If I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong. Don't talk to me about protocol.
-Dr. Gregory House
Lord Galen
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No, I will NOT Change My Fucking AIM Font
September 19, 2005

Ok, this is a public service announcement by Galen. I'm writing this so that I'll have something to link to the next time someone bugs me on AIM with "dude, can you change your font" or "wow, that's an awfully big font you have there!"

Oh, is it? Gee, I didn't realize what a huge fucking font I use, thanks for telling me, Aristotle!

So since I'm sick of explaining myself, I'm writing THIS for me to just post a link to whenever someone makes a retarded comment about my font.

I'm half BLIND moron! I need a BIG FONT to SEE IT! Got it? Good, cuz that's the last time I'm saying it. I hate having to fucking say "I'm blind" all the fucking time. How would you like it if I said stupid things to point out your handicap all the damn time? It wouldn't be very nice of me to say something like "Gee, you sure are typing like a full-fledge mental retard tonight."

So what can you do to stop the whining? Here's an idea, genius... How 'bout if you actually bother to look through AIM's settings and check the little box that tells it to use your font settings instead of showing others' fonts! No, I DON'T feel bad for hurting your eyes with my GIANT FUCKING FONT because all you have to do is check one little retarded fucking box and you'll never see my big font again! You can set your font to 5pt for all I fucking care and I'll never know it. Y'know why? Cuz I'm intelligent enough to override YOUR font style, dickhead! That's right, from my point of view you're bitching at me in a LARGE FONT exactly like mine! And if you have any sense, you'll change that setting so that when I tell you to fuck off you'll see it in an itty bitty eye-straining font size, dork!

Now, I use Trillian so if you're on the actual AIM client then I'm afraid I can't hold your little hand and point you in the right direction. It's been so long since I've used that piece of shit program that I don't remember where any of the setting are (but I DO remember that the AIM client DOES allow you to override fonts). If you're on Trillian, however, here's your fucking clue....


If anyone who uses AIM would like to send me a screencap of the setting in that program, I'll be happy to post it. Of course, if you can't find the simple little setting in AIM without me drawing a fucking picture for you then... well...


The bottom line is that you shouldn't be bitching at me when you can easily choose not to view others' font styles if it bothers you so damn much.

For most people that I send to this rant, don't worry, I'm not pissed and the anger doesn't apply to you. Most people genuinely just think I'm nuts, lol. However, SOME of you act like I should fucking change just because you fucking say so and even when I explain the situation, you're still a dickhole about it! You have control issues; seek help.

By the way, you asshats are damn lucky that I compromise with an 18px font size on this site. Consider it a by-product of my bleeding fucking heart. The font size in this rant (which is roughly the size of my AIM font) is what I'm comfortable with. Aren't you glad you can override it? Oh wait, you can't, that would require you actually DOING SOMETHING YOURSELF!

If you still bitch after reading this rant, I'm doubling my AIM font size, fuckbag!

[ UPDATE (not long after the initial posting of this rant) - I've been informed that, apparently, the latest version of AIM doesn't have the feature to override font styles. Now, maybe that's true or maybe the guy telling me this is a twit, I dunno. But, just in case he's right and they've removed the option since I last used their shitty little program, here's the solution: Download Trillian! ]

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