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My Religious Beliefs
August 7, 2005

You really would not believe the amount of crap that I get from people asking me how I can possibly call myself a Christian given that I run this website. My religious beliefs have never been very clearly defined, though I have written a few rants concerning certain religious things. So, I decided that perhaps it was time to answer some of the more common questions that I get and more clearly define just exactly what it is that I believe. Many of my beliefs are rather mysterious though, even to me. However, I will define what I can.

Is there a God or not?

Yes. I define God (*the* God) as the original creator and designer of the universe and all life within it. My reasoning on this is that it is plainly obvious to any observer that the universe is a structure, as are all living things. The workings of living beings and the universe itself (from the simplest hydrogen atom to the most complex galaxies) have a working structure. Not just a structure, but a functional structure. Evolutionists would have you believe that a supercomputer can build itself by pure chance if given enough time. While they may say that believers in God are fools, I feel the opposite is true. Where did all life come from? "Well, it just took along time, but all the pieces managed to fall into place in exactly the right way." Riiiight... So if I just leave a 50 million piece jigsaw puzzle lying around and give it a few million years, it'll eventually be assembled by natural forces? And they think Christians are nuts?! The observable fact is that a complex design which has a specific purpose does NOT come into existance of its own accord, no matter how many billions of years you give it. Has anything so simple as a pair of scissors even evolved? No, yet solar systems, and human minds (things which are trillions of times more complex) can. The universe and all life in it has a clearly observable complex functional design! The fact that there is such a design (with specific purposes) implies the existance of a designer! The presence of a dress is proof that a dressmaker exists! This is known as the "Intelligent Design" theory and it is the one that I ascribe to. However, I do also believe in evolution; micro evolution, not macro evolution. We are here because we were designed. Our evolution was a carefully planned and controlled event. Complexity exists in nature and functionality exists in nature, but the 2 together do not exist without the guiding hand of an intelligent being, period. The presence of a design proves the existance of a designer.

[ UPDATE 8/24/2005 ] Stop sending me your moronic e-mails about evolution. Apparently everyone who reads this rant stops right about here. Read the whole damn thing, you puss-filled little twat and MAYBE some small spark of understanding might hit you. I doubt it though. About 80% of the e-mails I've gotten are from anti-Christian bigots who wouldn't believe in anything God-related if God came down and beat their asses with a burning bush! I'm not interested in your bigotry, and aren't you the ones always whining about how "closed minded" Christians are? Here's a new word for you, asshat: H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E. Learn how that applies to people who bitch and moan about how "the Christians" push their beliefs on others, yet they feel perfectly ok sending me e-mails to tell me how wrong MY beleifs are and how stupid religion is. If I sent you e-mails about how retarded Atheism is, you'd jump down my throat for being intolerant. Getting the picture, yet? Tolerance goes BOTH ways, you fucks! No, I'm not going to answer your lame ass questions on evolution. "Supercomputers aren't built out of the same things as people." "Scissors can't reproduce." "Blah blah, I'm a retarded moron who doesn't put any thought into his stupid questions because I'd ask the most dumbass thing ever if it meant a chance to bash some Christians!" Congratulations, you all receive a degree in STUPID from the University of DUUUURRRRRR! [end of update]

But how does that equal the Christian God?

Frankly, it doesn't. I am of the belief that every "supreme being" in every religion is simply a different human interpretation of the same God. I honestly don't think it matters which god you follow; they are all the same being. Which human interpretation of "God" suits you is a personal choice and certainly varies from person to person.

What about the Bible?

I do not trust the Holy Bible. There is iron-clad evidence showing that the original compilers of the various religious texts which would later become the modern Bible had a very selective process. If a certain book said something they didn't like, it was tossed out. They put together a collection of texts that spread THEIR message, not God's. So while I'm certain that much of the Bible is true, it is only a part of the puzzle. Modern Christians were cheated by the early Church. We have an incomplete Gospel. There is a book concerning Jesus' childhood; he was a little shit, so the Church left that book out, not wanting to tarnish his name. There is a book written by Mary Magdelene (Jesus' best friend) that contained words of Jesus that can be found nowhere else. The early Church didn't like some of those words, nor the words of Mary, so they left that book out too.

There is also the matter of mistranslations. Most notably is the fact that the Bible did not, at any time, condemn homosexuality as a sin. In fact, the Bible did not mention it at all. Modern translations do though. The original Greek word that was translated to mean "homosexual" actually means "temple prostitution." The Bible is the *ONLY* example in all of known history where that word was ever translated to mean "homosexual." It's like this: Imagine if I write the sentence "I hate stupid whores" but 2,000 years from now, translators decide that that sentence means "I hate stupid fags." That is EXACTLY what happened to the Bible.

The whole damn thing is subjective, though it shouldn't be. It was meant to be a definitive book, but the arrogance of the early Christians turned it into a mockery. It's the greatest book ever written, sure, but there's several thousand pages missing from all over the book. If I bought a book like that today, I do believe I'd take it back and get a refund.

What about Jesus?

There is a plenty of circumstantial evidence that Jesus was a fraud and not really divine at all. However, this evidence is all very flimsy. Until some solid evidence can prove otherwise, I am content to believe in the eyewitness accounts of the thousands of people (both skeptics and believers alike) who witnessed this man do things that no other has ever done. Not the least of which was rising from the dead. The Jews and Romans hated this guy with a passion, so you can bet your ass they made damn sure he was dead as a fuckin' doorknob before they let his body go. Yet over 3,000 people saw and spoke to him 3 days later (3 days by the ancient Hebrew calendar, mind you, not the modern calendar). If that's not divinity, then let me see you do it :)

What about other gods?

