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Our Children Belong To The Government
June 20, 2005

The following rant is based on this news story, reprinted below:

Mental Health Screening in Schools Signals the End of Parental Rights
By: Nancy Levant

In the 2005-2006 school year, all parents will receive written notice of new policies from your children’s schools. Many schools will ask you to sign permission slips, allowing school counselors or “advocates” to have conversations with your children. You will be told how your local schools are now involved in vision and dental screenings, learning disabilities and speech impediment screenings, and other acts of kindness, but watch for the small print or the extra little blurb, which states that your children will also be evaluated for emotional wellness. Watch for wording like “happiness indicators” or “family participation.” The fact is that our president has mandated that every American child, age 3 through 18, is federally ordered to be evaluated for mental health issues and to receive “enforced” treatment. Welcome to President Bush’s New Freedom Initiative and New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. Welcome to life-long profiling and drug addictions, New Freedom-style.

52 million students and six million adults working in schools, according to this commission, will be tested and should flush out at least 6 million people, or shall we say new customers, who will then be mandated to receive “treatment.” What treatment does our president’s commission have in mind? The newest drugs in the pharmaceutical pipelines, of course. The commission recommends “specific medications for specific conditions.”

One of the state-of-the-art treatments, and most expensive, is an implanted capsule – yes, that’s right, implanted. The capsule delivers medication into a child’s body without the child having to swallow a pill or the need for parental permission for dispensation.

The New Freedom Commission named the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) a model treatment plan. Medical algorithms are a flowchart-style treatment indicator. If you have A symptom and B symptom, take C medication. TMAP began with the University of Texas, big pharma, and the mental health and corrections system in Texas. The American Psychiatric Association concurs that TMAP is brilliant.

However, the New Freedom Initiative and Commission is a political-big pharma marriage. Many companies who supported TMAP were also major contributors to Bush’s re-election funds. For example, Eli Lilly manufactures olanzapine - one of the drugs recommended in the New Freedom plan, and furthermore, George Herbert Walker Bush was once a member of Lilly’s board of directors. Our current President Bush appointed Lilly’s chief executive officer, Sidney Taurel, as a member of the Homeland Security Council. Eighty-two percent of Lilly’s $1.6 million in political contributions in 2000 went to Bush and the Republican Party. Do tell…

Texas Algorithm grossed over 4 billion dollars in 2003 and olanzapine is Eli Lilly's top selling drug. A 2003 New York Times article by Gardiner Harris claims that 70 percent of olanzapine sales are paid for by government agencies, such as Medicare and Medicaid. And lo and behold, guess who is now able to bill Medicaid for health services? Public schools, of course, as they are now under the big pharma-political profits/pay-back umbrella once they adopt screening policies. Public schools can now be paid to screen and drug your kids.

Now, if you ever wonder, ever again, if public-private partnerships care about people, then you need a brain transplant. Your children are now the legislated guinea pigs and lab rats for the pharmaceutical companies who bought and paid for our president’s campaign. Favors are now returned to those companies in the form of enforced, juvenile customers, their health, and their future drug addictions.

But wait, there is more. The New Freedom Commission also calls for enforced treatment. That means that parents have no rights to refuse the treatment recommenced by TMAP and other drug dispensing corporate-bureaucratic apparatuses. And as the mental health bureaucracy is also involved in this financial game of insidious cruelty, parents and families are also to be investigated via the result of their children’s screenings in schools. In other words, schools are now the across-the board, or shall I say nation, diagnostic tool for big pharma and child control.

And there’s more. The U.N. Agenda 21 has also called for total intrusion into schools and children lives. No more religion, no more individuality, no more real education, no more real grades, no more real teaching, no more teacher respect for parents, and no more truth from teachers or principals. This sounds very familiar and very political to me. And I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: if you are of a religious ilk and you refuse to allow your children to be abused by our “educational” system, the stage is being set for you to lose physical custody of your children. I suggest that you read this: Rethinking Orphanages for the 21st Century by Richard McKenzie, ed

Still got your kids in public schools? Shame on you, and may God bless your poor children and forgive you.
Do I even need to rant? Seriously, do I even need to say a fucking word?! If you aren't absolutely fucking FUMING after reading that, you're a goddamn heartless fucking cunt and you need to die right now.

