No one is more truly helpless, more completely a victim, than he who can neither choose nor change nor escape his protectors.
-John Holt
Lord Galen
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MGM, et al, Can Suck My Dick!
June 29, 2005

The following rant is based on this news story, which is too long for me to give a damn about reprinting here.

Short summary: Hollywood and big evil entertainment industry is still sue-happy, still winning cases, and still hasn't figured out that the more they sue, the more people they piss off and the more people they piss off, the more people go over to P2P and give them the finger.

Hey, MGM, BLOW ME!!!!

I feel like downloading something produced by MGM right now, just for the fucking hell of it... let's see.... Ah, here we go. Oh, look, it's the Poltergeist soundtrack. Awesome. Think I'll download "Night of the Beast" that sounds like it might be an interesting little tune.

In case the entertainment industry doesn't get it already, let me spell it out for them: You work for us, the consumers, not the other way around. You need us, we DO NOT need YOU! So, just keep pushing it, assholes. Keep sueing kids who download N'Sync tunes and their various emo tunes (save your e-mail, I know N'Sync isn't emo, you tools, just stfu). Keep slapping single moms with $10,000 fines. Just KEEP IT UP, assholes! You won't have a single fucking customer left before too long!

The bands too. You've got them all on the bandwagon as well. To all the musicians, actors, etc: You also work for US, dickhead, don't you EVER fucking forget it! WE pay your damn bills, not the record companies!

"Galen, you're not paying us shit, you're downloading for free." Bullshit. I buy the shit I like because I WANT to support the artists I love. A few weeks before Eminem's last CD came out, I downloaded a few tracks from it that were already available over P2P. I loved 'em! So, did I just wait and download the whole CD when it came out? No, I went to the mall the day it was released and bought it! But, one of my favorite Eminem songs is "The Kids" which is an unreleased track. Well, unreleased or not, I'm the fucking consumer, Mr. Mathers works for ME and if I wanna hear his "unreleased" shit, I'm gonna fucking hear it!

Lars Ulrich, you stupid old fuck... Thanks a lot for starting this shit. Metallica has always been and will always be my favorite band and YOU used to be my favorite band member. Then you sold out. All through the 80s, you guys were so fuckin' cool and developed such a huge following because you KNEW who you worked for. You knew beyond a doubt that the fans are what keep you going and that anything you do is done for them. You forgot that very important thing when you found out about Napster. You forgot that if this is what we, the fans, want then it's up to you to accomodate.

All this shit is nothing new, though. The entertainment industry fought the introduction of FM radio (which now earns them millions). They fought the introduction of television (whicn now earns them millions). They fought the introduction of cassette tapes (which now earns them millions). They fought the introduction of the VCR and Home Video (which now earns them billions). Every new technology that has come along for the past century has been met with cries from Hollywood of "Oh noooes, we're duuum'd!!!!" and legal action to prevent it. The difference now is that the courts are agreeing with them instead of doing what they should've done in the first place. The entertainment industry should've been slapped the fuck down right from the start and admonished with "Won't you guys ever learn? Tap the market and make a fortune, STUPID!"

Ah, but they can't do that now. They *could* have done it way back when P2P first started, but it's too fucking late now. P2P is out of their control and for every customer they sue, a thousand more will download music and movies. For every P2P service that they blast into oblivion, 100 more will pop up to take it's place. Hollywood is digging it's own grave; every lawsuit is another shovel full of dirt being flung into the air.

Here's where things are headed. P2P developers are concentrating on making their systems secure and anonymous. Another few years and there won't be any way to find a user's IP address or see what they're downloading unless they're downloading it from your hard drive.

In reality though, the entertainment industry won't die. Of course not! But, they'll be forced to adapt. In 20 years we'll be telling our kids about how they fought P2P in the same way our grandparents tell us about how they fought the TV and AM radio. They'll feel just as stupid about fighting P2P as they do now for fighting those things. But that future isn't helping the people currently getting sued by the Monolithic Entertainment Empire.


Just know that this is nothing new. The free exchange of informaton has ALWAYS been hampered by big business with the excuse that they're not making any money from it and it's always been hampered by governments with the excuse that big business isn't making any money from it. This is nothing new at all and this too shall pass. So I will continue downloading whatever the fuck I want and the entertainment industry can continue to seal their lips tightly around the base of my schlong. Got it?

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