in the youth rights movement, they basically work to loosen or remove the involvement of age in the law. They want to lower the voting age, lower the drinking age, and give more freedom for students to make more educational choices, among other things.

So far, so good. At least he pretty much got the description right.

The website is well-maintained on the surface. There is plenty of helpful information and literature, should you decide to participate in the youth rights movement through this organization. You can even start your own local chapter. Indeed, the NYRA is perhaps one of the most active and progressive organizations of the youth rights movement.

Yup, all true. Although the website, and the organization as a whole is more than just "on the surface" organization. We'll get to that...

The main issue the NYRA doesn't cover is sexuality. Like many other organizations, they chicken out at the prospect of covering this issue. Why? Since it's such a controversial subject -- age of consent, contraceptives, reproductive rights, pornography -- no one dares to cover it. It is somewhat disturbing that an organization that parades for "youth rights" refuses to address such a basic issue as the right to control and enjoy one's own body.

For the most part, I agree with this. I too feel that the sovereignty over one's body should be a very important issue. However, the trouble that Shane fails in all his miniscule intelligence fails to note is that if NYRA involved itself in such issues, we'd get NOTHING ELSE DONE! The media, legislators, etc. would instantly label us as "the people who want kids to have sex" and that would be the END of NYRA's political career. In fact, one may even be inclined to ask why Shane seems so keenly interested in supporting the right of youth to have sexual freedom. Sure, I do too, so don't think I'm jumping on the guy for that. What I'm saying is that this guy came from out of nowhere and straight from the starting line he goes on and on about kids and sex and that's pretty much all he showed much interest in. Nevermind voting or how their free-speech rights get trampled or the discriminatory practice of curfew laws, Shane just wants them to fuck. And when Shane failed to get his way with the members and staff of NYRA..... Well, I note that he's not around anymore and that he's submitting bullshit about us to Alexa.... Hmmm... Yes, yes, of course I'm interested in defending the rights of youth to have free control over their own bodies (I've said that many times), but the fact is that there are so many other battles to be fought right now! I want my kids to be able to vote and have a beer if they choose and be able to freely associate with anyone of their choosing *at any time of their choosing.* Whether or not they fuck is of little concern to me. I'm sure they'll find a way to make it happen (just like most teens do) if that's really what they want to do. However, they're not going to find a way to vote, or drink, or hang out with friends at 2am if that's what they choose to do with their spare time. Shane has his fucking priorities (pun intended) a little screwed up.

However, this review won't be focused in this area; instead, we'll focus on the community, which, by far, damages whatever pleasant appearance the organization has on the outside.

And here we note Shane's first dumbass mistake. The "community" (the online message board run by NYRA) and the "organization" (the 501(3)(c) non-profit National Youth Rights Association) are NOT the same thing! I'm not sure if Shane's just a lying dickhead or if he's really too stupid to've missed the SEVERAL times he was told that the views, opinions, and activities of the forum members are NOT representative of the views, opinions, and activities of the Organization itself. He goes on to compound this error thoughout the rest of his inane diatribe.

The community consists of an AOL Instant Messenger chatroom and a discussion board. They are very inviting to guests or new members to visit and talk with other members of the organization. However, the new, assertive member will find horror in how the community is managed and the character of those that manage it.

What Shane failed to clairfy here is that the phrase "new, assertive member" (referring to himself) in this case is his white-wash way of saying that he came in as a total newbie with guns blazing telling us all what we were doing wrong and making a complete ass of himself. Perhaps he should try that in a larger org (like the ACLU or EFF) that's not desperate for new members and see how quickly he gets told to go fornicate with the rotting corpse of a pig. We put up with a lot more of his arrogant condescending bullshit than any other civil rights org would have.

Up close, most of the members that participate in the community are zombies, appearing to have lost the ability to see or do anything beyond the NYRA

Translation: Lots of the members are very dedicated to the cause and aren't interested in hearing a new guy rant and rave like a fucking moron about things that've been discussed and decided upon countless times by the Org already. But of course, he's Shane, so he felt it was neccesary to enlighten us all of the error of our ways and put us on the right path... nevermind the little fact that his way of doing things would be the death of NYRA....

those that maintain the discussion board community do so with extreme bias and favoritism towards its more experienced, contributing members.

In other words, after having put up with enough of his bullshit, the members of the NYRA forum basically told Shane "STFU n00b!" Hey, we can only put up with so much egotistical crap from a guy before we let him have it.

There is no concrete set of rules (at the time of this writing), and your status in the community is at the whim of its staff members and the ravaging wolves known as the registered users

In other words, when the community showed Shane that we can be great big assholes just like he can, the forum moderators did nothing. Damn right, bitch!

Harmony exists only if "people know you"; new members that question the organization or don't immediately agree with everything -- particularly the way the organization's run -- are in for a nightmare.

Do I even need to explain the real meaning behind this? Shane's right. When you come in to an organization and do nothing but bitch and complain from the moment you arrive, you are indeed in for a nightmare. He tries to make it sound like he was offering constructive criticism to help the org better itself. No, more like he was just being a gigantic douchebag.

Many of the members express themselves in a vulgar, indecent manner at times without any regard for common courtesy or the organization's appearance as a public, non-profit corporation.