Any Bush supporters left? I sure hope not. Read MY lips, you brainless fucks:


I'm sorry, maybe you didn't fucking hear me; let me say it again:


George W. Bush, you sonofabitch, HOW DARE YOU! How dare you sit there on your pompous lily white ass and conspire to fuck up the youth of America! If they don't meet the government's ideal of "mentally healthy" they will be drugged beyond recognition! What happens when they refuse to salute the flag (as is their constitutional right)? BAM! "Oppositional Defiance Disorder" right there, put them all on drugs! In fact, absolutely any questioning of authority can be classified as ODD... So, basically, any young person who has the mental fortitute to look at the world around him and question the way things are will be drugged into no longer questioning anything!

I don't think I've ever hated anyone as much as I fucking LOATHE George W. Bush right now! And you Secret Service guys can just chill the fuck out, alright! I'm not going to go after the President. I don't fucking need to. I believe in a place called Hell. If not Hell, there's always Karma and G.W. will get reincarnated as a fucking stomach virus! He damn sure gives ME the shits!

I cannot even express in words the amount of absolute and total outrage that I feel. The word RAGE doesn't quite seem to define it. Maybe "all-encompassing FURY" comes close, but I doubt it!

I can promise you this. My child will never endure this. You mother fuckers will do that shit to my kid, over my cold, dead, rotting corpse! I FUCKING SWEAR IT!!!!

My child will never see the inside of a public school as long as this and other such policies remain in place. If it extends to private schools, my child will be homeschooled. If it extends outside of the schools (as it most certainly will if left unchecked), my child, my wife, and myself will be heading straight back to my wife's home country. I will stay and FIGHT this fucking fascist 1984-ish bullshit for as long as I can, with my last dying breath if I must, but I won't put my kid through it. You're fucking with my kids now, so congratulations, you figured out how to make me and others like me get the fuck out of dodge!

This simply will not happen without a fight. You've gone too far. Even the ignorant masses of America will surely not stand idly by and let you fuck with their children! If they do, then fuck them all; they deserve you and their fate. But their children do not, that's the sad part.

Bush has gone too far. The other shit, as enraging as it was, pales in comparison. Jesus fucking Christ, is he TRYING to model Orwell's 1984??? People won't abide this. If there's anything I can have faith in, it is that the scared, panicky masses will perceive this as a danger to their children and they will BITE the hand the feeds them! No... I give people too much credit. They're not smart enough to see the danger.

Everyone pick up a copy of 1984, or go the Links page on this site and visit the link where you can read the whole thing online. Read it, NOW, because it's our future.

Speaking of our future, something about this and other similiar initiatives scares the fuck out of me.... What does Bush plan to do when his term is up? These are long term brainwashing schemes and he's there for the short term. Or is he? If that asshole is not out of office when his term is supposed to end, I hereby incite all Americans to riot. The Constitution says that we, the American people, do indeed have the right to overthrow the government and build a new one. So, I'm not being some crazy anarchist "hey, let's overthrow the government cuz we're morons" militia idiot here, I'm excersizing my constitutionally granted right to say that this government is NOT the one set up by the founding fathers of this nation and if Bush tries to stay in office (and don't think that's far fetched at all!), I hereby call on all Americans everywhere to rise up and DEMAND that the government be dismantled!

But I'm wasting my breath and just making myself sound like a liberal nutjob. Nobody fucking cares. You've all proven that time and time again. Bush will do what Bush wants to do and no one will stop him, ever.

Remember the beginning of the end and don't say nobody ever warned you it was coming. Don't say "Bush pulled the wool over everybody's eyes" cuz NO THE FUCK HE DIDN'T! I see his true nature and so do millions upon millions of other Americans. One day, you will too. Just wait.....

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