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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
February 7, 2005

This rant is based on the following news story, which I will quote since my news links tend to go out of date because stupid ass news sites don't know how to keep a fucking URL constant:

DURANGO, Colorado (AP) -- Two teenage girls who surprised their neighbors with homemade cookies late one night were ordered to pay nearly $900 in medical bills for a woman who says she was so startled that she had to go to the hospital.

Judge Doug Walker declined Thursday to award punitive damages, saying he did not believe the girls acted maliciously.

Taylor Ostergaard, 17, and Lindsey Jo Zellitti, 18, baked the chocolate chip and sugar cookies one night last July.

They made packages with a half-dozen cookies each and added large red or pink construction-paper hearts that carried the message, "Have a great night."

The notes were signed with their first initials: "Love, The T and L Club."

Then they set off to make their deliveries.

Wanita Renea Young, 49, said she was at her rural home south of Durango around 10:30 p.m. when she said saw "shadowy figures" outside the house banging repeatedly on her door.

She yelled, "Who's there?" but no one answered, and the figures ran away.

Frightened, she spent the night at her sister's home, then went to the hospital the next morning because she was still shaking and had an upset stomach.

The teenagers' families offered to pay Young's medical bills, but she declined and sued, saying their apologies were not sincere and were not offered in person.

The girls declined comment after the ruling. Taylor's mother said the girl "cried and cried."

"She felt she was being punished for doing something nice," Jill Ostergaard said.

Young said the teenagers showed "very poor judgment"

"The victory wasn't sweet," Young said. "I'm not gloating about it. I just hope the girls learned a lesson."

The teens said they did not answer when the woman called out because they wanted the treats to be a surprise.

What a fucking cold-hearted, vindictive EVIL BITCH! Two sweet young girls made such a nice and selfless gesture towards this old bag and what does she do? She fucking sues them!

Oh, holy shit, two "shadowy figures" were coming to get here.... Oh yeah, I know when I see two giggling teenaged girls coming toward my house late at night, it absolutely scares the fuck outta me every time!

And let's not forget that these two sinister fiends had COOKIES with little construction paper hearts! Oh, the little bitches, they should be flogged at high noon!

This stupid bitch had to go to the hospital because she's a paranoid nutjob - no other reason! She'd probably have tried to sue her own shadow if it'd scared her!

The girls used poor judgement? Yeah, I absolutely agree. They should've come to MY house at 10:30pm and given ME the fucking cookies instead of this evil old crone! Seriously though, their error in judgement was in thinking that such a selfish horrible old bitch even deserved a kind gesture like that.

It is fitting to know though (from a follow-up story) that the old skank has received so many calls and death threats from the towns' people that she feels like she has to move now! GOOD! Fuck the old broad! I hope she moves to Hell! Better be sure to get your letters in before she leaves though...

What's that? Letters? Oh yes indeed, you can send letters! Thanks to my pal, the NYRA President, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, we have addresses for you fine pissed-off people. Yay! Give this bitch a piece of your mind!!!

The Sue-happy Bitch!

Wanita Renea Young
1206 Avenida Del Sol
Durango, CO 81301
The Sweet Girl Who Got Sued

Taylor Ostergaard
415 County Road 307
Durango, CO 81303

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