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Sex Tourism - Holy Fucking Shit, You People Are SO Stupid!
April 6, 2005

I was reading through some news this morning and came across a story about 11 people who were arrested after they booked a vacation with "Costa Rica Taboo Vacations" which is a Travel Agency based in Ft. Lauderdate, FL that outright states in their ads that they offer arranged sexual encounters with children under age 12. Now, at first I laughed at how 11 people could possibly be that dumb, but then I decided to Google the name of the Travel Agency for more on this story....

I found site after site after site after site where this shit is being discussed. Not discussed as in "those 11 sickos, blah blah blah" but discussed as in "How can that travel agency be allowed to stay open? Why isn't anyone doing anything?" Indeed, another news article on the subject even mentions how the Agency advertises in a popular magazine down there in Florida and that the Agency has been reported to the FBI, but the FBI is not investigating the company.

*SIGH* Let me put this as gently as I possibly can. Of course the FBI isn't investigating the company....


Jesus Christ, how fucking RETARDED are you people?! Website after website packed FULL of goddamn idiots who actually believe that a real Travel Agency advertising "We'll set you up with little kids to fuck!" would last for more than five minutes! GOD ALMIGHTY, WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DAMN STUPID?!?!?!?!

This has to be easily the single DUMBEST thing I have seen in YEARS! The only thing dumber that I can think of is when my stupid ass cousin first got a computer and couldn't e-mail anybody because she kept spelling out the "dot" in .com! THAT is the level of fucking stupidity we're dealing with here!

Idiots, listen up! Costa Rica Taboo Vacations is a sting operation being run by either the FBI or local authorities! There is *NO WAY* a company like that could stay open (and advertise!) if they were for real, you stupid fucking moronic idiotic cum-guzzling jack-offs!

And to the 11 men who were arrested because they ACTUALLY booked a fucking kiddie sex vacation with this company: The contest is over! You win! Congratulations, you are the DUMBEST FUCKING PEOPLE EVER! They should just dismiss all those other charges and execute you for being superhumanly STUPID! If I were one of the cops arresting these guys, I don't think I could actually do it! Hell, why bother arresting them? Anybody that damn stupid is sure to forget how to breathe any day now, just leave 'em alone and let 'em die! Shit, give 'em a kid and they still couldn't figure out where to stick their little dicks! They are just THAT FUCKING DUMB!

Good God... I wanted this rant to be longer but man... My head is gonna explode any second now just trying to IMAGINE how ANYBODY could POSSIBLY be as DUMB as these people!

I mean it... I swear to God I mean it... There can't possibly be anybody dumber than these people.

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