Again, the community is NOT a representation of the organization itself. In fact, most of the forum members are not even actually paid members of NYRA. Anyone can come on a message board and post something. What if I go to the ACLU message board and post "let's kill all the jews?" The ACLU, believing in the first amendment, might not delete that (though if they're smart, they would). So, does that make it the official position of the ACLU that all people of hebrew ancestry should die? In fact, maybe shane should go visit the ACLU message boards. You'll find it a vulgar, obscene and generally rude environment (much more so than NYRA). Such is the price you pay for living in a free-speech loving country and associating with a free-speech loving organization. If you don't like it, move to fucking Afghanistan, you fucking commie bastard!

Oh, and let me add, just who the fuck are you to define "vulgar" and "indecent?" If such expression is commonplace in that community, then it's obviously not vulgar and indecent to the members of the community, now is it? Take your bullshit elsewhere.

I have spoken to some members -- inside and outside of the community -- and discovered some interesting insight about them. One member is a happy marijuana-smoker.....

So was our last President. What's your fucking point? See, here Shane is trying to imply that since some of the individual members of the community have some illegal personal habits, this should somehow reflect badly on the Organization, which has absolutely no control over what it's members (or community members) do in their personal lives. Shame on Shane for trying this underhanded favorite trick of the media.

...another member is a young adolescent that started having secret sexual relations with older men at the dawn of his teenage years...

Oh gee, Shane's a hypocrite too! Wasn't this the guy that started off this little shit storm by bitching that NYRA doesn't do anything to promote the sexual rights of the young? And NOW he tries to paint the org as "bad" because one of its members has a fucking sex life?! And really, unless Shane is the one sleeping with this alleged young man, how could he possibly know that this is going on? Gossip is the only way I can think of. So now, good 'ol Shane wants us to listen to his libelous bullshit? Whatever! And if Shane's right and there IS a young man in the org (or in the community) doing something like this, then I'd ask two questions of Shane: First, what would you have us do about it? We're a civil rights organization, not his fucking parents. Second, just how is that any of YOUR business? For that matter, just what right to you have to talk about someone else's personal life in such a public manner without their consent (and I'm sure you do not have this person's consent to discuss his sex life with the entire World Wide Web). You're such a fucking asshole, Shane.

another member has a young "daughter" that visits the community and curses at dissenting members. The "parent" is an active member of the organization and actually promotes this behavior.

I do so love it when I get mentioned personally in these things. See, Shane's pissed off cuz I let my little Meg lay into him. Shane is a little embarrassed I guess that he got owned by a 9 year old. In all honesty though, all she did was playfully call him a fucking bitch (with a lot less malice than some of the other ppl there who were calling him a fucking bitch). And, let's put this in context too, Shaney boy. This was in a thread specifically discussing children swearing. The fact that she swore at him while commenting on that topic is clever irony. And, if Shane wants to go to the mat on that one, I do recall that he made a thinly vieled threat that if she spoke to him like that in real life, he'd beat her ass. Shane, pal, I wish you'd fucking try.... They wouldn't be able to fit two pieces of you back together when I got finished. Shane made some bullshit comment that her language was "threatening" to him or some stupid shit like that. Well, Shane, if you want someone to be threatening to you, why don't you just come on down here to Georgia and lay just one goddamn finger on my little girl. I swear to fucking God, I would beat you with a tire iron until you stopped squirming, you gutless little turd!!! Talkin' about defending yourself against the threatening acts of a 9yo girl on the Internet. The more I think about it, the more I fucking hope you die of pneumonia soon. I really fucking hate you.

Oh yeah, and AS I ALREADY TOLD SHANE, I do not promote her swearing. It is not my place to either promote or discourage it. She is her own person. Shane has a fucking problem with that and that's HIS bigotry and HIS fucking problem, not mine!

Finally, we have another member who's so stuck up about himself that he doesn't _care_ about _anyone's_ thoughts or feelings, whatsoever.

Yes, and his name was SHANE!

What's so disturbing is that these aren't just regular members; these are actually people that run the organization!

Wrong. Most of the people attacking you on the board weren't even staff, let alone the people who run the organization. Alex, our beloved Executive Director, was very nice to you and THIS bullshit is how you repay his kindness? You're such a fucking sack of shit, you spineless little cum bucket!

How can anyone take the youth rights movement seriously if those that participate in it don't even know how to behave as public figures?

Those who actually *are* public figures behave quite well generally. But yes, like all people, we do all have our breaking points. There comes a time when we just have to say "STFU n00b!"

A voting membership to the organization costs $10.00 USD. That same amount of money can buy me a cheap -- but addicting -- game at Walmart, a bag of beef jerky, some chips, and a canned drink, or a chicken/turkey sub (meal deal!) with chips and a drink from Subway(tm).

Now, which one do you think is the least valuable purchase?

Oh yay, there's a fun game. Let's compare an org that champions the civil rights of young people with some junk food items! Sure, that makes PERFECT fucking sense!

That's it, I'm finished picking Shane apart now. In closing, I'd just like to mention that this rant is in no way expressing the opinion of the National Youth Rights Organization as an entity and that this message has not been endorsed by the President, Executive Director, or Board of Directors of NYRA. My opinion is entirely my own and Shane can entirely go fuck himself with a rusty nail gun!

Update: Shane has written a response to this rant. You can read it here. It's just as retarded as he is and serves as an excellent example of how a dumbfuck can twist things. Gotta give credit though, at least he kept himself from throwing a tantrum like he usually does.

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