Yes, I have stated many times that I believe in the existance of the pagan gods (demi-gods). Even the Bible mentions them and mentions God casting them into "the outer darkness." Christian and Pagan scholars alike have surmised that the "outer darkness" is a region of Hell, and many pagan writings from after Biblical times seem to indicate that the ancient gods escaped from "the outer darkness" and back into the universe. It would seem that there are indeed many powerful beings who are far above us on the evolutionary ladder, but that God is at the top of that ladder and far above them.

From various texts I've read and my own thoughts, I theorize (just my theory, understand) that this universe and the life within it were not the first things created by God. The angels, demons, Satan, etc. all existed before Genesis, so it is logical to assume that a LOT happened before the creation of the universe as we know it. My guess is that the first beings created by God were much closer to his level of existance than we are. If his words in Genesis can be believed to be accurate, you'll note that he seemed very worried about us gaining the knowledge of Good & Evil and Eternal Life and therefore becoming like him. Perhaps this is because he had already been burned once by creating beings like himself?

Where did God come from?

Nowhere. God exists outside of time and therefore did not need to have a beginning. The concept of "beginning" and "end" are concepts rooted in our perception of time. God created time and therefore created these concepts; they did not exist until he thought them up. There was no such thing as "beginning" or "end" before the universe was created. Actually, there was no such thing as "before" the universe, since time didn't exist until the Big Bang (that's physics talking, btw, not religion... time itself *did* have a beginning).

If you don't trust the Bible, then how can you be a Christian?

Simple. I believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and follow his teachings (such as I understand them). That is what it means to be a "follower of Christ" (Christian). All the other crap they saddle you with in church is exactly that - CRAP.

Um... you language?

In other words, "You don't talk like a Christian." The concept of swearing and "bad language" and it being "sinful" is a man-made concept. Even the Bible doesn't mention it. I can say damn shit hell fuck pussy ass bitch all day long and it doesn't mean a fucking thing to God. They're just words and I somehow doubt that a supreme being such as himself is going to get all worked up over petty human dislikes such as "bad words." It's the meaning behind that words that is important. Saying "I don't like you God" is just as heretical as "fuck you God!" Only the words are different. Saying "I love my God" is just as praising as "God fucking rocks the balls off this bitch!" Only the words are different. You'll all be very surprised I think, when we get up to Heaven and God says "Yo bitches, what's up?! It's about fuckin' time you lame ass motherfuckers made it; let's party!"

Put simply, I don't believe in the image of a stuffy boring God. I think God's a lot of fun, he's just stressed out, that's all.

What about Satan?

I mentioned him already in passing. The universe exists in balance, so it stands to reason that if there's an all-powerful good guy, there must be an all-powerful bad guy. My theory is that Satan was probably the very first being God created and he created Satan to be as close to his equal as possible. Or, it's also possible that Satan has simply always existed just as God has.

Are non-believers going to Hell?

No. I don't care how many religious people say it, I will NEVER believe that a loving God would condemn his creations to an eternity of suffering for having made mistakes. I believe very strongly in reincarnation. Sure, I think Hell exists, but it exists for beings more powerful than we or for humans whose souls are simply too evil to ever change. After all, it's only logical to assume that Satan also has some control over the lives that are created on Earth.

How can you be both a Druid and a Christian?

Common misconception. Druidry is *NOT* a religion! It is a path of learning and teaching in all things. It is my goal (and the goal of every other Druid) to learn all that is learnable in the many lifetimes we have and to share all the knowledge that we can share in this time. There is no standard set of beliefs for Druids. There are Druids who are pagans, atheists, Christians, agnostics, Satanists, etc. What God or gods you believe in has nothing to do with being a Druid. I chose this path (or rather, it chose me really) because my goal is to seek out knowledge and truth in all places. To that end....

The things I've written here about my beliefs are what I see as the truth for the time being. As I learn more, these beliefs may change completely or they may be affirmed even more. They are certainly not perfect beliefs and I don't have all the answers (no one does). But I continue to seek out those answers and if they conflict with what I now believe, then so be it. The truth is the truth and it is immutable. What exactly the truth *is* has yet to be determined (by anyone). But we are searching and the search for the truth is the really important part. It is for this reason that I've often hesitated in explaining my religious beliefs. There is much that I still didn't get into. I believe in magic, spirits, psychic abilities, etc (y'know, all that "crazy" paranormal stuff). However, all of that will have to wait for another time. I've written more than enough for now and explained the core of my beliefs (yes, just the core... it would take a 500,000 word dissertation to fully cover all of my spritual beliefs and nobody wants to read that) and that will just have to do.

Oh, and in closing, let me just note that e-mails and posts on the message board attempting to debate religion with me are futile. I learned long ago that trying to "discuss" religion on the Internet is akin to streaking across a shooting range. People are beligerant and intolerant and I swore off religious debate long ago. It is a pointless excersize and I'll have no part of it whatsoever. I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe. Each thing is true for us based on what we each have learned. Only *I* will ever change my own beliefs, not you, so don't try.

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