Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid. They will believe a lie either because they want it to be true or because they're afraid it's true.
-Terry Goodkind
Lord Galen
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Nudity & The Body
March 7, 2005

I never felt like bitching about the Janet Jackson shit when it happened. Really, I just tend to not comment on whatever "hot button" happens to be getting pushed at the moment. However, I was thinking about it earlier and it got me thinking. It's really just part of the larger problem. Janet Jackson fucking tit is a small insignificant thing that doesn't really deserve my attention (and I mean that in both ways you could take that), however the bigger problem certainly needs to be addressed.

The Conservatives, Orthodox Christians, and other prudish old bastards are quite fond of talking about what a sick perverted society we live in. I happen to agree. They're absolutely right that the world we live in is disturbing as fuck, but not for the reasons they think.

What, you think Janet's skanky old boob was an isolated incident? Nope. I've read a story where a picture of a 3yo girl playing topless in her backyard got an elderly woman detained for several hours and questioned by the police. Hey, y'know those embarrassing pictures your parents have of you in the bathtub when you were little? Better tell mom and dad to burn that shit, cuz it might get them arrested!

Or, how about school dress codes? Showing your naval is considered obscene. I'm sorry, but didn't we deal with the "belly button controversy" back when "I Dream of Jeannie" was on TV? Way back then it was a hot button issue, yet today we seem to have come no further... Or, is it actually that we have come further, but we're simply moving backwards now? That seems to be the trend, in my opinion. It appears that we are moving rapidly backwards in all the progress we've made as a society.

These days, the sight of human flesh is considered obscene. Almost any flesh that's not arms, legs, or head is looked upon with disdain. Why? Because it might "excite" someone? Because someone might actually find part of the human body attractive? Oh no! Holy shit! And even though I included "legs" in the list of ok things, that's only true some of the time. Oh yeah people, there are STILL parents (and kids) out there who think that showing any leg above the knee is "inappropriate."

Some of you may be wondering what the fuck I'm going on and on about here. Yeah, I know you've seen scantily clad women on just about every TV program and movie out there. And yes, you see sex everywhere because sex sells. But, let me ask you this: WHY does sex and nudity sell? Simple; these things sell because they're controversial and risque. Controversy sells, bitch! Just take a look at Eminem's record sales or Howard Stern's popularity if you need proof of that! The reason all these taboo "no-no" things get shoved down our throats is because people want to see "naughty" things. That's just fine, but I have a HUGE fucking problem with the fact that these things are considered "naughty" in the first place! They shouldn't be! They shouldn't be! THEY SHOULDN'T BE CONSIDERED BAD!!!

Sorry to have to attack my own "religion" here, but it's truth time. All this is the fault of Christianity. It can all be traced back to one fucking entry in the Bible: "The flesh is evil..." [Galations 5:22]. Lest someone accuse me of taking things out of context, let's look at the whole passage:

"The flesh is evil but the spirit is good. The flesh hates moderation and loves excesses thus turning all good things to evil things. However, the spirit loves moderation and hates excesses. The choice is clear. Choose the flesh and perish or choose the spirit and live in peace, joy and temperance"
--Galations 5:22-23
So, basically, anything we enjoy physically is evil... Riiiiiight. Oh, no sorry, I'm being dramatic. It's actually saying that anything we enjoy physically is evil IF we enjoy it too much! Sex is good, as long as we don't enjoy it a whole LOT! Lemme let you bitches in a little secret about Galations and most of the New Testament... It was written by Paul, a mortal man who never even claimed to have gotten what he wrote from God the way Moses did. Paul wrote down what HE personally believed was the way of Christ and that's it. You assholes aren't following the word of Christ, you're following the word of Paul and Paul was a dickhead! Fuck Paul, that bastard! And, hey, who exactly was Paul anyway? He's the guy responsible for the deaths of dozens (maybe hundreds) of the early followers of Christ until one day he miraculously changed his mind when God spoke to him.... Did it every occur to you stupid fuckers that maybe such an evil guy trying to be a good guy just MIGHT be a little fucked up and have some pretty warped interpretations of the things Christ taught? Now don't come back with "But the Bible is the Word of God! God inspired the authors of the Bible as to what they should write..." Maybe He did. Moses and many of the Old Testament prophets certainly said that He did, however that asshole Paul never claimed to be inspired by God to write a damn thing.

I veered quite a bit off topic there, but not really. The topic is relevant in that Paul, the man who started all this "the flesh is evil" bullshit, was a fucking asswipe! And it's also relevant in that Paul was not writing "from God to Humanity" he was writing "from Paul to the Church in Galatia" and that's ALL! All you "flesh is evil" believing cunts have been following PAUL all these years, not Christ, you dumbass fucking MORONS!

What was my point again? Oh yeah, it's that you're all mindless little idiots! Isn't that always the point? Look, nudity is not "bad" and sex is not "bad." The human body is a natural thing and a naked person should be looked upon in the same light that we view an animal or a tree. Janet Jackson should be able to walk onto the set of The 700 Club completely naked without anyone even raising an eyebrow! Stop laughing! Why shouldn't she? The human body was created by God, why the fuck are YOU so ASHAMED of what God created?! Why do you see His creation as dirty, obscene, etc.? To all those Conservative Christians, I say HOW DARE YOU look upon the work of God and wrinkle your face in disgust and indignation!

Don't EVEN come back to me with "We know all that, but it's to protect the children." Right, protect the children... And, if I may ask, protect the children from WHAT? Nudity is not bad or evil or wrong or obscene, it is good and natural, so WHY the fuck are you trying to "protect" the children from something good?! Did I miss a memo or something? Since when do we protect people from good things?

Let's ban recess.... to protect the children.
Let's ban laughter.... to protect the children
Let's ban reading.... to protect the children
[and here's what you all really mean]
Let's ban THINKING.... to protect everybody!

You hear me, bitches? Falwell, Dobson, Hagee...? You assholes listening? YOU people are the ones making this society sick, twisted, and perverted. YOU assholes have perverted the Word of God that you claim to hold so dear.

You're all absolutely right... we DO live in a sick world! Thanks a lot, assholes!

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