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Maybe You Shouldn't Be a Teacher
November 18, 2005

So I'm walking around the playground one day, as I always do because I can't see well enough to watch the kids while sitting on my ass 100 feet away like the other teachers. I walk past the little slide coming down from one of those big playhouse things and this boy gets my attention. He points to a little girl sitting at the top of the slide and says that she won't move and won't go down. So, I walk over to tell her to move her ass when I see that she's sitting there crying. I pick her up and put her down on the ground to get her outta the other kids' way, then I kneel down to talk to her and find out what's wrong. She eventually tells me that she didn't have any money to buy ice cream today at lunch. Now, sure, that's a dumbass reason to cry, but she's 5 so crying for dumbass reasons just goes with the territory. I tell her that there's not really anything we can do about that and I'm sorry she's upset and ask her if she'd like to go sit down until she feels better. She said yes, so I took her up to where two other teachers are sitting at a picnic table and sit her down there. One of the other teachers asks what's wrong with her and I tell her what the little girl told me. So, this other teacher yells at the kid, saying that she does this every day and it's rediculous and to go play.

Wow, way to be a heartless bitch. All the kid needed was to sit there and cry for a minute and she would've been fine and gone to play again, but NOOOOOO....

I told the teacher that she was wrong for that and she told me that I baby the kids too much (a Youth Rights activist babying the kids too much.... ).

Now, if this had been an isolated incident, fine. Maybe the teacher was having a bad day or whatever. I could just blow it off. Trouble is, this is NOT an isolated thing; it happens all the damn time. This particular teacher has said in the past that the sight and sound of a child crying absolutely grates on her nerves. I've watched her automatically get pissed at a kid for crying when she doesn't even know WHY the kid is crying! Which leads me to the point of this rant:

If crying children is something that you can't stand, DON'T TEACH KINDERGARTEN, STUPID!

Oh no, a child is crying and I "baby" them. "They're just trying to get attention." Well no shit, they're five year olds! God forbid a five year old kid should want some fucking attention! Holy shit, let's just call in the National Gaurd, the kid's crying for no reason!

The funny thing is that I've had people tell me that I shouldn't teach very young children because I can't be caring and nurturing the way a woman is. WTF? Excuse me?! I don't know what women these people are thinking of, but female teachers tend to be anything BUT caring and nurturing, in my experience! I'm the one always doing the caring and nurturing that psychologists and child-care experts say young children *require* to be emotionally sound. And what do I get for it? "You baby the kids too much." Fuck you, bitch!

Oh no, the kid cries every day for the same stupid reason. Sure, I can see how that gets annoying. It's still no reason to be fucking mean to an upset child, you asshole. Obviously if the kid is just crying to manipulate you (as kids do), that's the time to say "Nope, sorry, not gonna work, go sit down." But when the kid just wants an adult to say "it's alright, don't cry" in a KIND manner, what is the fucking problem?

I baby the kids.... I think what she meant to say was "You actually give a flying fuck that they're upset, unlike the rest of us jaded bitches."

So yeah, sorry that crying children doesn't ANNOY me! Maybe I'm just wierd like that. And sure, I can understand if you're busy and trying to teach a lesson that it could be bothersome to deal with it, but when you're on the playground SITTING ON YOUR ASS DOING FUCK-ALL?!

Then there's yesterday.... It was fucking cold outside and I have an injured leg (from playing with the 2nd graders last week, lol) so I couldn't just run around with the kids like I usually do. A few kids came over to the table to play with me (cuz I'm freakin' loved, bitches!) Since I was fucking cold already, I certainly wasn't going to object to the 3 or 4 kids climbing on me (kept me warm, damnit, lol). But, of course, this same dumbass teacher yelled at them to go away. She told me "I'm sorry, but this is the only peace I get during the day." I laughed at her and said "If you want peace and quiet, you should pick a different career." She told me I was barking up the wrong tree (ie, 'having a bad day, don't fuck with me now'), so I laughed at her again and told her I'd put her up that damn tree (ie, 'I could give a fuck less about your bad mood, bitch').

The problem is that teachers seem to have a problem remembering that they are NOT there for themselves, they are there for those kids!

I dunno, am I being stupid? WTF? I mean, kid cries, you comfort the kid. You don't yell at her. Am I wrong to think that that's a pretty simple concept?

I'm obviously the kind of teacher that other teachers hate: The kind that actually puts the kids ahead of himself. Well, shame on me.

Bottom Line: If you can't handle the typical day-to-day stupid shit that little kids do, YOU SHOULD NOT BE TEACHING THEM! They come first, not you, period!

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