The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.
-Treaty of Tripoli
Article 11 (1797)
Lord Galen
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My Religious Beliefs, Part 2
September 26, 2005

This rant is the sequel to My Religious Beliefs

Apparently, instead of answering questions about my personal beliefs when I wrote the last rant, I only caused more to spring up. My hope in writing that rant was to get people to STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! I am of the opinion that a person's religion is a personal thing, not something that's open to public inquiry or scrutiny.

I got a lot of moronic questions from people who seem to lack inferrential skills (that is, the ability to read something and infer an answer to your question from the given material). About 98% of the questions I've recieved since writing that rant have been questions that I already fucking answered in the rant itself, if people only knew how to READ! You have to take the document as a whole, moron, not just whatever little section you picked out to bitch about. Here's a hint to the most frequently asked question idiots had. Though I might've talked about evolution/creationism/Intelligent Design near the top of the page, that doesn't mean that's the ONLY place I discussed it and it doesn't mean that I covered ALL of my beliefs on the subject in that one section. My writings tend to intermingle, so how 'bout you go back to first grade and learn some basic skills, dickhead.

Now, I did get a few really good questions via e-mail and IM which made me realize that I should expand on my earlier rant. Thus, the reason I've written this one.

The main hangup that people seem to have is how I can claim a belief in logic/reason yet still believe in an unproven supernatural being's existance. So let me give a little science lesson.

N-dimensional Space

In one area of theoretical physics (specifically, the superstring theory), there is the idea that our limited senses are not capable of observing the vast majority of things that go on in the universe around us. In fact, it is believed that the four dimensions we perceive (height, width, length, and time) are only 4 of an infinite number of dimensions that exist. This can be a tricky concept to grasp at first, so let me give an example that I found in a physics book I read years ago (by Stephen Hawking I think, but I don't recall exactly).

Imagine that there exist an race of aliens who live on your kitchen table. These beings are completely flat; they only exist in 2 physical dimensions (width and length). Since they are only capable of existing in these two dimenions, they are not even aware of the other physical dimension that we know (height). These beings have absolutely no concept whatsoever of the idea behind "up" and "down" that we take for granted. Really, it would blow their mind if you tried to explain what "up" means to one of them; they'd never get it no matter how hard you tried because they simply have no concept of the dimension of height. So, what if you came along one day and picked one of these beings up? You, being a 3D creature, have no problem moving in all 3 physical dimensions, but this creature wouldn't know what the fuck was going on! Suppose you had some more sadistic fun and drew a box around one of the creatures with a marker? Wouldn't it appear to that creature that a solid wall had just materialized in front of him? What's he gonna do, climb over it? Nope, no such thing as "over" or "under" in their perception of reality (because that would require them to understand the concept of "up" and "down"). To those 2D beings, you have just performed "supernatural" feats, even though what you did was perfectly natural and simple to you. You made one of them vanish from existance and you trapped the other one behind a mystical wall for all time.

And so, I believe, is the case with God. He is not "supernatural" because there is no such thing as "supernatural." What we naively define as "supernatural" is nothing more than perfectly natural phenomena that we are incapable of understanding or perceiving with our 5 senses.

It is the height of arrogance for anyone, whether religious, agnostic, atheist, or whatever, to believe that what we are aware of is all that exists. And that arrogance is compounded by the laughably primitive belief that we're the top of the line models for all existance! Surely there's no being higher than us, right? Right, and Earth is the center of the universe with all the stars revolving around us....moron. This is the same old problem that existed back in the dark ages. The established know-it-alls of society won't back off their fucking egos long enough to take a look around at just how insect-like and trivial the human race is. Seriously, what have we accomplished that makes you twits think we are anywhere even CLOSE to being able to pronounce that there is no higher being??? Well, we're not - not by a longshot - and I think it's about time you shut the hell up about it. If science and history have taught us anything, it's that 1000 years from now people will be laughing at our ideas, theories, and beliefs. My point is, you atheistic pricks, all the evidence points to the conclusion that the human race knows less than half a percent about the universe, so you should stop assuming that "science" has all the answers. And yes, I pulled the number 0.5% out of my ass; it's a guess, but it sounds pretty close to me (and I was being generous with my estimation).

Many will say that the exact same argument applies to me and other Christians as well. We don't know enough to assume that God exists. Don't make me have to slap you around with ID theory again. The point is that while we don't KNOW anything for sure, common fucking sense tells us that this didn't all just appear here by the cold dead universe waiting around with its proverbial thumb up its non-existant ass WAITING for things to just spring into being. Let me sum up for you in simple terms how I view things:

"Daddy, where did everything come from?"

Intelligent Design: Some (perhaps unknown) intelligent being created the vast unimaginable complexity that makes up the life and the universe.

Evolution: It just happened.

I agree that answering your child with "Because God made it that way" is a piss-poor excuse for an answer, but "it just all happened by accident" is your version of that shitty answer and it's even worse!

If I find out tomorrow that there is, without a doubt, no superior being than humanity, I'll be just fine with it. I won't cry and go "oh noes, we're duuum'd!" And, for the record, I am perfectly willing to accept the possibility that I am wrong. I could very well be wrong, and I don't have a problem dealing with that possibility. You, on the other hand, hold on to "science" with the same ferver and blind faith that you accuse so many Christians of having and then fail to see your own hypocrisy. I will happily accept Evolution when evolution can come up with something better than "Oops, look, it's a universe!"

The truth of things is probably that we are BOTH wrong. Again, science doesn't know nearly enough to say and neither does Christianity. All I know is that I'm ok with being wrong; are you?

Oh, and in closing, one particular moron on another forum made a comment to my last rant that there's "no such thing" as micro evolution and macro evolution; that it's all the same thing. *Clears throat* Macro evolution is the evolution of planetary bodies - planets, moons, stars, solar systems, galaxies, etc, etc. Micro evolution is the evolution of things on the - are you ready for this - microscopic level (who'd have guessed?!) such as cells, genes, chromosomes, DNA strands, etc, etc. Macro means "big" and micro means "small." Got it? Maybe it'd be a good idea for you to actually read a book on evolution before you go showing off your stupidity next time, ok? Now, go take your coloring books and sit in the corner quietly so you can stop disturbing the intelligent evolutionists in the class.....

Now, I think I'm finished here. If anyone else would like to bother me about God, reality, "meaning of life stuff" or whatever, please just send me an e-mail and I'll delete it right away.

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